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Iceland 100% Beef Burgers

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Brand: Iceland / Type: Meat

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    1 Review
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      21.05.2010 14:24
      Very helpful



      Great Burger for all..............

      Well today the sun was well and truly shining, and the sky was blue. This only meant two things in Stebiz land - either grill some burgers inside and eat on the patio, or barbecue some burgers,and eat on the patio.

      I chose the first option. Firstly because I couldn't be bothered doing a barbecue, but more importantly I had no coals for the barbecue, so it would have meant a 20 minute journey to the shops.

      So out came the burgers. I had purposely bought the dearer ones in Iceland. The purpose being that I did not want 100% fat - I wanted 100% Beef. So these little gems cost me £2 and Iceland kindly obliged in giving me 12 burgers instead of the usual 8.

      Okay first things first. The box itself looks identical to the one on here. I am told that the 12 burgers weigh in at a cool 681g, of which 98% is Beef and the remaining seasoning. So far so good.

      I'm told that if I'm grilling them that I should allow 10 minutes on a wire rack. Of which I duly did as I was told. So after 5 minutes I turned over my burger and gave it another 5 minutes, with the fat dripping to the bottom of the tray.

      Each grilled burger holds 114 calories and 8.2g of fat, so they aren't the healthiest ones around. Saying that I've seen a lot worse, and if I was looking for a healthy tea, then I wouldn't have been eating burgers.

      Let me comment on the looks first. I know that looks are in the 'eye of the beholder' but these burgers looked decent enough. They had shrunk though, a bit like putting a new coat in the washer at 120 degrees.

      These poor little fellas could hardly cover my bun, so I had to add plenty of salad. Not a bad thing I suppose. But I will tell you one thing. They tasted delicious. The kids couldn't get enough of the guys. I guess one of the reasons was because of the size. I then had to open some sausages to fill their hunger gaps.

      So would I buy them again? My answer would be 100% yes. Okay they shrank, but good things come in little parcels and these were divine.

      Highly Recommended.


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