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Morrisons 4 Hot & Spicy Chicken Steaks

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Type: Meat

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    1 Review
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      25.03.2009 12:06
      Very helpful



      Probably better than KFC....certainly cheaper!

      COST: £1.99


      Calories: 221
      Kj: 924
      Protein: 14.3g
      Carbohydrates: 13.5g
      - of which sugars: 1.0g
      Fat: 12.2g
      - of which saturates: 2.2g
      Fibre: 1.3g
      Sodium: 0.3g
      Salt equivalent: 0.8g


      Chicken breast (65%), wheat flour, rapeseed oil, water, wheat starch, soya protein, gram flour, maize flour, wheat gluten, tomato powder, spice, salt, natural flavouring, yeast, extract, diphosphates, sodium carbonates, paprika extract, carmine, spice extract, barley malt extract, citric acid, dextrose, skimmed milk solids, yeast


      Morrisons Hot & Spicy Chicken Breasts are to be found in the frozen food section, in a largely brown coloured box. The front of the box shows a cooked chicken breast with a salad accompaniment, and claims that the product is made from chicken breast, and has no hydrogenated oil or artificial flavourings, colours or preservatives. The back of the box lists the ingredients, nutritional information, storage and cooking instructions (cook from frozen, pre-heated oven gas mark 7, electric 220C/425F for 25 mins).

      I bought these just before Xmas, and for some reason kept looking at them each time I was on the forage for food, not fancying the idea of them anywhere near as much as the day I bought them - but can't explain why, other than to say maybe I couldn't think of anything suitable as an accompaniment. Today, my brain must have been working a little better than of late, as I had the idea of eating them with spicy potato wedges and a huge salad.

      I pre-heated the oven, and removed the box of chicken breasts from the freezer. On opening the box and trying to remove one of the breasts, all four were welded together to a point whereby I had to wedge them apart with a knife. Each chicken breast was about standard sized (the same size as fresh, ordinary chicken breasts from a butcher or supermarket), and covered in a thick, brightly coloured coating of brownish orange breadcrumbs. The initial appearance seemed very synthetic, but I wasn't going to let something like that put me off.

      During the cooking process, there wasn't really much of a smell of any kind emanating from the oven other than the spicy aroma of the potato wedges. Once the cooking time was up, I took the baking tray from the oven and noticed that the chicken steaks didn't really look any different from how they had done when first removed from the packet. They hadn't stuck to the baking tray though, and with a slight flick of a palette knife, lifted easily off and onto my plate. Nestling next to the salad and potatoes, the bright brown/orange breadcrumb coating of the chicken gave an attractive and colourful appearance, plus they hadn't shrunk during the cooking process, and looked reasonably substantial.

      Taste test time! I slid my knife through the coating on one of the chicken steaks, and was pleased to see that the breadcrumbs didn't seem at all hard - crispy, but pleasantly so. I inspected the chicken inside, and noted that it appeared to be reconstituted; that chopped & shaped stuff, which I found a little disappointing. Not easily fazed though, I closed my teeth around the piece of chicken and began to chew. My teeth sunk with ease through the breadcrumb coating, and I was treated to a rather stunning flavour-burst which I can only describe as a peppery spiciness. As I worked my way through the coating to the chicken, despite it being the reformed stuff, the chicken flavour was still intact, authentic and very good. There were no nasty grey bits inside either; the chicken flesh was moist, succulent and just the right colour.

      I did note that the spicy coating didn't taste dissimilar to that on the potato wedges, but....not a problem for me, as it is a nice taste.

      Continuing to scoff, I found I was enjoying the chicken steaks more and more with each mouthful. They tasted at their best when speared onto my fork with a wodge of salad, and before I knew it, the whole lot had vanished down my cakehole.

      Even though the chicken pieces were of a reasonable size, I'd imagine that most adult appetites would require two. As said above, they are about the same size as any other chicken portion, but are a little on the thin side - around ¼" thick, I'd guess.

      My overall verdict on Morrisons Hot & Spicy Chicken Steaks is that they are a good buy, and one pack of 4 would easily serve 2 adults with average appetites, but one piece per adult would probably be more appropriate for those with small appetites. Half a steak may be enough for most young children. The steaks have a good chicken flavour, despite the meat being chopped and shaped. I don't think the meat is mixed with anything - just for some reason reformed. The breadcrumb coating is just the right consistency and has a delicious spicy flavour which will make your mouth tingle a bit.

      The only down side I can see is that these chicken steaks are rather high in fat, but I feel no worse than most other breadcrumbed products of a similar nature.

      I certainly would buy these again, and Morrisons thus get my seal of approval in this instance.

      Thanks for reading!


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