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Birds Eye Cod Cakes

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9 Reviews

Brand: Birds Eye / Type: Fish

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    9 Reviews
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      31.08.2010 15:44
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      A fantastic freezer must-have for quick and tasty meals

      I am not much of a meat eater, but I enjoy eating fish and it makes up a large part of my evening meals. Bird's Eye are a great brand that provide convenient and tasty frozen fish products, and are widely available in most supermarkets. I spotted these fish cakes in Asda and they cost just 67p for the packet. This was too much of a good bargain to pass up, especially seeing that this is their regular price, and they weren't even on special offer or reduced price at the time.

      These Bird's Eye Cod Fish Cakes come in a standard cardboard box with cooking instructions on the back of the packet. There are 4 fish cakes in the box, so this works out that you are paying only just over 16 pence per fish cake!

      These cod cakes come in really handy and are easy to prepare as a quick meal after finishing a day at work, or when you don't have the imagination or energy to create something a bit more interesting. They can be oven cooked or grilled in 20 minutes, or you can shallow fry them if you prefer, but this makes them a more unhealthy option as they soak up the oil and fat. White fish is a very good and healthy way to get your protein intake, as there is a good protein content and typically lower calories than red meats.

      The cod cakes are coated in a crunch crumb shell that is a combination of breadcrumbs and batter. They come out of the oven with a lovely crunchy outer layer and although they look plain they taste lovely! The inside of the fish cake is made up of mashes cod and potato, which is a traditional filling. The inner filling is soft and mushy which I find a nice contrast to the crispy coating. The fish does taste quite plain and could probably benefit from a light sprinkling of herbs and seasoning. It is also nice to use a dipping sauce to accompany the fish cakes, as this helps give a kick of flavour and can dress up a standard quick meal to make it more interesting.

      There are plenty of meals you can prepare around the basic fish cake, but my favourite is always fish cakes with hash browns and large garden peas - very comforting and filling, and nutritional at the same time. If you like fish products these are a wonderful option and a good item to have stored in your freezer for a quick and tasty meal. Definitely recommended and I will be buying these all the time from now on. It may even replace my fish finger sandwich obsession!

      There is no excess packaging waste as the cardboard box can be recycled. Bird's Eye are working towards sustainability of their food production, and more information can be found here: http://www.birdseye.co.uk/sustainability/

      Nutritional values per 100g:
      Typical Values Typical values as sold 100g provides: -
      Energy kJ 782kJ - kcal 187kcal
      Protein 11.8g
      Carbohydrate 15.7g
      - of which sugars 0.6g
      Fat 8.5g
      - of which saturates 1.1g
      Fibre 1.0g
      Sodium 0.40g
      - equivalent as salt 1.0g

      Ingredients: Minced Cod (59%), Batter, Water, Breadcrumbs, Potato Flake, Sunflower Oil, Salt, White Pepper, Parsley. Batter: Water, Wheat Flour, Salt. Breadcrumbs: Wheat Flour, Yeast, Salt, Dextrose.


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        09.08.2010 03:55
        Very helpful



        I'm off to put some in the oven!

        I think these are a brilliant filler to keep stocked up in your freezer. A small box of 4 fishcakes takes up next to no space, and can be bought for a bargain price of anything between 60p - £1 depending on where you buy them. The packaging differs slightly to the picture shown above, as they have changed the picture of the filling. It now looks 'smoother' and contains small bits of parsley. Like many of Birds Eye's other products they are something nice and simple that you can whip up with not much effort for those days when you really don't fancy cooking something up.

        The cakes are quite small, and nothing like the huge greasy things you get from chip chops. I think 3 is a good serving if you accompany them with some carrots, chips, salad etc and provides you with a filling and satisfying meal. These cod cakes don't admitedly taste a lot like fish, and the texture is nothing like the texture of fresh fish. So if I'm honest, I don't know how much cod there is in them, but with each cake providing 9g of protein there has to be some fish in there somewhere! The small parsley flecks don't have any taste but just make them look more appetising.

        I always oven cook them but I think they can be grilled. The box recommends they are cooked for around 20 minutes on a fairly high temperature, but I like to drop this down so they are thoroughly cooked but still soft and mushy. Other times I cook them for longer than recommend so that the crunch crumb as they call it - really is just that - crunchy! It goes a really nice golden colour when cooked, though on some can be thin in places leaving white patches. Also, there can often be little unpleasant lumps of crumb which aren't the most pleasant texture.

        This aside, I think they are a great product and could happily eat them any time of the day and they are affordable enough to stock up one.


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        11.05.2010 17:45
        Very helpful



        Tasty Cod Cakes

        Fish cakes, some might think a random thing to review...

        I generally don't normally buy products like this, for some reason I always thought they were bad for you or filled with rubbish but the Birdseye's cod cakes I couldn't be more wrong.

        The cod cakes come in a packet of four and can be found in most supermarkets, they are smallish in size - around the size of the top of a high ball glass and are flat shaped circular cylinders.

        So whats in them? Cod (minced) Potato, Breadcrumb, Batter, Water, Vegetable Oil, Potato Flake & Wheat Flour

        They also contain some seasoning from Parsley and Salt & White Pepper
        Birdseye also like to promote that they contain no artificial flavours or preservatives.

        These Cod Cakes are really good for your pocket - especially in this recession. A packet of 4 only cost me 65p!! Bargain!! Very easy to store in their small packaging in your freezer and only take about 15 minutes to cook.

        The cod cakes are great tasting and the breadcrumbs are tasty and have a lovely crunchy texture. Great for the kids and adults too. Lovely with vegetables - I try to avoid potatoes as a side as the cod cakes contain potato.

        Nutritional Information...

        For every 2 Cod Cakes

        Calories - 185
        Protein - 9.7g
        Carbohydrate - 17.0g (of which sugars - 0.6g )
        Fat - 8.6g (of which saturates - 1.0g)
        Fibre - 1.2g
        Sodium - 0.39g
        Salt - 1.g


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        11.05.2010 17:28
        Very helpful



        A must try!

        Ok so this is a bit of a random review for me but since I have found these cod cakes I have recommended them to everyone I know so I feel like I should broaden that and recommend them to all of you guys too!

        At a little over 60p for 4 of these cod cakes they really are a bargain! Although they are fairly small and quite flat I only use 2 for a meal for myself (with vegetables usually), that's plenty and only costs 30p! ..and I do have quite an appetite!

        The cod cakes contain 55% minced cod, potato and parsley. They have a really nice smooth texture inside with the crunch of the breadcrumb coating. It tastes like you're getting the good quality of a known brand but not at the price I had imagined.

        Not only do they taste great but they're pretty good for you too with only 190 calories per 2 fishcakes it's not a bad meal. Even better they couldn't be simpler to cook you just grab them out of the freezer and pop them in the oven for 15-20 mins.

        So if you're after a great tasting, quick, healthy meal then I would suggest you try these cod cakes. They really are a favourite of mine.


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        09.05.2010 16:40
        Very helpful



        good quality fish for an inexpensive price.

        I feel a little weird writing a review on codcakes but since I've been eating them every night for tea for the past week I feel equipped to do so. At only 67p for 4 fishcakes they were a bargain and I think I'm becoming addicted.

        They're packaged in a 198g blue box thats recycable, and has a photo o the codcakes with the birdseye logo and a river in the background.

        To store you keep them in the freezer at -18 C or cooler. They're so easy to cook and convenient you can either stick them in the grill for 15-20 mins or place them in the oven for 20 mins. I find they're so much tastier grilled though straight from the freezer.

        You get 4 cod cakes in a pack but they're quite small and flat I have to have about 3 at dinner time (nature of the pig) they're coated in breadcrumbs and also have a bit of batter which tastes gorgeous as you can taste a bit of the grease, I couldn't imagine them tasting nice dry but theyre definitely not too greasy, it's only mild. Inside you get minced up cod with tiny bits of parsley which really compliments the bread crumbs and they go down a treat.

        Nutrition wise they're not too bad, plus they contain your essential fatty acids and Omega-3, it doesn't say anything about it on the pack but I'm hoping they do at least, lol.

        Per 2 cod cakes
        Calories : 185
        Protein : 9.7g
        Carbohydrate : 17.0g
        -of which sugars : 0.6g
        Fat : 8.6g
        -of which saturates : 1.0g
        Fibre 1.2g
        Sodium 0.39g
        Salt 1.g

        Ingredients : Minced cod (40%) Potato, Breadcrumb, Batter, Water, Vegtable Oil, Potato Flake, Wheat Flour, Parsley, Salt & White Pepper
        They also contain no artificial flavours or preservatives.
        Allergy information : contains wheat and gluten

        These cod cakes taste like good quality fish and at a good price for a brand name. The minced up cod is quite moist and goes nice with the breadcrumb and batter which is quite crunchy, they are quite small and flat for me though so they're ideal to serve up with chips and some veg as a healthy balanced diet without the fuss. I must find them something special as I've been eating them everyday since I've discovered them, I would recommend these to people who have no time to prepare a meal and just want something quick and easy to throw in the grill.

        You can buy 4 Birdseye cod cakes at Asda priced at 67p but will be available in the likes of Tesco, Morrisons etc..


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          01.03.2010 12:25
          Very helpful




          I know I usually like Fish in the normal Fillet shape, but the odd Fish Cake is nice. The wife like's the fresh ones in Asda, but we picked up a box of these while hanging around the freezer section the other day getting all the other Birds Eye goodies that we buy.

          I think these cost £1.60 for the 4 Fish Cakes, which is an average price for this sort of thing.

          They were in a smallish box which the Cakes were stacked 2 high on each side. The looked alright with a thick coating of Breadcrumbs. The picture on the front looked nice enough, and on the back there was the ingredients, and nutritional information.

          You just put these on a tray and put in the oven for about 25 minutes. This makes the Fish inside soft and flakey, and the Breadcrumbs were crisp enough.

          They were a decent enough size. You would need 2 of these each with some side as well to make a good enough filling tea.

          Reading on the back of the pack per 2 of these Cakes they have 185 calories and 8.6g of fat. Not too bad for you then.

          Although you can't beat "proper" Fish, these were nice. The inside was fluffy and came away in decent sized chunks. The breadcrumbs were crisp and stuck to the Fish ok, and they seemed to have a slight herb scent to them as well.

          Nice tasty Fish Dish.


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          10.02.2010 22:23
          Very helpful



          Not all that exciting for me!

          My mate being Vegetarian and being on holiday with her has posed us a fair few problems. Mainly due to her not eating anything involved with meat and being some sort of fruitarian! However she has been weaned onto eating fish occasionally which led us to purchasing these fish cake in Iceland costing £1.00!

          The Packaging:

          Light and dark blue square box and on the front of the box there is a picture of the cod cakes and I'm told they are Birds Eye 4 Cod Cakes In Crunch Crumb and then I'm told they contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and there is an at a glance nutritional chart on there. Other information listed on the box includes ingredients and allergy advice being given, there is a full nutritional chart shown and I'm told how to cook them, the weight is stated which in this case is 198g and contact details for Birds Eye are given. Nice easy to open box this is and it's informative enough of course.

          To Cook:

          To Grill:
          15-20 minutes on medium heat.

          To Oven Cook:
          About 20 minutes, turning them halfway through.

          The Cod Bakes:

          Rather small and round and a bit flat they really aren't huge these and reminded me in size of an economy type of fish cake from when I was younger and my parents were hard up lol.

          I baked ours in the oven in the suggested time and when cooked through they took on a lovely golden colour and you could see they were bread crumb coated really evenly and the cake was firm and I did appreciate that although these are a fish product they never stunk the caravan out!

          Cut into them the insides are sort of firmish but mushy and a sort of off white colour and the cod is minced with flecks of dried looking parsley. It does taste of fish though, though not too strong, you can't really taste the parsley as much as you can see it but the whole thing holds well on a fork, is seasoned well and tastes of decent quality.

          I wouldn't rave over these as they are a little on the bland side and I prefer more exotic concoctions when it comes to fish cakes and these bored me slightly though my mate loved them and wants them time and time again. Not too greasy, not at all messy to eat they're not half bad at all!

          Nutritional Information Per 2 Cod Cakes:

          Calories: 185
          Sugars:0 6g
          Fat: 8.6g
          Saturates: 1.0gs
          Salt: 1.0g

          Available in all good supermarkets etc at about £1.50 a box of four unless on offer.


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          28.01.2010 21:54
          Very helpful



          Not sure about these, will probably give them a whirl again

          *Why, Where From & How Much*
          I had not had a fishcake in years after a bad experience at my local chippy about 10+ years ago so was a little apprehensive to put these in my Iceland trolley recently. What reeled me in was the price tag of 75p for a pack of 4 Birds Eye Cod Cakes In Crunch Crumb.

          They are widely available in most supermarkets and vary in price at around 75p+ and are located in the freezer aisle.

          *Nutritional Bits*
          Each serving of two fishcakes provides:
          185 calories
          9.7g protein
          17.0g carbs
          8.6g fat
          1.0g salt equiv.

          The salt content is a little high on these and for this reason I have not allowed my son to eat much of this, just a very small bit to get a taste to add with his veggies.

          *My Experience*
          We served our fishcakes with green beans, sweetcorn and loads of cheesy mashed potato.

          They are grilled at 15 - 20 minutes or oven baked at 20 minutes and it is that simple to cook them.

          The crunch crumb is exactly that; crunchy! Cutting through the crunch layer reveals minced white fish and potato with the visibly green flecks of parsley.

          These cakes taste quite good considering the fact that they are frozen, processed junk! The fish is not overpoweringly fishy or strong.

          I would buy there again but probably not regularly as I am not too fond of the salt content - particularly as it is hidden; I can't taste the salt in these.

          A 3/5 for the salt content and for being 'frozen, processed junk'.


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          20.08.2009 10:31
          Very helpful



          A great fish cake for a great price

          Whilst shopping the other day I noticed some Bird's Eye Fish Cakes in the freezer and I thought I would treat myself as I haven't had any for ages and I do like a nice fish cake!

          The full name of these is actually Bird's Eye Cod Cakes in Crunch Crumb and they cost me the princely sum of 74p for a pack containing four fish cakes.

          The pack is light, bright and appealing. The 'picture' on the front is of blue sky, crashing surf and sands but there's no sign of Captain Birds Eye - has he finally retired? Has he drowned at sea? I haven't heard anything from the RNLI! LOL!

          There is also a picture of two of the fish cakes with some runner beans and the basic nutrition expressed as a percentage of the adult recommended daily amount.

          The box is cardboard and as such is recycleable and there is no further packaging inside! Great! How many times do you buy things only to find there are unnecessary plastic trays or bags inside the outer packaging? So well done Birds Eye!

          The statements on the front of the box are as follows:

          4 Cod Cakes in Crunch Crumb
          No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives

          Now I was impressed with the claims of no added nasties but just to be sure I turned the pack over to check the ingredients. I must admit even though I do trust Birds Eye I was expecting to see a bit of preservative at least but no!

          The ingredients are as follows:

          Minced cod 40%, potato, water, vegetable oil, potato flake, wheat flour, parsley, salt and white pepper
          Breadcrumbs made from wheat flour, yeast, dextrose and salt - what no bread?
          Batter made from water, wheat flour and salt

          Now I am confused - the fish cakes are coated in breadcrumbs with no sign of any batter! Maybe it is just a light batter that sticks the breadcrumbs to the fish cake?

          So now I was convinced about the claims made on the pack how would they taste? Would they be as nice as they ever were?

          I decided to cook 2 fish cakes and have them with some peas and a few oven chips - yes I know, I was feeling a bit sorry for myself and wanted a bit of comfort food!

          I looked on the pack for the calorie value and it is 95 calories per fish cake providing it is grilled or baked and no oil is added.

          To cook the fish cakes (according to the instructions on the pack) you can either grill them for 15 to 20 minutes under a pre heated grill or bake them on a tray in a pre heated hot oven for 20 minutes. Incidentally there are no instructions for frying the fingers - Birds Eye really is showing responsibility in my opinion.

          I chose to cook mine on a baking tray in the oven along with the oven chips and the unmistakable, delicious smell of cooking fish cakes wafted around the kitchen.

          I tested them to make sure they were cooked right through and lifted them from the tray and put them on the plate with the rest of the meal.

          The texture of the fish cake is soft and really comforting in a child like sort of way. It tastes of fish (get away!) and is nice and light. I thoroughly enjoyed my lunch and I would enjoy these eaten on a bap, with salad or with new potatoes and parsley sauce so they're fairly versatile.

          Of course you could always buy a cheaper brand but I guarantee they won't taste as good as Birds Eye.

          The nutritional value of two fish cakes which is about 99g is as follows:

          Calories 185
          Protein 9.7g
          Carbohydrate 17g
          Of which sugars 0.6g
          Fat 8.6g
          Of which saturates 1g
          Fibre 1.2g
          Salt 1g

          It is worth mentioning that this would give you about 17% of your recommended salt intake for the day and this, of course, will be increased if you add salt either to the cake or to the chips as I did! Oops!

          For 74p for four fish cakes I really don't think you can go wrong and I shall certainly be eating more of them in future!


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