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Iceland Chicken Breast Fillet Strips

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6 Reviews

Brand: Iceland / Type: Meat

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    6 Reviews
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      27.04.2011 13:06
      Very helpful



      Why pay more?

      I absolutely love these Iceland chicken breast fillet strips. I actually only started buying them after being introduced to them by my partner. I went to his flat and he offered to make me something to eat; he presented me with these chicken fillet strips, with a nice mixed salad and new potatoes.

      They come in two varieties; hot and spicy and southern fried; they are both delicious, but my favourite is the hot and spicy one. I love my soicy food. They are pretty hot tasting, the chicken breast is great and the outer coating goes really well with the meat. The breadcrumbs are thick and sort of crunchy, with a super flavour. I put lemon juice on the hot & spicy ones and on the southern fried.

      The southern fried chicken breast strips are a little bit spicy too but with a really good fried flavour; my kids really enjoy these. My daughter thinks the southern fried flavour are a little spicy but she enjoys them; my son will eat either type.

      You can have this product with a variety of different food; they go really well with salad and chips/salad and new potatoes/salad and a jacket potato. You may even like them in a sandwich.

      They are thick, filling and i think one of Icelands best and most tasty frozen meat products.

      Each packet only costs £1.50 and i would suggest that there are enough strips in one pack for about 3- 4 children or 2- 3 adults. I guess it really depends on how many you want to eat! I actually usually have 3 or 4 strips and my kids will have 3 each. There are about 10 strips per 360g packet; though this may vary as the size of the strips do vary.

      The strips are very easy to cook; just taking about 20 minutes in the oven.... simple!


      Chicken breast (55%); wheat flour, maize, starch, black pepper, capsicum, soya bean flour, soya bean oil, garlic, sugar, yeast. Product also contains gluten.


      Chicken breast (55%); wheat flour, maize, starch, black pepper, white pepper, fennel, nutmeg, yeast, soya bean oil, marjoram, yeast extract.

      For 100g of the hot & spicy flavour there are 214 Kcals and in the southern fried 216. The strips contain protein, fat, sugar, fibre and salt.

      The chicken strips may possibly contain some small bones, (as stated on the packaging) but in all the time i have been buying them, i havn't once had any bones in mine.

      I think these really are a great little buy. I dont think the price has changed for a long time either, which is good news. Lets face it, you can't get something similar to this for as cheap as this price in fast food restaurants. So go on, give them a go; they are well worth it.


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      10.10.2009 15:21
      Very helpful
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      tasty chicken strips which work brill in a wrap!

      I really fancied some sort of chicken wrap for my tea the other night so I popped into Iceland to have a look at what they had. Browsing their 'chicken' freezers I spotted their bags of Iceland Chicken Breast Fillet Strips, but they also had a Southern Fried version of them too so I picked up a bag for £1.50.

      The chicken breast fillet strips come in a red bag with an appetising plateful of chicken strips with a few tucked neatly into a wrap alongside some fresh salad. We are told on the pack that these are Chicken Breast Fillet Strips in a Southern Fried Style coating. We are also informed that these are made with 100% Chicken Breast Fillet and that they contain;

      *No Hydrogenated fats
      *No Artificial colours, flavours or preservatives
      *No GM Ingredients.

      To cook these chicken strips you simply need to pop them into your oven from frozen and wait the required time. The amount of strips in the bag vary but it's been roughly 12/13 everytime I've bought a bag.

      As they cook you can smell the southern fried scent lingering around your kitchen and when the coating turns golden I know that they are done.

      For what would be classed as a processed meat product these are very tasty, chunky and satisfying. Each strip is about fingerlength, I did measure lol and quite chunky and wide too! The coating is crisp and offers a slight crunch and that is where the southern fried tangy, spicy flavouring is which is very tasty. You then bite into surprisingly tender, tasty and enjoyable chicken that is a fair size underneath the coating. These surprised me at just how good they tasted, the chicken strips definitely tasted of chicken and the southern fried coating was flavoursome too. They didn't seem greasy nor cheap and I was well impressed with them in my wrap too!

      Each 100g fillet strips as sold (the bag they come in is 360g) contains;
      216 calories
      9.4g fat
      4.1g saturates
      0.8g salt

      I always keep a bag of these in my freezer now, they are definitely worth the money and make a very quick and tasty meal. The 'normal' chicken strips still contain the tender chicken pieces with a crispy coating only without the southern fried spices so again definitely worth a try.


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        13.04.2009 13:03
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A highly recommend freezer staple for any household.

        I am a regular shopper in Iceland and therefore keep an eye out for the latest adverts on the TV showing me all the deals.

        I purchased a £1.00 bag of 400g of 100% chicken breast and this is ideal as it is already frozen and I can just chuck it in the freezer when I get home and not worry about it going out of date or anything similar.

        I have used this chicken in a whole host of ways including stir frys, casseroles, curry etc and I have not been disappointed at all.

        As this is 100% chicken breast I don't have to muck around cutting off fat or throwing away bits that I don't want to eat and there is no wastage which is great for the price of £1.00!

        I have been satisfied with this product, it tastes just like fresh chicken breast once cooked and it's got so many uses that I always try to have at least one packet of this in my freezer at all times.

        There are different varieties available such as chicken tikka and standard chicken breast.

        I would definitely recommend these as a staple item that can be stored in any freezer and I am rating them 5/5 as they are a great product, cook very well and are great as part of any main meal or even just the tikka ones cooked up and served in a nice baguette.


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          28.02.2009 13:21
          Very helpful



          a great way to help make meals in moments with no fiddling!

          The idea of cooking frozen chicken straight from the freezer made me a bit wary at first because I've always been used to carefully defosting it at room temperature before cooking it.

          Before Christmas there was quite a big advertising campaign by Iceland about their 'cook from frozen' chicken range so I thought I'd give them a try.

          To date my daughter & I have tried the following -

          - chicken breast fillet strips
          - sliced chicken tikka breast
          - chicken breast fillet strips in a southern fried style coating

          & have enjoyed them all.

          It's a really good idea as far as our family is concerned as I have a daughter who lives & works the other side of the country & often can't give much notice when she's coming home, a 17 year old daughter who's always out & about & who often brings fellow college students home unexpectedly & a hubby who works all hours. So, to have a product sitting in the freezer ready to be made into a meal in minutes is a great idea.

          The bags are plastic & cost just £1 & in the varieties I've bought there's a generous amount which does for several meals. The weight depends on the chicken itself - eg the ones with southern fried coating weigh 360g whilst the tikka strips weigh 400g.

          I've noticed that if you purchase similar chicken from the chilled section of Iceland you pay more so it's worth checking the prices in the freezers first?

          The chicken itself is really tasty & the strips are pretty uniform in size which makes a real difference. The texture is great & doesn't fall to pieces when cooking & of course there's no skin or 'bits' to deal with with saves time & effort. It probably doesn't taste as nice as fresh chicken but I rarely serve it just plain.

          The 100% chicken breast strips are ideal for all sorts of dishes & I've used the for the following -
          stir frys, soups, casseroles, chicken & mushroom pies, in potato salad with mayo,curries, in tortilla wraps & stews - all giving great results.

          The tokka ones are tasty but not very strong so I've cooked them with onion & popped in some naan bread or served with rice. My daughter likes them but if I'm going to eat spicy food I like it quite hot. The southern fried chicken ones are also very tasty but not like Kentucky Fried chicken's unique taste.

          All the nutritional information, cooking instructions & ingredients are clearly listed on the packs as well as freezer guidelines - easy to read even though the packs are very colourful.

          I'm impressed with this range & would recommend trying them if you have a rather strange family as I do!

          - great price for what you get.
          - different types of chicken strips available which may appeal to diffrent tastes?
          - easy to use.
          - no waste.
          - no preparation of fresh raw chicken involved.
          - great idea for helping make meals in moments.


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            31.10.2008 12:05
            Very helpful



            A great price for these 100% chicken strips

            Chicken strips seems to be the only quick food in my household that the whole family can agree on.Although we all still have it differently.Mine is with pitta bread,lettice,onion and Mayo.My son has his with mash Potato,My Husbands is with chips and my other 2 children likes it with smiley faces or potatoe stars.But this just goes and proves that you can have these lovely strips with almost anything.

            They are so crispy and succulent in the middle.And they taste great.All for £1 a box,wow.So I usually buy 2 boxes at a time.Just stick these in the oven for 25 minutes and you have a tasty meal.

            I love these ,because they are not atall greasy and they are 100% chicken breast inside,and then the bread crumbs on the outside.The strips are not too thin,so you get nice juicy lumps of chicken.As proved,you can add chicken strips to almost anything like chips,roast or boiled potato,mash,pitta bread,salad and normal bread.So a wide range to eat with it.A very tasty easy to cook meal for all the family.


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            12.09.2008 22:46
            Very helpful



            Great value for £1

            My two boys are very different in their tastes the 13 year old will only eat top quality meat and the 11 year old only eats ghastly processed types of meat. My daughter eats anything. My brother didn't believe me that they could easily tell the difference between processed and real meat but on holiday a few years ago anytime we ate out in either France or England they proved him wrong as whether it was chicken nuggets or burgers one always claimed it to be lovely and the other gagged and couldn't eat it. The quality of the meat content of the burger or chicken deciding which one could eat it.

            I feel the same way as my eldest son, I can't eat plastic ham, pretend sliced chicken and anything which is referred to as chopped and shaped. My elder son and I can see through those manufacturers who claim their chicken is 100% chicken fillet, yeah maybe the chicken bit is 100% but they are obviously adding lots of something else because it doesn't taste anything like real chicken.

            To get to my point I find a lot of the breaded, coated or southern fried chicken breasts or pieces taste absolutely nothing like chicken - These strips according to the fussy son and I do.

            - - Packaging - -

            These strips can be found in the freezer section of Iceland in a bright red box with a picture of very inviting strips of coated chicken fillet strips on a bed of lettuce. The best bit about the packaging was the large yellow box on the front with £1 printed on it in thick black ink.

            Further down the box we find the claims

            made with 100% chicken breast fillet
            No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives
            No GM ingredients
            Three of the most important claims to be found on this sort of food.

            - - Contents - -

            We had eight strips in the box ranging from ½" to around 1" width at the thickest part, there is a substantial southern fried coating surrounding the chicken and even uncooked they look quite appetising compared to other similar products.

            - - To Cook - -

            Pre-heat oven to 200oC and cook for 17-20 minutes. I put them on the tray with the oven chips and they are only slightly singed after 20 minutes at 220oC. (We like things well done and only having to wash one oven tray).

            Each strip contains 57% chicken breast the other 43% presumably making up the coating which contains palm oil, breadcrumbs, wheatflour and flavourings.

            - - Finished Result - -

            The strips have turned a nice rich golden brown and look very crispy. When transferred to the plate they certainly look appetising and they smell very spicy although it would be difficult to make out exactly what ingredients create the tasty aroma.

            - - Taste - -

            The strips are crisp, tasty and contain strips of whole unadulterated chicken breast, no chopping, shaping and filling with extras going on here. The taste of the coating is gorgeous, strong, flavoursome and very spicy it is the nicest and most like KFC that I have had but the amount of coating completely overpowers the taste of the thinish bit of chicken fillet therein
            it feels as though you would need a little extra chicken in each bite to mellow the spices a little.

            Allergy advice - Contains gluten and soya
            Made in an area that uses coconuts, nuts and sesame

            Fat 10.3g per 100g
            Sat fat 4.8g per 100g
            Salt 0.7g per 100g

            Great quickie meal to have in the freezer if you are home late or the kids are ravenous, goes with oven chips and peas or stick a couple in a bap with a bit of salad.


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