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Birds Eye Reggae Reggae Beef Quarter Pounders

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Brand: Birds Eye / Type: Meat

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    5 Reviews
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      18.06.2011 20:24
      Very helpful



      Yummy, tasty burgers!

      When it comes to beef burgers I am not a huge fan of them however I am a fan of anything Levi Roots and admit to being his hot bbq sauces number one fan....even having it on toast from time to time and its something I always have in my home lol.

      My flatmate/bestmate bought these into our flat the other day and we decided to have them for lunch today in fact. Costing her £2.00 a box for 4 of them I had high hopes they'd taste nice and they really did I'm happy to report!

      The Packaging is simple enough with us being told on a red and yellow cardboard box what they are and a photograph being shown of a burger in a bun and then on the back of the box all the usual information such as cooking instructions, ingredients, allergy advice, nutritional information and contact details for Birds Eye Ltd are given as well as finally the weight of the four burgers being given which is 454g. Nice enough colourful box this is and of course they are freezable you'll be pleased to know lol!

      The Burgers:

      The round in shape fat 1/4 pound brown beef burgers with flecks of red pepper visibly seen in them can be cooked in three ways. For 18-20 minutes on a grill, the same amount of time in the oven or on a smoking hot bbq....the choice is yours!

      We cooked them under the grill, found rather a small amount of fat to come out of them through cooking and surprising very little shrinkage They smelt slightly like bbq sauce and went a nice golden colour but still stayed moist looking and not one bit dried up at all.

      Taste wise both me and my mate loved these! beef in flavour with a slight taste of onion, garlic and ginger to them they were slightly hot in flavour in part due to the pepper being within them and tasted really flavoursome and not one bit greasy. They were plump, filling, pink and moist inside and really......there is nothing bad at all about these delicious burgers with a slightly different kick to them taste wise at all.

      My best advice here is to try them they are very worth the £2.00 price mark, easy to cook, look great without shrinking and taste wonderful! Lovely Mr L Roots once again!

      Nutritional Information Per Quarter Pounder Provides:

      Calories: 255
      Sugars: 4.6g
      Fat: 18.0g
      Saturates: 7.5g
      Salt: 1.1g

      Available in all good supermarkets etc.


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      05.06.2010 23:09
      Very helpful



      very good

      Yes we are officially in barbecue weather, as the burgers and buns came out a few days ago. About time I say! While waltzing up and down the Tesco frozen section I stumbled upon these things. Birds Eye burgers with Levi Root's Reggae Reggae Sauce infused in them. They struck me as more appealing than a bog standard burger. The price tag was just over two pounds for four burgers, so that seemed like a good price and it was in line with the other burger prices instore.

      They look good on the cover don't they. Plump, dark and laced with salad and herbs. When I opened them they looked a little smaller than expected and were obviously frozen. I did mine on the grill, though you can barbecue or oven cook them too. The grilling time was about twenty minutes until the inside went a dark colour. I do not like mine pink, but I guess fifteen minutes would do for slightly rarer meat.

      When cooked they are sizzling, spitting fat left right and centre, so mop with a kitchen towel or drain over a sink to remove juices. I plonked mine into baps and tucked in. The taste was pretty darned good. The spicy flavours push through with an intensity and there is plenty of bite in these to brighten up any dull burger day. The texture is good, thick enough and meaty and no chewy bits either. I found two really filled me up, as they were richer than I anticipated.

      Would I buy again, yes definitely. A unique powerful flavour and a good meal idea for these hot summer months. You get four burgers in a pack, so stock up now before they're pulled before winter!


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        02.06.2010 03:04
        Very helpful



        A nice alternative to the normal burger

        I have to admit since it's come out I've really enjoyed Levi Roots Reggae Reggae Sauce and I have been equally impressed with other products to so when I spotted a box of Birds Eye Reggae Reggae Beef Quarter Pounders I definitely had to try them.

        They come in a deep red/orange cardboard box, with a clear levi roots reggae reggae label in the jamaican colours on the front. There is an extremely appetising picture of a burger in a bun and I have to admit it looked promising.

        Just one of these quarter pounders contains;
        255 calories
        18.0g fat
        10.3g saturates
        1.1g salt equivalent

        These quarter pounders are explained on the box as 'Minced beef quarter pounders with spicy jerk seasoning. You can either cook them in the oven or on the grill, although if cooking them in the oven they produce A LOT of 'grease' and fat which is revolting when taking them out of the oven so at least with grilling them you would lose alot of this.

        They are a fairly generous size when frozen, quite chunky to but their diameter soon shrinks whilst cooking yet they remain a chunky size. They have a sweetness to them, scent and flavour wise. Other reggae reggae products I have tried have had more spice but these seem to be mellowed by a sweetness resulting in them not being too spicy which is actually quite a good flavour. These burgers have alot of flavour to them and really don't need anything added to them, sauce, relish, cheese salad etc to try enhance flavour and taste as they are more than tasty enough on their own. You can see the spices slightly throughout the burger, small 'red' pieces dotted within the burger creating that spicy, sweet taste. The minced beef itself tasted 'decent' a better quality than most processed burgers you can buy. I have to admit they are really tasty, providing you don't place half the fat on your plate to as that I found a little offputting when I first tried them.


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        23.05.2010 22:57
        Very helpful




        The other day I was in Tesco and I saw a box of these Birds Eye Quarter Pounders, I like Birds Eye burgers anyway but when I saw these had got the flavouring of Reggae Reggae sauce I had to buy them because I've been having proper mad cravings for Levi Roots goodies at the minute.

        The burgers look the same as other Birds Eye Quarter Pounders and they don't smell any different until they start cooking. I did myself one on the BBQ on Friday and as soon as the burgers started thawing out over the heat the spicy smell started coming through and even my neighbour said how lovely they smelled over the fence! lol

        I started stressing that they was going to be TOO spicy because the smell got stronger and stronger the closer they got to the end of the cooking time. I was happy that they didn't shrink down much while they was cooking, all burgers shrink a bit but these didn't all that much and mine ended up the perfect size for the big sized bun I had all cut up and ready for my burger.

        The taste is delish. The burgers are big time meaty and have got a perfect texture, they're filling and sooooooo tasty. The Reggae Reggae bit is yummy, it's spicy but not over powering and deffo gives the burgers a wickedly warm kick. You can taste the chilli in the burgers but it doesn't stand out that much on it's own and like the actual Reggae Reggae sauce it's kind of a mixture of warm ingredients and none make the burger madly HOT tasting but there's deffo a bit of spice to the meat now.

        I had mine with a cheese slice on it but that was a bit of a mistake because the taste of the processed cheese didn't actually go very well with the spicy taste of the burger. It didn't spoil it or anything like that but I think the best way to eat these burgers would be in a bun with a bit of mayo, that won't mess about with the flavours in the burger and you'll still have a delish spicy meal.

        Recommended..... another Levi Roots winner!!!


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        20.05.2010 19:22
        Very helpful




        Birds Eye is a trusted brand who produce burgers, chicken products and many others.


        Birds Eye Reggae Reggae Beef Quarter Pounders were released for sale in March this year.

        They are minced beef quarter pounder beef burgers infused with red peppers and Reggae Reggae jerk seasoning.


        The burgers come in a plastic bag which is then put in a cardboard box. The box is mainly orange in colour and if you have bought the Reggae Reggae Chicken you will instantly recognise the style.

        The front of the box has the Birds Eye logo and product name alongside an appetising image of the actual burger. Yummy!

        The back of the box has the ingredients, allergy advice, nutrition, cooking instructions and details about Birds Eye.

        *The Burgers*

        The burgers once removed from the plastic bag are a pale brown shade and thick.


        The burgers can be cooked in 3 ways.

        Medium grill for 18 - 20 minutes turning occasionally.

        220c/gas mark 7 oven 18 - 20 minutes turning half way through

        BBQ from frozen until meat is cooked through


        Beef (76%), Beef Fat, Red Pepper, Rusk , Fresh Onion, Sugar, Water, Salt, Spices, Tomato Powder, Garlic Powder, Onion Powder, Natural Flavourings, Yeast Extract, Ginger Extract, Rosemary Extract.
        Rusk Wheat Flour, Salt.

        Allergens Contains Wheat.


        Each quarter pounder grilled contains :

        255 kcal
        4.6g sugar
        7.5g saturated fat
        1.1g salt

        *Availability and Price*

        The quarter pounders come in a pack of 4. Available from supermarkets. Current prices are :

        £2.00 on special but normally £2.49 at Tesco.
        £2.00 on special but normally £2.47 in Asda

        *My Opinion*

        I like a burger. For me it has to be quarter pounder as anything less is just thin and tends to shrink! Having enjoyed the Reggae Reggae Chicken, when I spotted these doing my online shop at Tesco, I knew I had to try them.

        Birds Eye is a trusted brand and one I use regularly for meat related products as they are high quality and only use fine cuts of meat from trusted farms. At £2.00 per box these weren't bad.

        Tonight, hubby did the cooking whilst I went for a hot bubble bath! Ready when I got out was 2 Reggae Reggae quarter pounders, two slices of bread and butter and some curly chips. The quarter pounders were cooked in the oven as we feel this gives the best results. There was alot of juice came off the burgers which actually gave my chips a nice seasoning.

        The quarter pounders were certainly plump and cooked through with no dodgy bits. I have found in the past with cheaper burgers that they burn on the outside and are mushy and undercooked in the inside. This is not the case with these.

        I opted to pop my quarter pounder on my bread and folded it over. Normally I would put some sauce or relish or even cheese on my burger but this doesn't really need it at all. Inside the burger is juicy but not mushy and the outside is nice and firm without being difficult to eat. The beef tasted of high quality and perfectly formed. It didn't taste processed or anything. Throughout the burger, the only spice visible was little red peppers randomly placed around the burger.

        The burger was delicious and quite spicy with a sort of fruit twist.It is not spicy enough to merit guzzling down a pint of water but nice enough to give it a kick. It was overall very delicious and 2 of them with chips is very filling and makes a nice meal. Yes the calories etc are quite high but these are yummy and well worth it!

        Try them..you won't regret it!

        Thanks for reading :)


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