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Kingsfood Hot Dog Sausages In Brine

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Brand: Kingsfood / Type: Meat

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    2 Reviews
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      04.02.2010 11:27
      Very helpful



      Cheap tin of hot dogs, taste nice, don't look at the ingredients ;)

      The trick with products like this is to not look at the ingredients list. Anytime you spot a tin of hot dogs in brine at well under half the price of any other similar product (without it being on offer) you know it's the quality and the content that causes the lesser price.

      These Kingsfood hot dogs are one of the products that Tesco have been stocking for a while now, along a similar pricing structure to their Oak Lane brand food that is much cheaper than the other competitors. These hot dogs come in an appealing tin, truth be told, with a deep and inviting purple accompanied by yellow lettering. You gotta love marketing!

      There are 8 of the hot dogs in the tin, which is a standard sized tin, much like you would find a tin of baked beans or tinned tomatoes. The hot dogs are in a watery yellow brine, and it smells a bit rank, to be honest. You pop the hot dogs into a saucepan, add a little water and serve once they're hot. It's best not to boil them as they'll just fall apart.

      They taste okay. I mean, there's a limit to the difference in taste between one brand of hot dogs and another, I have found. These taste quite nice, quite a fabricated taste to them, but not unpleasant, and they're nice in sandwiches. The skin tears easily and the blended meat inside is together and pretty much as you would expect from a frankfurter, to give you another comnparison.

      We occasionally buy the Princes tin of hot dogs when it's on offer, and Tesco also seem to have their Red Dog hot dogs permanently at £1 for 10. These come in at under 50p for the 8, and while they are a little shorter than the Red Dog ones, they work out at a little less in terms of cost, so we went for them.

      Okay, so the dreaded ingredients list. Well, they do make a point of saying that the hot dogs are made with mechanically recovered chicken and pork, whatever that means. There's also fat and collagen, and a 'natural smoke flavour', whatever that means. There is a slightly smoky taste to them, but it's not something I had particularly picked out or noticed. Maybe it's just me? Nutritionally, I think it works out at about 55 calories per hot dog, with protein, carbs and fat dominating the nutritional listings. Per 100g, you get 10.2g of fat, 9.5 of protein and 7.7 of carbs.

      So, it's not the healthiest, but nor are most hot dogs/frankfurters. I do wonder what the 'recovered' element of the chicken and the pork means, but it#s best not to think about it. I'm not likely to base my entire diet around these, nor am I training for something that means I need to watch everything I eat. Therefore, as they taste quite nice, they get the thumbs up from me. It';s obvious why they're cheap, but they still taste okay, so if you're looking for a cheap alternative to Princes or something costing a little less than Tesco's Red Dogs, then you can do a lot worse than this.


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        08.10.2009 00:19
        Very helpful



        Yummy, may be crap in sausage form but they do taste great lol

        Of an evening I really do get peckish. I can't usually be bothered with cooking for one and tend to whip up something snacky and the other day whilst in Sainsbury's I spotted these priced at 45p a can and had to try them! I love hotdog sausages shoved in some bread and covered in tomato sauce and squeezy mustard so had them ear marked for my late night feast!

        The Packaging:

        400g can with a dark brownish red label around it. On the front and the back there is a picture of the 8 hot dogs cooked looking and I'm told it yellow writing they are Kingsfood 8 Hot Dogs In Brine. Other information on the can tells me how to cook them (in a saucepan with the brine and an extra bit of water till warmed though), ingredients and nutritional information is given, weight (as I've stated already) and contact details for Kingsfood are given. Its an ok looking can, I know what I'm getting though I would like a ringpull to open the can with and get annoyed at cans that don't have this lol.

        The Hotdogs:

        Well, yep there are 8 in a wee coloured looking brine to be blunt. They smell meaty and they are long, thin and with a dark orange tight skin on them.

        They are simple to cook according the the instructions and I found mine cooked in about 4 minutes to which then I simply drained them. A couple fell apart when I took them out of the pan but the majority stayed fully formed and a bit bendy.

        Taste wise I love them. These are basically made up with mechanically recovered chicken and pork (please don't explain to me what that means lol) and plenty of pork and chicken fat and some beef collagen. I assume basically it's all waste meat products bunged together really lol. They have a slightly smoky taste to them, are well seasoned and totally processed. The skin is slightly rubbery and the meat inside is just well blended and stuck to that outer skin and is a pink colour.

        I have no doubt these are crap in tube shapes but as I said I really like them. I found no gristle or anything off putting in mine and I loved them in my sarnie. Easy to heat, easy to eat and they do taste nice an they're not soggy mushy offerings!

        Nutritional Information Per 100g Drained Weight:

        Energy: 161Kcal
        Protein: 9.5g
        Carbohydrates; 7.7g
        of which sugar: -
        Fat: 10.2g
        of which saturated: 4.8g
        mono-unsaturated: 4.3g
        poly-unsaturated: 1.1g
        Fibre: -
        Sodium: 0.7g

        Available in most supermarkets, mine came from Sainsbury's.


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