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Debbie & Andrew's Great Yorkshire Sausages

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Brand: Debbie & Andrew's / Type: Meat

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    1 Review
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      17.05.2010 14:18
      Very helpful



      Not recommended

      Where I live we have a butchers in the nearest local town that do the best sausages in the world in my opinion, they are tasty beyond belief and I can honestly say in my 36 years of eating them I've never found any bits of fat or anything nasty in them, but for this reason if you go into town late in the day they have always sold out. A couple of weeks ago this happened to us so I had a good look in Morrisons to see what sausages I could buy instead.

      When I saw Debbie and Andrew's collection of sausage offerings these looked like they might fit the bill. They claim to have "really lean pork" in them and come in a variety of flavours so I plumped for the Great Yorkshire version which are seasoned with apple and sage.

      The pack looks very homely with a picture of two pairs of wellington boots on it and just the name "Debbie and Andrew's" made me think these were going to be very homemade in taste. Inside the tray contains 6 sausages which all looked fine and smelt a bit herby and not only that but they were also on offer, I think we paid £1.50 for the pack of 6.

      Fast forward to later in the week and I decided to use these sausages for a meal. The cooking instructions say to grill them, I think you probably could pop them in the oven but I followed instructions and put them under the grill. A word of warning here though, they do burn very quickly even on a low heat so keep your eye on them.

      Once cooked I served them up and sat down with my partner for what I thought was going to be a scrummy meal. Sadly it wasn't. I immediately found my first bite was full of fat, lots of rubbery bits in the sausages and I hate that. I tried to be brave and gave a second mouthful a try in case it was just the one bit that had these nasty fatty bits in it but the second bite did too. I actually couldn't swallow this bite and had to spit it out. I examined a few more random bits of these sausages and found lumps of fat all through them. For me that's enough to put me off so I decided I couldn't eat mine.

      My partner is alot less fussy than me and ate his but he did agree they were very fatty and also said he couldn't taste the apple at all and they tasted weird. He would normally eat mine too if I've found fat and can't face them but he didn't even ask if he could have them, he let me throw them away with no questions asked.

      I was extremely disappointed because they sounded so tasty and homemade but they really were awful. For those of you not put off each sausage contains 125 calories, 10.8g protein, 4.1g carbohydrates of which 3.2g sugars, 7.4g fat of which 1.4g saturates, 3.6g fibre and 1.1g salt. They use pork from high welfare British farms and repeat the claim of only using very lean pork shoulder on the back of the pack. The outer sleeve is cardboard so can be recycled.

      I have to say I didn't like these one bit and the lumps of fat in them were just disgusting, it made them really chewy and rubbery and totally put me off. I definitely won't be buying these again and suggest anyone who's fussy about finding fat in their sausages avoid them!

      Not for me.


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