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Mattesons Reduced Fat Pork Sausage

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Brand: Mattesons / Type: Meat

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    3 Reviews
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      22.06.2011 00:53
      Very helpful



      Great tasting sausage


      This is one of my favourite easy meal foods and I regularly pick up a packet of this smoked sausage as it's so versatile, You can use it with Pasta, use it as a Pizza topping, use it in a salad or sandwiches/rolls and there are many other meals you can make from this smoked sausage. This, the reduced fat version contains 33% less fat than the normal sausage and I normally get this one as I prefer the taste and I feel the lower fat content makes it much more versatile and ideal for snacks. The great thing about the sausage is that you can use straight from the packet or heat quickly if you want to. A 57g serving of this sausage gives 131 calories compared to 177 calories for the same amount serving.

      Mattesons was introduced in 1946 by Richard Mattes who was German & was born into a Rhineland sausage-making family. Other sausages in the range are the normal Smoked Pork Sausage and there's also a Garlic Smoked Sausage and Hot n Spicy Smoked Pork Sausage and finally Jumbo Hot Dogs. The only one of these I haven't tried yet is the Hot n Spicy one which I may look out for.

      Ingredients: pork (86%), water, potato starch, seasoning.

      Seasoning: salt, citric acid, flavourings, stabiliser (sodium polyphosphates), antioxidant (ascorbic acid), preservative (sodium nitrite).

      **How does it taste?**

      I really like the taste of this smoked sausage, The pork flavour really comes out when you heat the sausage up but when cold the subtle taste is excellent too. As this smoked sausage is so versatile it can taste great with many different meals. I have used this with Pasta, as a Pizza topping to add a little extra and I have often had it cold with sandwiches or rolls which tastes lovely. This is the best of it's kind I have tasted and really doesn't have all that many competitors. If you want to heat this sausage up then all you need to do is pop it in the microwave in it's packet and heat for around 1 minute but as this smoked sausage is so versatile you can do a lot more than just this.


      I would recommend this to anyone who who likes or wants to make quick easy meals that are relatively healthy and cheap. You can often find these smoked sausages on offer but when it's at it's normal price it's usually around £1.50 for a 227g packet which is pretty good value for the amount you get and the versatility of this product. There are some great recipes on the website which are quick and easy to do and provide you with an excellent and tasty meal. If you haven't tried these yet then give them a try. I really like these.


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        30.11.2009 20:21
        Very helpful
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        Well worth buying

        Mattesons Reduced Fat Pork Sausage

        Description: Manufacturer: Mattesons / Type: Meat

        Chances are that you have seen Mattesons sausages in the supermarket, they come in sealed plastic bags which are predominantly burgandy, with the logo on the front along with a picture of the sausage. Inside, the u shaped sausage is kept fresh inside a shrink wrapped plastic wrapper, which means that you don't have to refrigerate it until you have opened it.

        Morrisons are currently selling these for just £1 on special offer so if you fancy trying them, get yourself along there now! You can find these for sale in most shops and supermarkets.

        I had to stop buying the full fat version of this sausage as it was so tasty that I found I was eating loads of it, and it wasn't particularly good for me, so when they released the reduced fat version, I was delighted.

        You can eat this product hot or cold and it is equally delicious either way. The smell is tempting and quite unique to this sausage. The texture is also great, it is very firm to bite into, and the taste is fab.

        The sausage has a lovely meaty taste that is a bit like a hot dog - in fact, Mattesons used to do what they called "Smokey's" which were basically straight versions of this u shaped sausage. They were extremely similar except that they were designed to be eaten hot dog style, so went really well with mustard and ketchup. If you see them for sale, you have to try them!

        The taste of these sausages is very distinctive to the brand, and between the fab firm texture and the natural, smoked sausage taste, you really do get a yummy snack that goes well with loads of things. They are so convenient and easy to prepare and the fact that they don't need to be kept chilled (until opening) means that they are great to keep as a stand by for a quick lunch.

        The nutritional information per ¼ sausage is as follows -

        131 kcal
        0.0g sugar
        10.3g fat
        4.6g of which saturates

        I like to chop these sausages and eat them cold with salad, but they are also great hot on pizza, in pasta or just with chips if you want to be really naughty. Actually, if you want to be incredibly naughty then get them from the chip shop, deep fried and delicious!

        These are lower in fat but there is no compromise in taste and if you liked the original, then chances are that you will like this. If you haven't tried them then you should certainly give them a shot, you may be hooked like I am!


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          22.08.2009 08:35
          Very helpful



          See review.

          As the shopper of the house I do like to have a few little store cupboard items, these are usually items that can be thrown together to make a dinner at short notice and without too much effort involved, this one of them.

          The product I will now review is - "Mattesons reduced fat smoked pork sausage".

          This particular product is very much like a long hotdog sausage, but the difference being the storing methods, you can of course store this in the fridge, but also, if not opened, in the cupboard. This due to the sausage being shrink wrapped within cellophane.

          There are four different varieties of sausage available in this range, this one, the full fat version, hot and spicey and a garlic sausage, all of which I would recommend.

          The reason I keep one of these in the cupboard is due to the variety of different things that this can be added to, our particular favourite being either an additional topping onto a frozen pizza, there is never enough toppings on those, or finally with pasta.

          When you open the outer wrap, you are faced with an almost "link" shaped piece of sausage. You simply remove from the shrink wrap and use.
          You can either eat cold, no cooking involved on a sandwich or sliced onto a jacket potato for example, or warm through in the ways mentioned earlier, the choices really are limitless with this product.

          When removed from the shrink wrap the smell is quite subtle, meaty with a slight edge of spice to it. This is carried through to the taste, with the meat being smooth but firm to the bite, but tasting of a hotdog, but a little more peppery.

          Heated up the taste differs a little making this much tastier in my opinion, I tend to always cook it now.
          To warm through I usually fry for a couple of minutes in a pan, this releases very little fat, but what it does release coats the pasta it is added to, giving that a slightly pink glaze.

          The nutritional information is as follows -
          Per ¼ sausage,
          131 kcal,
          0.0g sugar,
          10.3g fat,
          4.6g of which saturates.

          This product can be stored in a cupboard, the fridge but also frozen, I tend to use ½ then freeze the rest for another day. If opened then chilled this has to be eaten within 2 days, but kept in the pack unopened it can be left in the cupboard for a good few months.

          For more information and for more recipe ideas visit - www.mattesons.co.uk

          These are available for around the £1.40 mark, but are currently on offer at Asda for "2 for £2.00".

          This is a lovely product that scream quality when you are using it, the fact that is reduced fat should in some ways mean it has less of that delicious "sausage" taste, this in fact taste no different at all to the original version, recommended!

          Thanks for reading x


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