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Morrisons Cod Portions in Parsley Sauce

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Brand: Morrisons / Type: Fish

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    1 Review
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      04.12.2009 12:50
      Very helpful



      I wouldn't bother with this one!

      PRICE: £1.79 for 300g which is 2 pieces of cod in sauce

      NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION (per portion = half a pack):

      Calories: 114
      Kj: 477
      Protein: 14.4g
      Carbohydrates: 4.8g
      (of which sugars): 1.2g
      Fat: 4.1g
      (of which saturates): 3.5g
      Fibre: 0.8g
      Sodium: 0.3g
      Salt equivalent: 0.5g


      Cod (49%), water, milk powder, margarine, modified maize starch, wheat flour, parsley (0.5%), salt, sugar, onion powder, flavouring, mustard flour, mint, turmeric, pepper


      Contains fish, gluten, milk and mustard
      Produced in a factory which uses celery, egg and soya ingredients
      Although every care has been taken to remove all bones, some may remain


      To me, fish in any kind of sauce is something that is either really delicious or really grotty - no middle ground. Of course in all instances I prefer home-made, but I don't always have the time or the inclination to mess about making sauces myself. I rarely buy fish in sauce, but decided the other day to give Morrisons Cod In Parsley Sauce a try.

      The product is to be found in the frozen food section and comes in a dullish blue coloured box, which bears an image of a serving of the fish in parsley sauce on the front. The rear of the box shows nutritional information, ingredients, cooking & storage instructions, dietary/allergy advice, Morrisons' contact details and advice that the packaging is partly recyclable.

      Inside the box, the two pieces of fish are in a plastic bag which is of the 'boil in the bag' variety. The fish can be cooked in the bag on top of the hob in a saucepan of boiling water, or you can make a couple of small slits in the bag and whizz in the microwave. I prefer to cook mine on the hob, so this was the method I opted for - choosing mashed potatoes and peas as the accompaniment.

      Understandably (because of the highly sealed packaging), the fish gave off no smell whilst cooking. Once the time was up, I lifted the bag from the simmering water with tongs, and dried it off. Inside the bag, the fish in sauce didn't look very appetising. There were two oblong-shaped pieces of cod that were pretty small, swimming around in a copious sloppy-looking cream-coloured sauce which contained little dots of green - obviously the parsley.

      The bag snipped open fairly easily using a sharp pair of scissors, and on pouring the contents onto my plate, I wasn't too impressed with the smell; in fact it made me feel a bit sick! It's hard to describe exactly what it smelled like, suffice to say that it was a tired-ish odour of poor quality fish, mixed with a gluey, floury smell. My nostrils couldn't detect any buttery aroma at all emanating from the sauce.

      The two small pieces of fish plopped onto my plate, followed by the very thin, rather insipid-looking sauce. The dots of parsley in the sauce seemed like a fairly reasonable-sized serving, but they were a dull, tired green rather than a bright emerald green as parsley should be.

      Swimming around in the very thin and sloppy sauce, I noticed that the fish pieces were even smaller than they appeared when they were still in the bag, and they had started to break up. There was far too much sauce pro rata to the fish, and I wasn't looking forward to eating this meal at all once I'd seen it on the plate; I did have something waiting in the fridge as a standby, just in case I found the meal inedible.

      When the taste test happened, I cringed as I lifted a forkful of cod and sauce to my mouth, as I really didn't like the smell at all. In my mouth and as I chewed, the cod was quite soft and tender, but had very little flavour. I didn't like the taste of the sauce at all - it wasn't in the slightest buttery and I couldn't detect any parsley flavour either. All I could taste was a floury flavour which was sickly and gloopy. I felt as if I was eating something very sub-standard, and didn't really want to continue.

      To try and make the fish in sauce more edible, I mixed it with the mashed potato. That helped a little, but ultimately only succeeded in ruining the quality of the mashed potato rather than the potato enhancing the quality of the fish and sauce. Nevertheless, I did battle on to the final hurdle of clearing my plate, feeling full up but unsatisfied.

      Although this product is a very good source of protein and is kind in the calorie department, the fat content is higher than I'd like it to be. I assume most of the fat comes from the sauce, and can only concur that the high fat content wouldn't be so bad if the sauce tasted good - but it doesn't.

      It is suggested that the whole packet is two adult servings, but my feelings on that are split. Firstly, if anybody should happen to enjoy Morrisons Cod In Parsley Sauce, then the whole pack really isn't enough to serve even the most modest of adult appetites and I'd thus suggest buying a whole pack for every person you are intending to feed. Secondly and on the other side of the coin, if (like me) anyone happens not to like this product, then one packet is probably far too much for two people.

      The ratio of fish and sauce to me is far out of balance. I'd like to see thicker, chunkier pieces of cod and the amount of sauce cut down by at least half, plus a marked improvement in the flavour of the sauce; e.g. making it a lot more buttery. If that were to happen, then this might be a more than halfway decent product.

      I doubt if I shall be buying this particular brand of fish in parsley sauce again, as I have smelled, tasted and enjoyed a lot better.

      Thanks for reading!


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