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Feasters BBQ Ribsteak

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2 Reviews

Brand: Feasters / Type: Meat

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    2 Reviews
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      18.06.2011 19:29
      Very helpful



      Not for me this one!

      I am not a huge fan of what is deemed to be fast food really. Don't get me wrong I partake in the odd processed meal when on the go and in a hurry like alot of people do but do like to prepare and cook decent meals mostly. Please note that Dooyoo have asked me to review this Chinese version here and so I am NOT reviewing the 'BBQ' ribsteak!

      However the other night in my local Asda store I was starving and decided to grab something that would take a couple of minutes to heat up in the microwave as soon as I walked through the door to fill my tummy!

      I spotted this Feasters Chinese Ribsteak on offer at a pound (usually closer to £1.50 in price) and decided it sounded like something I would enjoy so grabbed it.

      The Packaging:

      This is a long bread bun with a ribsteak sat inside it and a dark sachet of sauce and it comes in a mainly see-through plastic container with a peel back see-through and pink lid to the top of it with a photograph of the ribsteak on the front of it and we are told that it is Feasters, Good & ready Special Menu Chinese Ribsteak 'With a serving of hoisin sauce, you could even add your own lettuce' and that it cooks in the microwave. On the bottom of the container other information listed includes ingredients, allergy advice and nutritional values being given, we are told how to cook it and the weight is stated which is 170g and contact details for Feasters are given. Nice enough, informative packaging this is.

      The Ribsteak Itself:

      What you get when you first take the snack out is a long looking, sesame seed covered to the top of it and thick, fresh bread bun cut in half with a ridged, thick pinkish coloured Chinese flavoured ribsteak sat inside it. You simply pop the lot in the microwave for about a minute and a half and all comes out hot to the touch (including the bread!) and you can add the sauce provided or whatever else you want to before eating it of course.

      The bread being hot is weird and it burnt my fingers when I tried to eat it so it wasn't really fast food as I had to wait for it to cool down. The bread was ok, tasted bland but was simply alright and the sesame seeds were crunchy enough though dropped off all over the place as I tried to eat it.

      The meat is pork blended with rusk and flavoured with tomato and garlic seasoning and a variety of spices. It is flavoursome and cooked well when eating it, quite thick though I found it a little too gristly and there were little white bits of fat visible and I could taste them. The hoisin sauce is a dark brown runny sauce and you don't get a lot of it though it is highly flavoursome and you don't need very much of it at all anyway. Its a blend of yellow bean, soy sauce and is very sweet and sugary indeed with a hint of chili to it to give a small sharp kick to the proceedings.

      I wasn't all that keen on hot bland bread, the meat part was nice enough in coating/flavouring however the fatty taste of it didn't go down well with me though it wasn't greasy so to speak. The sauce was really, really sweet and overall I have to be honest I wouldn't choose to purchase this again but it wasn't foul at least and worth the quid I paid for it as it did fill me up on the go!

      Nutritional Information Per 100g:

      Energy: 236Kcal
      Protein: 14.6g
      Carbohydrate: 25.5g
      of which sugars: 5.1g
      Fat: 8.4g
      of which saturates: 3.3g
      Fibre: 2.1g
      Sodium: 0.55g
      Salt equivalent: 1.4g

      Available in all good supermarkets etc.


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      01.04.2010 11:03
      Very helpful



      One to miss

      I was at work last week and realised I had forgotten to bring my lunch in, we only get half an hour and it's not really long enough to go out and buy something then come back and eat it, so I asked one of my lovely friends who was on a later shift if she could bring me something in. She arrived with this Microwave BBQ ribsteak. I really wasn't sure what to expect, I didn't even know things like this existed. But thankful I had something to eat I gave it a try, this is what I thought of it ........

      First Impressions - The packaging, The Ribsteak comes in a rectangular plastic carton with a film lid that can peel off. The picture on the front shows a nice looking rib burger. It has clear cooking instructions on the back, as well as all the ingredients and nutritional information.

      Inside the carton you get a long sesame seeded bun, a pork ribsteak patty and a small sachet of BBQ sauce.

      To 'cook' the ribsteak you remove the whole thing from the packaging, place on a plate and heat in the microwave for 80 seconds, this is based on a 900w microwave. You can choose to heat up the ribsteak alone and toast the bun separately if you wish. I only have a microwave at work so heated the whole thing up. When it is ready, leave it to stand for one minute and then add the sachet of sauce.

      Well when the microwave 'pinged' I was quite surprised at how yummy the ribsteak smelt, it had the aroma of a real barbecue and my tummy was looking forward to eating it. I added the sachet of sauce, there really isn't a lot in there so you might want to add some of your own.
      It was piping hot and I had to leave it for a good three minutes before I could even start to eat it.

      The taste test - well let me just point out, I am probably the worlds least fussy eater, I really enjoy tasting new things and am happy to try anything, bugs, plants, foreign cuisine you name it, I will eat it but I had one bite of this and really couldn't finish it. My daydream of a summer BBQ with a nice Pimms and gorgeous weather was transformed into a nightmare. The bun was so soggy, not a bit limp, it was as if I had dipped it in water and the pork was just a rubbery tasteless mess. The only OK thing about it was the sauce. I was really disappointed, not to mention hungry. I think it is funny that the brand name Feasters uses the slogan 'eat well'. They must be saying that as a joke - surely??

      If you still want to try it, you will find these in the fridge sections of the supermarket. They cost between £1 and £1.50 a pack.

      Other information, each ribsteak will give you 401 calories and 16 grams of fat. It contains gluten, Soya and wheat. It also may have traces of eggs, celery, milk and mustard.

      I would say don't be tempted by the quick and easy aspect of this. It really isn't worth it.


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