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ASDA Smartprice Smoked Salmon Trimmings

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Brand: ASDA / Type: Fish

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    2 Reviews
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      26.03.2010 12:28
      Very helpful



      Ideal for adding to cooking or for sampling smoked salmon.

      I actually had these at the weekend at my mother in laws.

      I really like smoked salmon, but I find it very expensive, especially if you just want to add it into something like a quiche or on a bagel, so I think these are a great product.

      I actually shop at Sainsburys and I have checked their website for a similar product and it costs 88p for 120g, so I imagine asda is roughly the same price, probably cheaper.

      The pieces of salmon from this packet were actually quite big, they were long and thin, and they were a lovely pink colour (a few grey bits but nothing major). The texture of them was really soft and lovely.

      The pieces tasted very fishy and not very smoky, but it was still a nice flavour, but not as delicate as other smoked salmon I have had. I still really enjoyed it though.

      I am always a bit wary of buying really cheap products of something that is supposed to be expensive, but after trying this product I will definitely be purchasing the sainsburys version. I imagine they are extremely similar, if not the same.

      A really great way of buying a small amount of something really tasty. I would also recommend this if you have never tried smoked salmon and want to give it a go.


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      16.02.2010 14:19
      Very helpful



      Asda smart price salmon trimmings

      I am not the biggest fan of smoked salmon unless its been cooked in with something else as I find it too slimy! but my 4 year old daughter absolutely loves it however it comes so I thought I would try out the Asda smart price smoked salmon trimmings.

      The salmon trimmings come in a clear pack with the green and white smart price colouring. It is just 88p for 120g and is suitable for home freezing.

      I opened up the packet by snipping across the top with some scissors and that fishy salmon smell hit me straight away!
      I was impressed to see that the salmon was mostly lovely pink fish with a few bits of the grey coloured bits but no bones or manky bits and it looks much better than I expected. I take it that these trimmings must just be the left over, thinner cuts from the more expensive packs of smoked salmon.

      My daughter had some salmon and cream cheese in a sandwich for her lunch and liked it so much she said she wanted one for dinner too! I didn't make her another sandwich for dinner but I cooked us a bit of pasta and broccoli then stirred in some of these salmon trimmings, added some creme fraiche and served it up with some grated cheddar cheese on top. It was absolutely delicious and we both cleared our plates in no time! I thought the salmon was really nice with a salty but smokey taste and it was very juicy too.

      If I didn't know this salmon was so cheap then I would never have guessed! It tasted really good and I will definitely be buying more even it is only for my daughters lunches and to make pasta meals with as it does not matter what the salmon looks like to my daughter or when you mix it into pasta so why waste money buying the more expensive cuts of salmon when this is just as good.

      If you were making canapes or using salmon for a buffet then this salmon probably wouldn't look so good as the pieces are all very small.

      Nutritional Values:
      Typical values (Per 100g)
      Energy: 761kJ, 182kcal
      Protein: 23g
      Carbohydrate: Trace
      of which sugars: Trace
      Fat: 10.0g
      of which saturates: 4.0g
      Fibre: Nil
      Sodium: 1.26g
      equivalent as salt: 3.2g

      Smoked Salmon (97%) , Salt , Sugar .


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