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Marks & Spencer Sticky Chilli Chicken

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Type: Meat

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    2 Reviews
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      26.11.2013 17:58
      Very helpful



      A super chinese style dish.

      Whilst I am not a total lover of Chinese style food, I do enjoy it occasionally and Marks & Spencer do a lovely range in Chinese style foods. The good thing is that fairly regularly they are on offer. Myself and my partner usually get the £10 Chinese takeaway meal Box from Marks & Spencer which has some lovely dishes in it and is well worth the cost. However, sometimes another deal is on in the Chinese cabinet; with this deal, you choose 2 starters, 2 mains and one side dish and it also costs £10. The deal has been on this last week, so we decided to get this, rather than our usual £10 box. One of the dishes we chose was this Sticky Chilli Chicken. The usual cost is around £4, so not cheap, but altogether, we saved quite a bit of money and I noticed that with the main dishes, they seemed to be bigger than some of the main dishes in the Takeaway Box meal.

      With the sticky chilli chicken you get battered mini chicken fillets and a side dish of sweet chilli sauce. There is plenty of chicken in the box, actually more than enough for 2 (when you combine all the dishes together). It is good quality Chicken Breast meat. The sauce itself is delicious. There is plenty of it and it is sweet and a little spicy.


      You can cook the dish from fresh or frozen; but the Chicken must be cooked separately from the Chilli sauce. You can either microwave the sauce or cook it on top of the hob. Altogether it only takes 20 -25 minutes to cook.

      Marks & Spencer recommend you pour the sauce over the Chicken, but we always put it in separate bowl and then put it on the chicken or other dishes we think it goes well with.

      cooked marinated chicken breast; water, cornflour, salt, concentrated lemon juice

      Batter; water, maize flour, wheatflour, wheat starch, raising agent (E450), sodium bicarbonate, pepper extract, stabiliser ; xanthan gum, dextrose, ground whole pepper.

      Breadcrumbs; rice flour, wheatflour, water, yeast, salt, sunflower oil

      Sweet chilli sauce; water, sugar, red wine vinegar, red peppers, cornflour, red chillies, rapseed oil, ginger puree, salt, pepper extract.

      Calories; Half a pack has 405 kcals in it.

      Allergy information; contains wheat. Gluten

      This is a great tasting Chinese style dish from Marks & Spencer which can be eaten with other Chinese dishes; excellent buy when on offer as part of a meal deal.
      4 Dooyoo stars from me.


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      31.10.2008 18:07
      Very helpful



      A lovely sticky chill chicken from Marks and Spencer which tastes fantastic

      Marks and Spencer's Sticky Chilli Chicken with Dipping Sauce is one of a range of easy to cook meals from their Chinese range of foods. It is battered chicken fillets served with a sweet chilli sauce. It costs £3.99 and is available only from Marks and Spencer.

      The product comes in a foil dish which you use to cook the meal in and is covered with a cardboard sleeve. On the front of the packet is a picture of the yummy looking chicken, its enough to make me pick up the packet and buy it. There are also clear symbols on the front telling you at a quick glance that you cook this in the oven, it is of medium hotness (indicated by 2 chillies), it is suitable for freezing and it serves 2 people. It also has no artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives.

      Nutrition wise it's probably not as good. 1 serving or half of the packet contains:

      Calories - 440 (22% of your recommended daily allowance)
      Sugar - 36g (40% of your recommended daily allowance)
      Fat - 16.2g (23% of your recommended daily allowance)
      Saturated Fat - 1.4g
      Salt - 1.58g

      The high sugar content comes from the chilli sauce rather than the chicken itself. This meal is probably not going to ever be classed as healthy but if you only eat it once in a while I don't think its going to do any harm.

      Opening up the pack you get approx 5 or 6 pieces of battered chicken and a tub of the chilli sauce. Now there are two different ways of cooking and serving this meal you can have crispy chicken with a dipping sauce or you can have sticky chilli chicken. I have tried both but my favourite, and my husbands too is the sticky chilli chicken which is just so yummy and tasty.

      I will summarise the cooking instructions so you can see how easy it is.

      Crispy chicken - Remove the sauce pot and spread the chicken over the foil dish and pop in the oven, after 5 minutes you put the sauce pot in the oven as well, another 5 minutes later you turn the chicken and then cook for a further 10 minutes. So that takes 20 minutes in total.

      Sticky Chilli Chicken - Remove the sauce pot and spread the chicken over the foil dish and pop in the oven. After 12 minutes you pour the sauce over the chicken and pop back in the oven for another 23 minutes. This method takes 35 minutes in total.

      The great thing about this meal is you cook it in the foil dish that comes in the packet so you don't have to wash a baking tray! If however you like to be environmentally friendly then the tray can be recycled as can the cardboard sleeve and the plastic film.

      Although both methods leave you with a nice meal the sticky chilli chicken for me is the best as the sauce thickens and the flavours intensify.

      The chicken is so tender and tastes really lovely. I now don't like having chicken from a Chinese takeaway as the quality of the chicken you get there is just so poor. The chicken from Marks and Spencer's just tastes so much better. The batter is also really nice, not greasy or too thick or heavy but lovely and light and just adds to the flavour and texture really well. The chilli sauce for me is just the right hotness level, I don't like really hot things but this is hot enough to taste the chilli but not too hot that you are left feeling your throat and mouth have been burned.

      I always eat this meal with steamed jasmine rice and some prawn crackers. It's also nice with a little bit of stir-fried vegetables but you can also serve it with noodles if you prefer.

      I don't buy many ready meals and prefer cooking from scratch for health and for financial reasons but this is a meal that we do like to treat ourselves to every now and again. It tastes much better than you can buy at a Chinese takeaway and it's much easier than making it yourself. Marks and Spencer's often have them on special offer such as 3 for 2 so you can eat one and pop the others in the freezer to have as a standby meal when you need it. I would definitely recommend this meal to anyone, there are others in the range too like lemon chicken and crispy beef but for me the sticky chilli chicken is just the best.


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