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Danapak Thick Cut Smoked Bacon

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Brand: Danapak / Meat

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    3 Reviews
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      28.04.2013 10:23
      Very helpful



      Great addition to the breakfast plate

      In this household we all love bacon. Such a simple meat product but somehow it brings alot of satisfaction. Normally eaten at breakfast time, but to be honest could eat anytime of the day!

      I bought this particular packet of bacon by Danepak, smoked thick cut variety in Tescos as it was half price. At a cost of £1.50 for 8 rashers, I thoughtit was reasonable, and I also bought a packet of the non smoked variety as well.


      In what you would expect.Its in a black plastic try type container with a clear thin plastic cover on the top, with a picture of roasted tomatoes on the front, Danepak logo directly underneath, how many rashers ( 8 ) are included and the thickness of cut ( thick ).


      Pork 87%, water, salt, preservatives.

      Not going to go into how to cook it, but will explain what I thought of the product itself.

      So what did I think?

      Firstly, when I sae the phrase ' thick cut ' I expected something to be alittle more dense than what I am used to. I didnt feel it was very thick, maybe just a touch than normal back bacon, but not enough to give it this label.So that did disappoint me some what. But the overall look of it raw seemed fine:decent sizes, more bacon than fat ( as you would expect from back bacon cut ) and just the right level of pinkyness.

      I fry my bacon on a non stick electric frying pan,so no need for oil. The bacon itself held its shape well and shrank alittle but not much. You would expect some due to the fact it contains water. The bacon itself didnt take long to cook and once cooked looked delicious.

      You do get that the smoky element in the taste but its not overwhelming.Just provides an added depth to the flavour. The bacon itself wasnt chewy and easy to eat and the bacon slightly crispy ( as I like it ). With it being smoked it is alittle more salty than the normal variety but thats not a bad thing.Very yummy if I say so myelf.

      Would I buy again?Yes I would, but probably if it was half price again. 8 rashers for £3.00 isnt something I would pay but half price, why not? Only disappointing thing was I expected the rashers to be alittle more thicker, but that doesnt take away the taste.

      Now Im off to finish my breakfast.....


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      17.12.2008 18:26
      Very helpful
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      Quality smoked back bacon with all the flavour.

      Danepack products date right back to 1887 and the company is a co-operative of Danish pig farmers.
      90% of their annual produce is sold to the UK, all of their pork can be fully traced from when it is reared to when it ends up on our plates.
      The Danish pig farmers have many restrictions placed on them and they are expected to fully comply with any Environmental legislation that is in place.
      Danepack specialise in processed meats ( under the brand name Tulip), sausages, canned meat and a variety of meat and poultry products.
      Pork is a good source of Vitamin B, Iron, Zinc and Protein.

      Statistics tell us that of all the different cuts of bacon that are available on the market today back rashers are the biggest seller.
      I`m quite fond of Streaky bacon and will often buy it, the middle cut bacon also represents good value for money too.
      Shoulder bacon isn't one of my favourites, it tends to be a lot chewier.
      If im going to do any cooking using bacon ie. Quiche or Omelette then I buy the Tesco cooking bacon, at around £1.50 for a large pack it offers brilliant value, more often than not there are some succulent whole rashers included in every pack.
      If the bacon is going to be used for a meal then undeniably the quality does count. Three thick smoked fried rashers with two sunny side up fried eggs and a tomato might not be the ideal WeightWatchers meal, but with a slice of thickly buttered bread it`s my idea of heaven on a plate.

      Have you noticed how hard it can be to find bacon that fries well and tastes and smells like bacon used to?
      Well I have!
      Some of the sliced bacon can create a frying pan full of water, then other types just don't even smell like fried bacon.
      The thickness of the rasher is all important, a thin rasher yields very little taste and on many occasions when I`ve been standing at the Delicatessen counter my eyes have been drawn to some thickly sliced back bacon, it may be a bit more expensive but you cant beat that taste!

      The smell of smoked bacon frying should be bottled and sold! its one of the most mouthwatering smells I have ever encountered.
      Green bacon smells amazing too, but bottled smoked bacon frying fragrance would be the equivalent of Chanel No 5 and then the smell of bottled green bacon frying would maybe be `Charlie`!

      The Danepack Smoked back bacon costs about £2.79 for six thick slices. I suppose I could be classed as being a bit wicked because I much prefer to fry my bacon, I know that grilling it is a far healthier option but it seems to dry the rashers out, leaving them slightly toughened when they are cooked. If the rashers are fried the bacon looks inviting.
      I add a tablespoon of olive oil to my frying pan, I have a thick bottomed pan which is perfect for the job and then after the oil has heated up I place the rashers in to cook. The smell of the smoked bacon just floods the kitchen, setting the taste buds on fire!
      Lightly fried rashers are my preference, although bacon is gorgeous when it well fried it does tend to dry it out.
      The thick Danepack rashers only need a couple of minutes frying on each side and you will definitely notice that there isn't any water in the frying pan!
      Then just pop the bacon onto the plate and fry your eggs in that gloriously tasty bacon fat.

      I am starting to feel a tinge of guilt here now, anyone who reads this is going to label me a a cholesterol laden couch potato!
      But im not...Honest Injun... I just like good quality bacon fried to perfection.


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        05.03.2008 12:10
        Very helpful



        Buy Thin Cut Bacon Instead

        Like many of my buys, I bought this bacon because it was on special offer at Tesco. It normally costs £1.85 for a 350g pack.

        Fairly standard packaging for bacon. It is a black plastic tray with a clear film top. It has a black sticker on the front telling me that the bacon is made by Danepak, is thick cut smoked back bacon and that on average there is eight rashers per pack.

        I tend to fry my bacon in a good quality very hot non stick pan so that I can cook without extra oil. It normally crisps up nicely due to the fat in the rind being released. I cooked this the same way but during cooking there was an awful lot of liquid and white foamy stuff came out during cooking. This meant that the bacon stayed floppy and although it got brown it didn't get nice and crispy. When I cooked it for longer hoping for it to crisp up, it just went tough.

        Taste and Texture
        Because of the thickness of the rashers, you could get away with only using one rasher instead of two for a bacon butty. The bacon was fairly chewy and of course not crispy. The taste was nice though, nice and smoky and bacony.

        I wouldn't recommend this bacon because I want crispy bacon, especially to have cold in a BLT. The slices were substantial and tasted nice enough but soggy bacon is just not the same.


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