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Asda Smoked Haddock

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Brand: Asda / Fish

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    1 Review
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      02.01.2010 08:56
      Very helpful



      An excellent and wholesome meal.

      Meat and fish have to be the two most expensive items that we place into our shopping trolleys. Fish makes a tasty meal and I love a piece of smoked haddock with some brown bread and butter.
      Asda sell their smoked haddock fillets by weight and they work out at just over £8 per kg which only just manages to come in slightly cheaper than the Asda organic topside of beef.
      I feel that good smoked haddock has to be one of the tastiest fish around and I like my piece of haddock served whole and in tact, though smoked haddock is an excellent ingredient for fish cakes, kedgeree and home-made fish pies.

      Asda pack the smoked haddock fillets in the run of the mill clear plastic packs but these packs do allow you to see more or less exactly what you are buying. Sometimes when meat is packed into these clear plastic packs it can be annoying when you open them, turn the meat over and find that the butcher has tucked the fatty part underneath the lean but on the whole what you see in the pack will be what you take out of the pack.

      Smoked haddock has a wonderful smell but then again I am a `smoked anything` fan so maybe I am slightly biased.
      The Asda smoked haddock fillets always look clean, fresh and moist. The fillets are `meaty` and I usually have a rummage through the packets and pick out a pack that I think contains the plumpest fillets.
      Asda have left the skin on these smoked haddock fillets but they have been boned, I admit that I don't mind skinning my own fish but I am not too adept at filleting.

      Asda state on the packet that 98% of the contents is fish and the other 2% is colouring and salt.
      Asda have used curcumin and annatto to enhance the colour of the smoked haddock. Curcumin is a spice and annatto is a berry that is a colourant.
      But we are left in the dark when we look for any information on how Asda have smoked the fish, if you are prepared to spend a small fortune then you could always buy smoked haddock that has been smoked over an oak fire but I doubt if the Asda smoked haddock has been treated to that experience.

      There are various ways of cooking a piece of smoked haddock and we all have our own favourite way that suits us. You can grill the smoked fillet, oven bake it, poach it in milk or water, microwave it ( which I find toughens the flesh) or steam it.
      I steam the Asda haddock fillets because I feel that if the fish is allowed to cook through very gently then the flesh is tender and succulent and far more enjoyable.

      To steam a smoked haddock fillet I half fill the saucepan with water and bring it to the boil, once it has boiled then turn the heat down and let the water simmer. Put the Asda smoked haddock fillets on a china plate and place a nub of butter onto the top of them, then cover the plate over with tinfoil and place it onto the top of the saucepan. Let the fish simmer for about ten minutes and then check it, I usually find ten minutes is long enough to cook the fillet through.
      The smell is second to none and once the slice of smoked haddock is sitting on a plate along with a slice or two of brown bread and butter you could wish for no better meal.

      The Asda smoked haddock fillets are not skinned but it is easy to lift the lovely fleshy smoked fish away from the dark skin. The fillets are well boned and usually I can enjoy the fish without coming across a single bone. I personally don't like cooked fish that contains bones, it makes me very wary when I am eating it.
      As we all know fish is a very important part of our diet and it is low in calories, 100g of the Asda smoked haddock fillet contains just 83 calories.


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