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Bernard Matthews Southern Fried Crispy Chicken

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Brand: Bernard Matthews / Type: Meat

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    2 Reviews
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      25.02.2010 08:56
      Very helpful




      We have bought these a few times, as me and the hubby both like Chicken for tea most times. There is this one, and there is a plain Crispy Chicken one as well. These are found in the chiller section, and next to the other Chilled Coated Chicken products. Nothing that new, as the Supermarkets have had their own brand of things like this out for ages, but being a brand name, and a not too bad offer we bought these again the last week. We hadn't bought these for a while, but couldn't remember why we hadn't.

      I think these normally cost around the £1.50 mark for the 1 pack of 2 pieces, but they were on offer 2 for £2, so that was that night's tea taken care of.

      You can see the Chicken through the pack, as it looks exactly like the Dooyoo picture. The Chicken is on a plastic tray and there is a small cardboard stip over the front of it. It has the usual nice looking picture of the item when cooked with a couple of side dishes thrown in as well as a "serving suggestion". The cardboard bit at the back has how to cook, ingredients and nutritional information.

      You cook these in an oven for about 20 minutes. This will ensure that the Chicken Breast is tender and slightly juicy and the coating is slightly crisp but in a nice way. You could cook this longer and have the outside cremated, but I just like a little crisp to things like this.

      The bits of Chicken are an ok size. We had a pack each with some Chips and Spaghetti hoops and it made a nice enough Tea.

      The coating for this was nice enough, and it has a slight spice and hint of Southern Fried, but not as much as I was expecting. It just seemed to lack flavour a bit, and I think this was the reason we stopped buying it before, as the Supermarket ones were cheaper but tastier.

      This was ok, but I don't think we will buy again as it just isn't all that.


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      13.02.2010 20:20
      Very helpful



      Not for me this stuff!

      When it comes to meat I'm not a big lover of the stuff at all and mainly follow a Vegetarian diet. Saying that I'm not a veggie and if I do on the odd occasion fancy a bit of meat I shall indulge myself if I so desire!

      Whilst on holiday with my Vegetarian mate one day out shopping I decided I really did want a bit of something tasty and spotted these in Asda priced at £1.00 for a pack of two (on offer a the moment) and decided to have them for my tea!

      The Packaging:

      Black plastic tray with a clear film to protect the pieces of chicken over it and then there s a brown coloured label over the centre of it that shows you the cooked chicken on there and them I'm told they are Bernard Matthews Southern Fried Crispy Chicken and there is an at a glance nutritional chart on there too. On the back if the sleeve other information includes being told a list of ingredient's and allergy advice, a full nutritional chart is given, weight is stated, cooking instructions are listed and contact details for Bernard Matthews are also stated. Nice enough packaging this is and it's informative enough too.

      The Chicken Itself:

      What you get is two fairly flat and oddly shaped pieces of chicken x2. Sort of shaped like a chicken breast only larger, it has a visible sort of soggy coating on it which is a beige colour and then all you do cos of course it is raw (you can freeze this) is cook it and how you cook it is your choice of course! Shallow fry, deep fry, cook it in the oven or grill it, it's not going to take longer than about 15 minutes to cook from unfrozen anyway.

      When cooked it takes on a sort of golden colour but doesn't puff up as I expected it too and it didn't look great really just a bit soggy really.

      Taste wise well it was ok I guess but failed to excite me at all. I struggled to detect any flavouring particularly southern friedness in the coating at all though looking at the ingredients it does contain seasoning and herbs and stuff like that but really, to me it was rather flavourless.

      The chicken itself wasn't grainy like chicken but like a soggy mushed up mess and I stuck me fork in it it all went limp and fell apart on me.

      Not vile but not stinking of quality or all that tasty and at a pound.... sure I'd eat it again if I was hungry but I wouldn't buy it again if it costed me any more than that and this usually retails at about £2.00 a pack of two after-all!

      Nutritional Information Per Serving:

      Total Fat 14.4g
      Saturated Fat: 0g
      Sodium 0g
      Total Carbohydrate: 9g
      Dietary Fiber:0%
      Protein 18g


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