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Hot and Spicy Breasteaks

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Type: Meat

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    1 Review
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      03.08.2004 17:47
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      Sometimes, just sometimes I can?t be bothered to cook at a weekend. You know those times when you?ve been out shopping all day and it?s just too much effort to go into the kitchen and rustle up a meal fit for a king from scratch? It?s at times like these when I reach into my trusty freezer and grab a convenience meal that the whole family are going to be able to eat together. I shop online at Iceland every month, as well as visit their shop a couple of times a month to search for bargains and it was on one such occasion that I first discovered their range of Breasteaks. No, it?s not a typo ? just the way Iceland choose to spell it. Iceland do a wide range of chicken portions in the Breasteak range ? some are covered in breadcrumbs while some are smothered with a sauce or of course there?s the spicy range, so named because they are supposed to leave you with a tingling mouth after spicing up your meal. As we all love hot and spicy flavoured meats in the house I opted for the Hot and Spicy variety figuring that everyone in the house would enjoy them as part of our main meal later in the evening. A pack of four breasteaks costs £1.99 but at the moment they do have a promotion running whereby you can purchase three packs for five pounds. The breasteaks are packaged in a flat rectangular box with no particular defining features other than that it is blue. As with all Iceland branded products they do not contain any artificial flavours, colourings or genetically modified ingredients so that?s a point in their favour before we even open the box and cook the steaks. However, they do contain gluten and are also made in an area where nut based products are manufactured so perhaps we?ll take the point away again. Of course as with all food products the picture on the front of the box is enough to make your mouth water as it depicts a succulent piece of chicken cut ope
      n and surrounded by a bed of peppers but I?ve come to recognize that so often these beautifully displayed pictures can be very deceiving and the reality of the meal is nothing like the picture on the packaging. When I opened the box I was really disappointed. The box seemed big enough to hold four decent sized portions but what a shock awaited me. The portions are so small they seemed to have got lost in the box and although they looked quite appetizing with their covering of breadcrumbs, realistically each of us could have eaten a box to ourselves. I don?t think I?ve ever purchased a box of convenience food where the portions have been so minute and although we are all hearty eaters in our house and can normally eat double the manufacturers serving suggestion, Iceland really have made a faux pas with their measurements here. Just as well I?d purchased three boxes really so I was a bit miffed before I even started to cook the steaks. The steaks are easy enough to cook though and can be placed on a baking tray in a gas oven at Mark 8 for about ten minutes. They do smell appetizing while they?re cooking and a strong smell of garlic wafts from the kitchen mingled with a spicy aroma that?s a little difficult to define. Once they?ve cooked for the allotted time the breasts have shrunk a little, not too much thank goodness otherwise we?d have been racing to the nearest junk food outlet to fill ourselves up but enough to make them even smaller. Sigh. As I bite into the breadcrumb coating of the steaks my senses are met with a spicy taste that makes my tongue tingle almost immediately. It strikes me as kind of strange that these nondescript little blighters can pack any punch whatsoever but they do. The breadcrumb coating is formed of chunky crumbs and adds a nice texture with the breast beneath although I have to say that had these breasts had no
      coating, they would be very boring. The breast itself just doesn?t have much taste about it at all and it is only the presence of the spicy coating that makes the meal palatable. The chicken is tender though which I suppose is one good thing, but all in all these really are nothing to write home about. We all agree that we liked the spiciness of the coating and had the breasts been larger I probably would buy them again, but due to their stingy size I won?t be rushing back down to Iceland for any more supplies. Iceland are pretty vague in their ingredient listing as to what spices are used for the coating, opting to listed them as ?spices?. Ahem. Well I?d say there is a bit of chilli powder slung in there, and possibly some turmeric but I can?t be positive although the taste was nice and the tingling tongue feeling lasts for some time after I?ve chewed the last mouthful. Of course the downside to these is that a couple of bites and they?re gone. It?s difficult to say what market Iceland are aiming at with their Hot and Spicy Breasteaks. The steaks are children sized but there?s not many children who like spicy foods, and if they are aiming at adults then they have the portion size all wrong. With an amzing 249 kcal per portion and 16.2g of fat, you?re also getting a load of stodge for the size of the breasts and I could think of much more appetizing meals than these for a wuick fix. The good points? They?re quick to prepare. Umm that?s about it really????.oh yes and the tingling tongue syndrome. The bad points? They?re small, the chicken has a nondescript taste and they?re full of calories and fat. I suppose we?re used to nice bouncy juicy breasts in our house, and I do like chicken to be succulent so these were a major disappointment to me. The kids enjoyed them though and said they?d be happy to eat them again. Don
      ?t hold you breath loves???????. www.iceland.co.uk


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