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Birds Eye 10 Chicken Goujons

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5 Reviews

Brand: Birds Eye/ Type: Meat

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    5 Reviews
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      25.06.2010 16:46
      Very helpful



      Lovely stuff from Birds Eye!

      When my boyfriend announced he was coming to visit and stay with me in my new flat I went into sudden panic. He is really a very, very fussy eater, unlike me only eating very plain foods. He's at his happiest when eating fish fingers, chicken burgers and egg and chips....day in and day out and even then it has to be branded and almost burnt to a crisp! It drives me crackers and I simply was at a loss at what to feed him on for a couple of weeks!

      So off I traipsed to Asda to stock up on things for him and I came across these costing a pound a box (on offer at the moment but the usual price is about £1.49 a box of 10).

      The Packaging:

      The box must have changed since this product was added to to the Dooyoo database. The box is now orange and yellow and oblong in shape and on the front of it there is a photograph of the cooked chicken goujons next to a bowl of salsa and I am told that they are Birds Eye Classic Crumb Chicken Goujons and that Birds Eye have a commitment to quality and that they contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and are made with chicken breast and there is an at a glance nutritional chart on there. Other information given on the box includes the best before date and weight of the product (which in this case is 200g), ingredients and allergy advice is stated (contains: Wheat, Celery), a full nutritional chart is shown, cooking instructions are given and contact details for Birds Eye are stated. It's a nice bright informative box, easy to open etc.

      The Chicken Goujons:

      The chicken goujons are freezable and should always be cooked from frozen (as stated on the box). They are long and reasonably thick and coated in orangy coloured breadcrumbs. You can cook these by simply popping them in the oven or grilling them according to the instructions given on the box however I have deep fried them and they were lovely!

      They cook in the oven in about 15 minutes or you can grill them in about 14 minutes and I cooked them in about 8 minutes in my deep fat frier...so fast food they really are!

      These taste great as well as appear nice looking too. The chicken is light pink and mushed up but set and well seasoned and moist within the crumb coating. The breadcrumbs again have a well seasoned taste but for fussy and simple eaters are quite simply plain enough in taste and not too fancy at all.

      They are of exceptional quality, and easy to cook and if your not a plain eater, like me you may really enjoy dipping them into something. These get a huge thumbs up from me, my boyfriend and my flatmate!

      Nutritional Information Per 3 Chicken Goujons:

      Calories: 240
      Sugars: 0.6g
      Fat: 13.0g
      Saturates: 2.2g
      Salt: 0.7g

      Available in all good supermarkets etc (I found mine in Asda as I previously mentioned).


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      02.03.2010 20:42
      Very helpful



      Delish Chicken Goujons That Cook Quick For A Nice Snack

      The Cool Trader by me has had loads of different Birds Eye chicken foods in there for £1.00 a box so I've been buying a few different things that I wouldn't usually bother with.

      These Chicken Goujons are worth a quid but I deffo wouldn't pay the normal price of £1.59 because you don't get 10 in a box like Dooyoo have said, I only had 8 and one of them was loads smaller than the rest.

      They are strips of chicken with a crunchy coating, they're kind of like the chicken dippers that Birds Eye also make but are longer and thinner than that and the coating is more like breadcrumbs than batter. Quite a lot of fat come out of them on the baking tray and that was a bit of a surprise with them being so thin.

      The goujons don't taste greasy though, actually the chicken inside them is quite dry. It's just on the breadcrumbs that you can taste a bit of fat but they're still nice and crunchy and have got a bit of a spicey flavour that goes proper nice with the chicken. It tasted a bit like a southern fried coating but isn't as spicey as that.

      I dipped mine in tomato sauce because like I said they're a bit dry to eat and that gave them a bit of extra flavour as well. Birds Eye use 100% chicken breast so these are better for you than Tesco chicken nuggets that have only got about 30% chicken in them! lol

      They're a nice snack but if you was having them as part of a family meal then I reckon you'd have to buy a few boxes and then it would work out dear, I had all 8 of them as dippers and even with a meal I think you'd need about 5 per person for a good sized portion so for the 5 of us in our house we'd have to buy 3 boxes at least... might as well buy a whole chicken for that money! lol

      Recommended... as a snack but would work out dear to feed the whole family!!!


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      02.03.2010 10:40
      Very helpful



      Great tasting goujons but not enough in the pack

      We usually have chicken goujons at family parties as the kids love them and they always go down a treat, so I decided to buy some to cook myself at home.

      I know that the rest of Birds Eye's chicken products are all great so I picked up a pack of their chicken goujons which were on offer. I hadn't seen them before - I think they're a new product from Birds Eye and the pack is now slightly different to the one pictured on here. They are made from marinated chopped chicken breast which is coated in breadcrumbs. They're a bit like chicken dippers but the quality and taste of goujons is so much better.

      I was quite disappointed to find that there were only 7 goujons inside the box which doesn't really go very far - this would make 2 meals at the most and if I was to use them myself for a party, they'd be gone within seconds.

      Despite there not being many in the pack though, the goujons are still very tasty. They're quite big - long and thin and have a slight curvy shape to them. The breadcrumbs are a dark colour and they both look and taste slightly spicy, a little similar to a southern fried chicken taste. I like that they aren't plain and have a bit of spiciness to them as this makes them more tasty. The chicken inside is like all Birds Eye products - great quality. It's very white and very soft and is so easy to eat and love. The breadcrumbs crisp up a little bit when being cooked, either in the oven or under the grill for around 15 minutes, but the entire goujon stays quite soft which I like.

      These are some very tasty chicken goujons and the herbs and spices give them a lovely and different taste to usual. I know Birds Eye products are usually expensive but I must say that I feel a little put out that there were hardly any goujons in the pack, so I will only be buying these if they're in a good offer.


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      30.01.2010 13:16
      Very helpful




      I have a soft spot for chicken goujons. My mum always used to go to Marks & Spencer for a treat and i'd always ask for chicken goujons for tea, plus Mr Norton cooks a mean chicken goujon! So, when I saw these Birds Eye chicken goujons on offer in Morrisons recently for £1 for a 200g pack, I didn't have to think twice about buying them. We have ahd Birds Eye Chicken fingers before which are just moreish beyond belief so I had high hopes these would be as nice.

      200g pack- comes in a nicely coloured/ designed cardboard box. Kept in the freezer section. The photo here states "10" but Birds Eye have changed the packaging and we only got 8 in the pack we had- four each.... ! The front of the pack states- made with chicken Breast and No artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives. So they sound quite a decent food item to buy if you are concerned about only eating white chicken breast meat etc.,

      The pack has the Green Chicken mark on the front (maybe a new thing as I can't recall seeing a Green Chicken Birds Eye Commitment to Quality mark before on packs). This evidently means: Farm assured chicken breast, Barn reared with vegetarian feed, selected group of trusted farms, committed team of poultry experts. This may be very important to some people and I like the vision of chickens in cosy coups with special vegetarian food (so is this saying "other" chickens get fed non vegetarian food?) but I would not go out of my way to look for this information on a pack to influence my decision whether or not to buy it.

      *Cooking Instructions*
      Oven: 15 mins Gas Mark 7 or 220C.
      Grill: 12-14 mins Medium Grill.

      Per 3 goujons: 240 calories, 13.0g fat, 20g carbohydrates, 0.8g salt.

      I was really really disappointed with these. We cooked the whole pack in the oven which took around 35 minutes as our oven is an old white free standing thing with a grill bit at the top and it looks like it was made in the 1970s so everything takes longer to cook in it. I was really looking forward to having these and when they came out of the oven, I cut my four into smaller bits and had a bit of a low fat salad creme as a dip.

      I tried a few bits just plain- without the dip and they tasted bland and dull. The coating is pale on the whole and not crispy (we cooked these for longer and they were coloured when they came out of the oven so we had cooked them properly- they were not "uncrispy" because they were not cooked). It is supposed to be a crunchy breadcrumb coating but it was just not nice. The chicken is "marinated chopped chicken breast" so it is not strips of chicken and has the texture of some sort of mashed up and formed into a stretched "S" shape product. It comes across like reformed chicken (I mean mashed up and moulded into a shape then put in batter).

      I checked the ingredients as I was trying to figure out where the bizarre bland taste was coming from- the pack is very patronising where it states (im not kidding here) "Why does it say made with chicken breast?"- "Made with chicken breast means we only use chicken breast meat".

      The ingredients are listed as:
      Chicken breast (38%), marinade, breadcrumb, batter, vegetable oil.

      I have no idea why they both battered and bread crumbed this and obviously fried on oil as this would explain the high fat content. For 1 pack (8 pieces) you are looking at 32g of fat and almost 600 calories. The pieces are quite small around 2.5 inches long and an inch wide. I thought chicken was healthy/ low fat! And as the pack goes on about no artificial colours, chicken breast meat only I did think this would be quite nutritious- not batter and breadcrumbs and oil and only 38% chicken!

      Now I have re-read the back of the pack, I can see the ingredients list does not stop there- there are three other ingredients sections which I had at first missed! These are:

      Marinade: water, wheat flour, chicken fat, cornflour, rice flour, wheat starch, yeast, salt, natural flavourings (contain celery).

      Breadcrumb: breadcrumb (wheat flour, water, salt, yeast), wheat flour, dextrose, vegetable oil., black peper.

      Batter: Wheat flour, wheat gluten, salt, yeast extract, water, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, vegetable oil.

      All of this seems very excessive. I like plain foods and I'm always going on at Mr Norton for using what feels like a million unnecassary ingredients when he cooks- so I cannot see the point of anything other than chicken, breadcrumbs and something to stick the breadcrumbs onto the chicken and maybe a bit of salt/ pepper. Now I have read the ingredents, I am even more convinced these are like a Birds Eye chicken version of the slated Turkey Twizzlers from the Jamie Oliver campaign!!

      There seems to be too little chicken, too many things done to the chicken you do get- Why mash it up and "marinade" it in chicken fat and three types of flour and THEN breadcrumb it with another load of oil and flour and THEN BATTER IT!! with more flour and oil! I cannot see the point.

      I said to Mr Norton these were bland and he replied "oh yes, you need LOTS of salt on them"- I dont want to have to salt my food just to be able to taste something. I will not be buying these again, they are bland and the fat/ calories in them is really high for the amount of food you get. If you had these with beans and waffles you would easily be looking at 800 calories for a small meal that would not fill you up that well and would not be a patch on other chicken goujons I have had.

      Very disappointing.


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        01.05.2009 12:05
        Very helpful
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        Tasty takeaway style chicken that kids love

        Here we have yet another new offering from those popular frozen food people at Birds Eye. Naturally, being such an avid follower of healthy eating, I wouldn't venture into this area of frozen food. However, while browsing online a couple of weeks ago during my weekly internet supermarket shop, I spotted these delightful sounding Chicken Goujons. In fact, they were only brought to my attention as I'd clicked onto the 'this weeks offers' box. The offer in question was 'buy one get one free', so I've had two boxes to try out and test.

        In case you're not familiar with the word goujon, it normally refers to small strips of fish or chicken that are breaded and fried. Fish Fingers are really fish goujons. I just love the word 'goujon'. Even more I enjoyed shouting out to the kids 'the goujons are ready'. They weren't looking forward to dinner at all.


        So, onto the packaging. Each square box contains 10 chicken goujons which are loosely floating around inside. The picture on the front shows a tasty looking handful of golden crumbed chicken goujons held by a cardboard sleeve - similar to the sort of container that French fries are held in when purchased from McDonalds. This probably makes the product more appealing to those who enjoy food from fast food outlets.

        So what persuaded me to buy them? Well, it declares on the front that they're made with 100% chicken breast meat and are cooked in the oven which is great as I don't fry anything. Although they contain 100% chicken breast meat, the chicken only accounts for 53% of each goujon with the other 47% being made up of breadcrumbs, batter, vegetable oil and marinade.


        They're simple to cook. Simply take them straight from the freezer and place them onto a baking tray. You have the choice of either grilling them for 12-14 minutes or popping them into the oven for 15 minutes. I can see why so many people are tempted to buy this type of food. One night a week I give myself a break from the laborious preparation time it usually takes me to get a meal ready and find it quite a relief just to pop something into the oven. Then I just need to prepare a few vegetables and the whole lot is done within half an hour.

        ~~~Appearance and Taste~~~

        When taking the frozen goujons out of the box, I can't say they look particularly tempting. In fact, they look kind of gray and speckled with seasoning. I was hoping they'd improve after their time in the oven.
        After around 10 minutes in the oven, the kids started wondering into the kitchen, asking what that yummy smell was. Typical. Something that is so easy to prepare brings this kind of response but my slaved over meals hardly ever receive a similar welcome. Still, I have to agree, they smell delicious.

        Once the time was up and they were all sizzling away, I took them out of the oven. I have to say, however, that they certainly didn't resemble the photo on the front. Although the crumbed outer coating had browned slightly, they were absolutely nothing like the even golden colour of the goujons depicted on the cover of the box.

        What they lacked in colour, they made up for in taste and were a big hit all round. The outside is quite spicy, but not a chilli hot type of spicy. The chicken inside is lovely and moist, not at all dry. My youngest daughter peeled off the outer layer and ate that, while kindly donating the chicken to her brother and sister. Unfortunately I didn't notice this until it was too late. But it does show that spice wise, the crumb taste is enjoyed by a 5 year old.


        Healthwise, they're not too bad. Four goujons provide 285 calories, 15g of fat and 1.3g of salt. So providing you serve them with vegetables or salad, they can make quite a nice meal.

        ~~~Price and Availability~~~

        These are new from Birds Eye and I purchased them from Sainsburys. They currently cost £1.87 for a box of 10.


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