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Hardfiskur Dried Fish

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Brand: Bitafiskur / Type: Fish

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    1 Review
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      11.08.2008 18:07
      Very helpful



      If you don't mind having no friends, buy this!

      Intriguing stuff Hardfiskur is Icelandic dried fish, first came across it in the Faroe Islands and being the inquisitive type decided I had to give it a go, took it back to the kitchen at the campsite and ate some with some form of alcohol (possibly wine, can't remember?) whilst cooking dinner in front of some other hungry campers. No one else had bought any and most smirked when I bit into it and felt like a dog with a bone or even a budgie with some cuttlefish. These really are very chewy and taste like incredibly old dead fish but the taste soon becomes quite addictive, admittedly you smell like a cat but quite a happy one as you pur contently with your dried fish.

      It's not really a particularly Faroese thing though, more Icelandic or Norwegian and Hardfiskur (Hard fish) as it's known in Iceland is made by various brands, the cheapest being nameless and the more expensive stuff Bitafiskur. Whilst it does feel like a cat snack, you have to embrace the culture however bizarre whilst abroad and whilst most of the other campers and in particular my girlfriend found me repulsive for the next couple of days, I found myself proudly revelling in the world of dry fish.

      The texture, looks initially easy to break but it's incredibly hard to bite through and takes a good deal of chewing and sucking to work your way through even the smallest bit, to swallow it whole would just be foolish. They come in various sizes, some as big as ruler sized fishes and other smaller versions already cut up. It's not particularly filling but it kept me entertained and I found it to be a pretty good beer snack.

      Let your feline side out and give it a go!


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    • Product Details

      Dried fish bites from Iceland. The Icelandic hardfiskur has been very popular in centuries. The Icelandic fishing grounds are without a doubt among the purest in the world. Repeated studies have verified that the catch from Icelandic waters consistently meets top standards for purity.

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