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Asda Whole Cooked Prawns

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Brand: Asda / Type: Seafood

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    1 Review
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      20.02.2010 21:54
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      Delish Prawns That Have Still Got Their Shells On

      My mum did a wicked salmon mousse on Xmas day and we all loved it so much that we've got her to make it at least 10 times since then! The thing was it needed big prawns on the top to make it look nice and also give it a nice seafood flavour to go with the rich smoked salmon.

      She brought these whole prawns because they're loads cheaper than the jumbo prawns we usually have and even though they're not that juicy that I'd eat them on their own, the are wicked for the salmon mousse.

      You obviously have to take the shell off yourself but that's dead easy and once you've snapped the end off the rest of the shell comes away quick. On the salmon mousse my mum puts them on whole and they look wicked even though I'm not mad keen on the eyes looking at me! lol

      The prawns inside are nice, they're bigger than the small ones you get frozen but are still dead skinny compared to the jumbo king prawns that I love. They've got a nice flavour and even though they're a bit bland tasting they're still proper nice and go good with the mousse, I reckon they'd be good in a prawn cocktail because they deffo need a sauce to give them a bit of life. One way they are nice on their own is if you peel the pack and put them in a container with a bit of vinegar for an hour before you're ready to eat them.

      The 200g pack is £1.16 so it makes making the salmon mousse loads cheaper, there's nothing wrong with them either and I actually think they're nicer than the small prawns you can get because they've got more taste to them.

      If you can be bothered to peel the prawns then you can save a rake of money buying these, peeling them is no stress anyway and worth it to for mega cheap and tasty prawns!



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