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Mattessons Tikka Chicken Mighty Bite

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Brand: Mattessons / Type: Meat

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    1 Review
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      16.04.2010 23:41
      Very helpful



      It Was A Toss Up Between 2 Or 3 Stars And I Only Went For 3 Because I'm Feeling Generous!

      I got this Mighty Bite from Tesco, it was £1.55 and even though it tasted quite nice I think that is a massive overprice for a thin bit of processed chicken with a bit of tikka flavouring! I know Fridge Raiders are expensive but that's taking the pi$$ for this because it's only the sice of a lollipop..... it even comes on a stick.... it's a chickenpop!

      The flavour isn't all that much like tikka, well it IS but it's not spicey enough. It's like a proper mild curry flavour that actually does taste quite nice on the chicken but isn't as strong as I thought it would be. The chicken is in one piece but it's shaped to look like there are a few seperate chunks on the stick, the meat is madly processed but it's ok. Actually the taste and texture is nice and more or less the same as Fridge Raiders only this is a bit more like real meat.

      I deffo won't buy them again, for what they are they're big time over priced. The flavour isn't all that and this is PROCESSED chicken..... if it was fresh chicken I could understand the price but not for this! Like I said it's not bad and the taste is quite good but it's not very good quality, I've had the Roast Chicken Mighty Bite as well and that's the same. I think the best I can say about these is that they're alright, definately nothing special and another thing is that I didn't like it being on a stick because I felt proper self concious eating it in front of anyone!

      Not recommended..... I've given it 3 stars because it's not too bad but it's madly expensive junk food that tastes fake. You'd know it was chicken but only because it's kind of got a chicken flavour, not because it feels or even tastes all that much like any sort of meat!!!


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