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Birds Eye Simply Cod Fillets

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7 Reviews

Brand: Birds Eye / Type: Fish

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    7 Reviews
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      09.05.2012 10:25
      Very helpful



      Good stuff once again from Birds Eye!

      Of late I have ditched eating so much meat. I find fish and vegetable dishes that bit lighter on my tummy and fresher in taste somehow and really fancied some battered cod and so took to Asda to get me some and that's when I came across this fish costing me £3.00 for four portions which are deemed to be 'large'.

      The Packaging:

      These fishes comes in a dark blue box with a photograph of the battered fish on the front of it and we are told that they are Birds Eye 4 Large Cod Fillets 'Simply' and there is an at a glance nutritional chart shown. On the back of the box other information listed includes being told a bit about the product, the ingredients and allergy advice is given, there is a full nutritional chart stated as well as cooking instructions and contact details for Birds Eye are given. Nice enough and minimal packaging this is.

      The Fish:

      Well I bought this fish in the battered variety though I am aware this comes in breadcrumbs too however I've had a lot of fish lately covered in breadcrumbs so basically fancied a bit of a change. To cook this it takes about half an hour in the oven from frozen which is simply enough to do of course and it comes out of the oven golden, crunchy looking and rather large though not massive to be fair.

      This is beautiful, good quality cod...simply lol. White fish with no bones or skin at all within any of my four battered fishes, its flaky, moist and unsalted fish. The batter is quite thick, not stodgy but crispy and light and delicate in flavour, unsalted and fresh and there's plenty of it.

      I really do like this fish. For me nothing beats battered cod from the chip shop however this is a nice simple and easy fish portion to cook of high quality and nice flavour and its not so bad for your hips and arteries as that, that comes from the chippy and not so pricey either lol.

      Nutritional Information Per Portion (Baked):

      Energy: 270 kcal
      Fat: 14.0g
      Saturated Fat: 1.9g

      Available in all reputable supermarkets and I bought mine in Asda.


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      21.06.2011 09:34
      Very helpful
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      Lovely fish peices; first rate

      I like Fish; I don't love it, but I like it and from time to time I really enjoy eating it. The sorts of fish I usually have are good quality fish fingers. I usually eat these because I sometimes buy them for my son !

      I like Cod or Haddock usually in Breadcrumbs or batter and I also prefer fish that isn't chunky. I much prefer it if it is in a sort of fish shape !

      I love to have fish with either chips (Home made) or baby new potatoes and sweet corn or salad usually.

      I was in Asda again recently and I wanted to get myself and my partner some nice fish for dinner. I saw they had this Birds Eye (Simply) 4 large cod fillets in crunchy golden breadcrumbs. It looked appetising although I thought It was a bit pricy at £3.54.

      Birds Eye describe this fish in the following way ' Simply, from Birds eye uses only the freshest, chunkiest and flakiest cod fillets. Then we coat them in our very own light and crunchy, golden breadcrumb to create simply irremediable fish'. I have just realised that they refer to the fish as being 'chunky'. Personally I wouldn't call it chunky. I would say it is about medium. I have seen far chunkier than this and as I have stated I don't like chunky fish. I cooked this fish for about 35 minutes in the oven. The recommended cooking time is 25 minutes, but this is only a guideline and this will vary from oven to oven. I always like to make sure my fish is very well cooked and I also like a really crispy breadcrumb coating; so I always cook it for slightly longer than suggested.

      The fish comes out lovely and crispy crunchy and tastes great. The fish is nice and white throughout and I enjoyed my fish supper greatly.

      Cod fillet (54%)
      Vegetable Oil

      Breadcrumb contains Wheat flour, Malt flour (from Barley)
      Vegetable Fat, Raising Agents (E450, E500), Salt. Yeast, Whey powder, Sugar, Vegetable Oil

      Batter contains Wheat flour, Water, Wheat starch, Salt, Mustard, Turmeric

      *There are no artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives*

      Allergy Information

      Contains fish, Wheat, Barley, Mustard, Milk

      Each piece of fish contains 285 kcals

      This is a great tasting fish from Birds Eye. Whilst it may be a little expensive; if you buy fish at the fish and chip shop these days its very costly, so if you are trying to save money, and want a decent piece of fish to eat, I highly recommend trying this one out.


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        25.04.2010 14:22
        Very helpful



        Delish Fish!

        I love fish but get a bit bored of plain oven cooked fish so like to keep a good selection of breaded and flavoured fish in the freezer, these Simply Cod Fillets from Birds Eye are quite expensive but mega filling and tasty so that makes them worth the money I reckon.

        It's a big thick cod fillet that has been coated in breadcrumbs, the good thing is that the breadcrumbs are quite thin on the fish so you know most of your meal is going to be fish instead of a tiny bit of cod inside a majorly thick breadcrumb coating!

        The fillets take about 30 mins to cook in the oven and that leaves the fish flakey but makes sure that the breadcrumbs go nice and crunchy. The breadcrumbs have got a nice fresh flavour that makes them taste a lot nicer than the breadcrumbs you get on fish fingers and stuff like that. The breadcrumbs on the bottom of the fish go a bit soggy feeling but you can't help that because of the fish sitting on them while it's cooking.

        The fish is wicked, it's loads thicker than I expected it to be and has got a yummy fresh taste. It flakes as you cut into it but will slice through good so that you can easily get a good mouth full of fish without it falling off the fork all over the place. It's cooked well all the way through and even the ends of the fish are moist and flakey and haven't dried out or anything.

        I had my fish today with salt and vinegar over it and some tartare sauce on the side, I wasn't in the mood for a Sunday dinner and there was only me and my sister in so I did us both one of these cod fillets with chips and peas. The meal was sooooooo filling that I didn't even eat all my chips and that's something that never happens! lol

        I thought the meal was as good as fish and chips from the chippy even though it wasn't dripping in fat like would happen if you did buy it from the chippy. Each large fillet has only got 245 calories and I was quite surprised about that, there IS 11g of fat in it though and that's because of the breadcrumbs but I still recommend this fish because if you're feeling good on your diet you can always take some of the breadcrumbs off.



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        27.02.2010 08:07
        Very helpful




        If it's not Chicken i'm eating, then it would probably be Fish, apart from the Junk Food that I eat as well. Fish from the Chippy is nice as well, but with this kind of Fish it is fluffy, and not as greasy as Chip Shop Stuff.

        Cod isn't my favourite Fish but we have it now and again. Haddock is the best in my view. Think you get more of a flavour with haddock.

        This is frozen and normally costs around £3 for the box of 4 pieces. The bits are a good enough thickness and size, so alright for the money I guess. We have 2 bits each with Chips and it makes a nice tea.

        You cook this in the oven for about 40 minutes and the coating comes out slightly crisp and the Fish inside fluffy and that bit dry, which is good.

        The Fillets are a bit of an odd shape. They are sort of triagular shaped, but not quite. They aren't the usual shape anyway.

        Each bit of Fish has 220 calories and 9.5g of fat.

        The coating isn't that thick and a nice think crumbly coating. This is enough for the Fish, as you want that bit contrast, but it is all about the Fish inside. The Fish is quite thick but it flakes off easy enough. As I mentioned it is chunky and you can eat a large chunk of Fish with the coating still staying stuck onto the top of the Fish.

        This is a nice fish and although a bit more expensive than other makes, it is worth it as it tastes so much more nicer.


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        06.02.2010 13:42
        Very helpful
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        Simply Cod. Just fish and batter that's all. Simply delicious.

        The 'Simply' range from Birds Eye are a firm favourite in our home and now that we have gone back to making homemade chips again thanks to our trusty 'Actifry' we decided that yesterday we would have a good, hearty meal of homemade Fish, Chips and Peas.

        Birds Eye launched their 'Simply' range a few years ago, and the aim of these products is to provide the best ingredients they can and prepare them in such a way that they are quick frozen to preserve all the goodness and then are ready to cook through in an oven. In the case of 'Simply Cod' you can expect thick, white, flaky cod fillets that have a fine, crispy batter coating on them and are essentially a more expensive variation on the frozen fish products that you usually find in supermarkets.

        For a four piece box you can expect to pay £3.99 which when compared to other brands and options is expensive, however you are paying for quality with these and when cooked you can really tell a difference between these and cheaper alternatives. Taking the portions out of the box you first of all notice that they are not a uniform size with each piece varying in shape and thickness. For your money you get 450 grams in weight (in the 4 piece box) and cooking instructions advise that they are best eaten cooked directly from the freezer, so don't defrost first.

        After around 35 minutes the fish is cooked through and the batter has a golden, crunchy appearance to it. Taking a knife to the fish the batter splits and crumbles beneath the blade to reveal thick, white flakes of cod. The batter gives the fish a crispy coating but doest detract from the flavour of the fish itself which is meaty (fishy? Lol) and breaks up between your teeth. With the addition of lemon or vinegar the whole tasty experience is filling and satisfying and definitely delicious.

        It would be easy to dismiss these as an expensive gimmick, after all fish is just fish right? Well in the case of these it is evident that the fish tastes fresh, has been made from whole fillets that have had nothing added to them and they really are leagues apart from the cheaper fish options that you can buy.

        As you would expect from the claims surrounding the ingredients there are no added inclusions in these and the ingredient list reveals nothing untoward, and for the reason of a thorough review I will list them in case anyone is interested in trying these for themselves:

        Cod Fillet (61%), Batter, Vegetable Oil, Breadcrumb.


        Wheat Flour, water, Wheat Starch, Maize Flour, Salt, Baking Powder (contains Raising agents: E450, E500), Mustard, Vegetable Oil, Dextrose, Skimmed Milk Powder, Yeast Extract.

        Allergen information warns that these do contain fish (!), Wheat, Milk and Mustard so if these ingredients are of concern then do bear this in mind.

        Nutrition wise a single portion of fish will provide 245 calories, 15.0 grams of protein, 17 grams of carbohydrates (of which only 0.8 grams are sugars) 13.0 grams of fat (of which 1.8 grams are saturates) and 0.55 grams of sodium. So these figures shouldn't cause too many concerns to anyone really.

        In conclusion, for the taste and quality they really can't be beaten. The price does make them a considered purchase for us and not one that we can justify on a regular basis, however for a once in a while change they do make a fantastic meal that we always thoroughly enjoy.

        Highly rated by me and well deserving a 4 star rating only losing one star for the price, available from all the major supermarkets in the frozen food section. Priced normally at £3.99 but currently on offer at £3.00 for a box of 4 portions. A 2 piece box can sometimes be found for just over half the usual price of 4 but doesn't seem as widely available as the 4 in my experience.

        Definitely recommended and thanks for reading.


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          01.10.2009 10:55
          Very helpful



          Forms part of a very tatsy meal

          Birds Eye Simply Cod Fillets

          Normally I am not really a fan of fish. When I worked at sea we had an arrangement. I would not eat them if they did not eat me. However not back living on dry land I have thrown that agreement out the window and have started to delve in to the murky world of battered fish. Probably my favourite is fish fingers but I have now moved onto other battered fish based products such as the birds eye simply cod range.

          A bit about Birds Eye

          Bird Eye is an international brand of frozen food stuff that include fish, chicken and meat. The fish side of the business is famously represented by Captain Birds Eye in the UK. The company was founded in 1929 and was made possible at the time by modern refrigeration techniques.

          About the product

          Birds Eye simply Cod fillets come in boxes of four. The box is predominately blue in colour with a picture of two fillets accompanied by two salad leaves and a slice of lemon. I am pleased to say that the frozen fillets do resemble the fillets pictured on the box.


          I have notice the price of this product has reduced in the past six months. Currently a four pack in Tesco costs £3.54. Its also worthwhile checking Iceland as they often have this product on sale at the best price.


          For each fillet you will receive 1030KJ, 245 Kcal, 15g of protein, 17 g of carbohydrates,13g of Fat of which 1.8 is saturates.

          My opinion

          I have to say that I am quite a fan of this product. I did read the other review about their being bone issues but thankfully I have not experienced this. This size of the fillets are normally always of a pretty good and uniform size and the breadcrumb coats the fish on all sides.

          The fish itself tastes very good and is lovely with a drop of vinegar and some chips. The breadcrumbs probably make this fish not as healthy as it could be. That being said its still a lovely product and forms part of a very tasty meal. Plus its oven cooked in 30 minutes so it does not take too much effort to make.


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            13.08.2009 19:04
            Very helpful



            A potentially excellent product let down by carelessness re: de-boning, and not nice breadcrumbs

            PRICE: £4.70 for 4 pieces, at my local Somerfield

            NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION (per fillet, baked):

            Calories: 220
            Kj: 910
            Protein: 15.0g
            Carbohydrate: 18.0g
            (of which sugars): 0.6g
            Fat: 9.5g
            (of which saturates): 1.2g
            Fibre: 0.8g
            Sodium: 0.45g
            (equivalent as salt): 1.1g


            Cod fillet, water, wheat flour, wheat starch, salt, mustard, turmeric, malt flour (from barley), vegetable fat, baking powder, E450, E500, yeast, whey powder, sugar, vegetable oil


            Contains fish, wheat, barley, milk, mustard
            E450 and E550 are the basic ingredients of baking powder (used to crisp the batter)
            Some small bones may remain although great care has been taken to remove them


            At the end of the day and overall, I prefer fish to meat, and do like to keep a plentiful supply of different brands and varieties in my freezer.

            Never having tried them before, I recently bought Birds Eye Simply Cod, needing to sample them and see if they were better than, equal to, or worse than other brands of similar frozen fish products.

            Birds Eye Simply Cod is a breadcrumbed product, and is to be found in the deep freeze of most supermarkets or local corner shops. The largely dark blue box shows two beautiful-looking breaded chunky cod steaks on the front, with a salad dressing, together with the standard Birds Eye logo. The rear of the box shows nutritional information, ingredients, dietary/allergy advice, freezing & cooking instructions, and Birds Eye's quality claim which also promises a money back guarantee if you feel that the frozen fish doesn't taste like fresh.

            Inside the box, each cod fillet is loose - not inside any kind of cellophane wrapping, hence lots of breadcrumbs floating free, which if you're not careful, can scatter everywhere. The pieces of fish are thick and chunky, with a liberal coating of breadcrumbs that are rather orangey in colour.

            I chose the oven-bake method of cooking (they can also be grilled or fried), and my accompaniment was jacket potato and a big green salad.

            During the cooking, I didn't notice any smell at all emanating from the oven, but once the fish was done and I removed the tray, they looked nice - still thick, and the breadcrumbs had browned nicely.

            So, for the taste test! The first thing was that the breadcrumb coating was thicker than I personally like, but the fish inside appeared succulent, white and chunky. Upon chewing, I declared the breadcrumb coating, aside from being a little too thick, was strange - it was hard in some places and soft in others, with a gritty, almost gravelly feel. The fish was superb though - juicy, tender and delicious, with a lovely subtle cod flavour. I decided to abandon the breadcrumbs as I wasn't keen on them at all - they had a very fried flavour - and I scraped them off of the fish and concentrated on that instead.

            For the most part, I enjoyed the fish and felt as though I was eating a quality product, but then disaster hit! At the end of both pieces of fish was a huge wodge of bones, almost as if the filleting process had driven the whole skeleton along the length, accumulating at the end. There was a large amount of bones making up each of these clusters, and it really did put me off. I realise that Birds Eye do give a warning on the packet that despite efforts to remove them all some bones may remain, but I felt that for this particular fish product, not enough effort had been made in that area.

            It was a good job that I'd eaten most of the fish before I found these wodges of horrid bones, because if they'd been the first thing I'd found upon cutting into the fish, then I'd have been put off eating it altogether.

            Overall, I'd say that Birds Eye Simply Cod is a matter of mixed fortunes. The fish in itself is excellent, but the breadcrumb coating is less than satisfactory, and the accumulation of bones is a real no-no in my book - consequently, I shan't be buying this product again. It's a shame, because if more care were taken with the coating and the de-boning process, this could be a regular feature on my dinner plate.

            I am giving two stars, solely for the quality of the fish, and say that it is the breadcrumbs and bones that have knocked off the other three stars. Had they have been good, then I'd have awarded a full house. Not a good experience for a rather pricey product! I'd recommend steering clear unless you like a tangle of bones in your fish, and not very nice tasting batter.

            Thanks for reading!


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