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Heinz Big Saucy Bangers

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Brand: Heinz / Type: Meat

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    2 Reviews
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      03.01.2012 20:12



      I doubt if these 'sausages' have even seen a Lincolnshire sausage, let alone contain the same ingredients. The beans were fine, slightly spicy, but the sausage tasted like the worst cereal-based cheap tasteless sausages you wouldn't give to your dog.Ok, sausage isn't exactly fine dining, but in the interests of cost or 'healthy-eating' they seemed to have removed the taste.Heinz, you should try a real Lincolnshire butchers' sausage before you have the audacity to call the item lurking in your beans by the same name. Shame on you!In a word.....YUK!


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      10.12.2008 18:07
      Very helpful



      I'd buy them again as they were lovely, but only from Wilkinsons at 99p per can

      COST = 99p in Wilkinson's, approximately £1.75 everywhere else

      NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION (per half a can serving):

      Calories: 214
      Kj: 899
      Protein: 11.9g
      Carbohydrates: 24.4g
      - of which sugars: 8.8g
      Fat: 7.6g
      - of which saturates: 2.5g
      Fibre: 5.9g
      Sodium: 0.3g
      Salt equivalent: 1.6g


      Whilst on one of my very rare trips to Wilkinsons the other day, I noticed that they have branched out into selling food. I wasn't overly impressed with their selection, but I did notice they were selling the new line from Heinz. I'd already a few weeks before tried two other items from this new line, which I have already reviewed on DooYoo (Heinz Beans With Balls and Heinz Red Hot Balls), so I thought I'd try this other one out - Heinz Big Saucy Bangers.

      Heinz Big Saucy Bangers come in the standard green-blue Heinz tin. The front of the tin shows the usual Heinz logo, and there is a white angular shape containing the words "Big Saucy Bangers....Beanz'n'Lincolnshire Sausage Sensation", with an image of a few beans and one shiny, plump sausage underneath. The rear of the tin gives nutritional information, cooking instructions (both conventional and microwave), the words in black "Heinz Beanz Sausage Sensation", manufacturer's contact details, and an invitation which gives advice to "See page 7 for how well you know your sausage". I have no idea what they are talking about, as it isn't at all clear as to what page 7 is, or what it's supposed to be page 7 of.

      I wondered how similar this product would be to the long-standing old favourite, Heinz Sausages With Beans, so decided to open the tin late one evening when I became somewhat ravenous, heat up the contents, and make it into a mini feast with a couple of slices of bread.

      On opening the tin (which has a ring-pull function), I was greeted with the sight of a can bursting full of baked beans, that aside from a darker coloured sauce, look exactly the same as ordinary Heinz Baked Beans. I tipped the contents of the tin into a saucepan, and they slid out nicely - but I did have to scrape a few stubborn beans from the bottom of the can. The whole thing looked rather nice and had a delicious, subtle beany meaty smell. The sausages looked as if they had been barbecued, and unless my eyes were deceiving me, appeared slightly larger than those used in Heinz Sausages With Beans - there are 6 sausages altogether, of a similar size to a large cocktail sausage. There was a definite skin around each sausage, differently to Heinz Sausages With Beans, and they were dark brown, "cooked" colour.

      I slapped some Flora onto my 2 pieces of bread as the contents of the saucepan were heating and bubbling away gently, then I decided the product was hot enough to eat...so I tipped the sausages & beans onto a plate, spreadeagled myself on the sofa, and performed the taste test.

      As I raised a forkful of beans to my mouth, I noticed a lovely beany smell. I couldn't detect any significant meat smell, but the beans tasted good. The sauce, though a few shades darker than that of standard Heinz Beans or Heinz Sausages With Beans, was much brighter in colour - but, tasted exactly the same. The flavour of the sausages didn't appear to have infused into the sauce, and so far, the beans and sauce were delicious.

      The next and final taste tester, was the sausages. I speared one with my fork - not bothering to cut it, as though they are slightly larger than those in Heinz Sausages & Beans, they still are rather small. The immediate and outer texture felt a little slimy in my mouth, but that was from the bean juice rather than the somewhat wrinkled sausage skin. On biting into the sausage, the skin wasn't at all tough or chewy......my teeth slid through it as if it wasn't even there.....and the sausage itself was soft-textured, with a very delicate, slightly smoky flavour. Very nice, I thought to myself!!!!

      For some reason I was expecting the sausages to be very spicy, or hot - as both the other products in this relatively new Heinz range (Heinz Beans With Balls and Heinz Red Hot Balls) are rather tongue-tingling, but they weren't - these sausages were rather bland, yet pleasant in flavour - more cereal than meat-based I'd say, with a lovely mild taste.

      I scoffed the lot....probably too fast....and sat back having enjoyed every mouthful. Very tasty, very substantial, and the eating of this product was a thoroughly pleasant experience.

      I'd imagine Heinz Big Saucy Bangers would go very well with jacket potato, chips, mash and/or a fried egg - and next time I eat them, I shall try them with an accompaniment of some kind....and yes, there will be a next time, but I'd only be prepared to pay the WIlkinson's 99p price, as though they are overall a good product, I don't personally think they are worth in the region of £1.75 per can, which is what other retail outlets appear to be selling them for.

      Thanks for reading!


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