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Casa Modena Italian Cooked Ham

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Brand: Casa Modena / Type: Meat

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    1 Review
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      19.02.2010 22:08
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      Wicked Ham That's Loads Better Than What I Usually Buy

      I brought this ham in Asda a couple of weeks ago, I usually buy the cheap ham where you get 10 slices for about £1.20 but this costs £1.68 for 4 slices so it's an expensive way of making a butty for your dinner!!!

      It's Prosciutto Cotto Italian ham and is delish with a proper meaty taste that has got a bit of a bacon flavour to it but not as salty or strong tasting.

      The slices of ham aren't that thick considering you only get 4 in a pack but they're all meat and haven't got any fat or gristle on them even at the edges. The ham has got a meaty texture and doesn't taste like it's had a load of water added to it, actually I've just looked at the ingredients list on the packet and there is NO water added to it!!!

      I love the texture of this ham as well as the taste, I don't have butter on my sandwiches and that meant I could taste the ham wicked. I put a bit of relish on it and that brought the meaty flavour out even better and made me feel like I was having a proper yummy sandwich.

      I reckon this ham would be good for cooking as well because it keeps it's shape good and the flavour is yummy, the ham tastes dead fresh like you'd get in a deli and it's nothing like the usual packets of ham I buy. It works out dear though because it's so delish that I kept tearing bits off out of the fridge and the whole pack was finished within about an hour of me opening it! lol

      I know it's expensive but this ham is wicked quality and beats cheaper ham on taste and texture. Next time I get it I'm going to stick some on a pizza... after all it's Italian ham so imagine how gooooooooood it will taste on Italian pizza!!!



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