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Dalepak Minted Lamb Grillsteaks

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Brand: Dalepack / Type: Meat

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    3 Reviews
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      26.01.2013 04:27
      Very helpful



      cheap and cheerful can be nasty and horrible, eat veg, its better for us all....

      I also bought the same dalepak lamb grills recently for the very first time two werks just before the furore concerning horse meat and pig dna in certain products...

      I bought them in asda and ate two from a pack of four and within 3 hours i started to feel ill with a bad stomach ache, going toilet many times after and passing wind like ive never done before....
      The taste of whatever is inside those lamb grills is the nastiest so called meat ive ever had, (ingredients say meat 66% and lamb,mutton 36%) so bad infact that i threw away the other two and returned the package to the store where i bought them, and i must say i was not at all impressed with attitude of the so called manager i spoke to who didn't seem concerned and stated that dalepak products are not on thier list of recalled products, yet still this very week some major supermarkets and other retailers have ditched thier supplies of dalepak burgers as a precaution, and even though laboratory tests claim there is no horse meat or pig dna in dalepak products i dont believe that, i mean how dumb are we in England to think our food is safe when the truth is we have or have bern eating contaminated foods for years it's just we're aware of the fact now due to someone slipping up!....

      I have spoken to a man from dalepak who claims the 65% meat is lamb, yea right and im made of garlic and onions.....

      My advice to all is to avoid dalepak products and in time, give up meat altogether because it's the toxic codex alimentarius foodstuffs that will eventually kill or make us all sick, and checkout who and what exactly codex alimentarius is and you will shocked at what you learn because the truth is nowadays ALL FOOD STUFFS ARE CONTAMINATED IN ONE WAY IR ANOTHER!........


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      18.12.2010 18:33
      Very helpful



      Not good!

      First off I must point out that I am reviewing the plain lamb grills by Dalepak and not the minted variety. This is because Dooyoo in their infinete wisdom deam this to be the same product which it isn't of course considering there are two different varieties available for us to choose from on the market. So my one's do not contain mint I want us to be clear on that lol.

      I often struggle to know what to eat. I very rarely fancy anything and end up eating plain toast and so of late I have been trying to vary my diet a bit more and when I spotted these lamb grills at £1.00 a box in Asda, and knowing the price lamb usually costs even for a small joint I decided that they would do for me and my mate (who I live with) teas one night.

      The Packaging:

      The grills come in a white and dark red box and on the front of the box there is a photograph of the cooked lamb grills on there and I am told that they are Dalepak '4' Lamb Grills 'Succulent minced lamb and mutton with cereal and a hint of seasoning' and that they contain no artificial colour, flavours or preservatives and there is a nutritional chart displayed. Other information on the box includes ingredients and allergy advice, a full nutritional chart is displayed along with cooking instructions and contact details for Dalepak foods are given. Inside the 4 grills are within an easy enough to open plastic see-through bag.

      The Grills:

      What you get is 4 small brown grill steaks which are rather thin and textured rough but look like processed meat rather than straight off a lamb!

      You can shallow fry them, oven cook or grill them, however you prefer.

      I popped mine in the oven for the recommended time of 20 minutes, they gave off a nice meaty aroma as they cooked and when out they looked really greasy and like they were sweating (although I hadn't added any oil to them) and looked a bit soggy and bland looking as they had shrunk quite a lot.

      For me these tasted like processed lamb really. Smooth and pink inside, tough on the outside to us they tasted really greasy though we didn't stumble across any chewy bits of fat or gristle as we munched them. Now on the ingredient list we are told that these contain 78% meat, however take a look at the ingredient list once again next to that statement we are told that there us only 40% mutton so where does the other 38% meat come from?

      Mutton and lamb fat is where that extra 'meat' content comes from thats where! So almost as much animal fat is within these as there is meat...offputting right?

      They taste a bit bland to me not as well seasoned as they could/should be though I couldn't really taste the cereal or herbs within them at all. To me they're ok till I read the ingredient list to myself and then realise why they are oozing fat!

      Not something I would buy again, not flavoursome enough, big enough and they're too greasy for my liking!

      Nutrional Information Per OvenCooked Grill Steak:

      Calories: 189
      Sugar: 0.5g
      Fat: 15.7g
      Saturates: 7.1g
      Salt: 0.7g

      Available in all good supermarkets at about £1.00 - £1.50 a box of 4 lamb grillsteaks.


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        30.09.2009 08:09
        Very helpful



        Nice Tasting Minted Lamb Grillsteaks

        Grandma (she's 97) has very poor eyesight to the extent that she can't read the name on the cereal boxes. Consequently all her food has to be stuff that doesn't need to be chopped up or prepared from scratch to minimise the risk of her cutting herself. These Minted Lamb Grillsteaks are something she's been buying for a while so I decided to try them as well to see just why she likes them so much.


        The Minted Lamb Grills come in a square box which is predominantly white in colour. On the front is the Dalepak logo, a picture of two grills, and a bubble telling us that these should be oven cooked for best results. They are described as "Marinade Style Grillsteaks" and each box contains 4 of them.
        Turning over the box you can see that it contains the usual lists of ingredients, nutritional information and cooking instructions. As well as oven cooking this product can also be grilled and it can also be cooked on a barbecue.

        You can visit Dalepak at:- www.dalepak.co.uk

        Nutritional Information per grill after cooking {uncooked per 100g in brackets}

        Energy kJ: 804kJ {1186kJ}
        kcal: 193kcal {286kcal}
        Protein: 11.4g {13.8g}
        Carbohydrate: 4.4g {5.9g}
        of which sugars: 2.0g {2.7g}
        Fat: 14.5g {23.0g}
        (of which saturates): 7.8g {12.4g}
        Fibre: 0.3g {0.3g}
        Sodium: 0.4g {0.5g}

        Allergy advice. Contains Celery, Milk, Wheat and Yeast
        Although great care has been taken to remove all bones some may remain

        Ingredients: Meat (75%) {Lamb 44%, Mutton}, Mint Sauce (10%){contains Lamb Stock, Sugar, Salt, Tomato Puree, Malt Vinegar, Water, Mint, Pork Gelatine, Maltodextrin, Modified Waxy Maize Starch, Stabiliser: Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, Citric Acid, Garlic Puree, Spearmint Extract, Preservative: Sorbic Acid, Colour: Paprika Extract}, Mutton Fat, Seasoning {Contains Flavouring (contains celery)}, Yeast Extract, Lactose, Dextrose, Rusk (from Wheat)


        At the time of writing a box of 4 of these grillsteaks costs 99p at my local shop. Supermarkets, in general, charge slightly more.

        Taste & Opinion:

        Opening the box you can see that the grillsteaks look similar to most other uncooked similar meat products / burgers. They have the sorts of ridges you'd expect to see once meat has come off a barbecue and it's obvious that they've had the marinade referred to on the box applied to them. Once cooked they're a nice shade of brown and you can see various "fleckles" of the marinade at the top of them.

        Even though I oven cooked these on wire so that the fat would drop into the "pan" below it's obvious that these still contain quite an amount of fat. I wonder whether doing them on the George Foreman would reduce that amount by much? Something to try another time perhaps? They're a deep shade of brown and look very tempting to eat. I push the fork into them and find that they're tender and slice easily. The inside of the grillsteak is a lighter shade of brown that the outside is and looks to have a similar sort of texture to a fairly decent, thick, burger.

        I pop a couple of pieces into my mouth and start to chew. They're nice and tender and don't feel at all stringy or plastic. The main taste though is off the marinade glaze. There isn't one particular flavour in it that I would say is the dominant one but you can taste the mint and to a lesser extent the vinegar. Whatever garlic and spearmint they'd used in the glaze was in no way overpowering.

        Tastewise then, these are very pleasant both in terms of the texture of the meat and the taste of the marinade glaze. Whether you'd want to eat them on a regular basis perhaps depends on your opinion regarding their fat content as well as the fact that they contain pork gelatine. Nice perhaps for an occasional treat when you just want to slam something in the oven and not have to worry about keeping an eye on it. As a regular thing to be eating there are other things out there with a lower fat content that would no doubt be better for your diet.

        Worth trying if you haven't sampled them yet.


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