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Morrisons Minted Lamb Riblets

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Brand: Morrisons / Type: Meat

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    2 Reviews
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      17.01.2010 14:53
      Very helpful



      These Are The Most Horrible Lamb Things Ever

      These riblets are disgusting, I brought a pack of 4 before Xmas and today chucked 3 of them in the bin after cooking one and eating a third of it before realised how horrible and fatty they are.

      They are Morrisons take on the grillsteaks that Birds Eye and Ross make but these are the cheapest of the cheap and taste rank. They are made out of chopped and mushed up lamb that has been mixed with breadcrumbs and other stuff to give it a soft and squishy texture. I cooked mine for longer than it said on the packet because it still seemed a bit wet inside and I like things like this to be quite dry and a bit crispy on the outside.

      I don't think these taste much like lamb at all, there's a bit of a lamb flavour but Morrisons have gone well overboard with the mint and spoiled the flavour. They've got a proper sweet flavour and I just don't like it at all, I know a lot of lamb is sweet especially when it's been minted but this sweetness is weird and doesn't go with the texture at all.

      The riblets have got a very chewy texture and I think the meat is very hard to swallow because of the chewiness. The last mouth full I had was so hard to swallow that I felt like I was chewing it for half an hour first, I know it was probably only a few seconds but when something makes you want to gag as you swallow then it can't be all that good.

      They're majorly greasy too, the riblet left shedloads of grease on the baking tray and when I cut into it even more runny fat came out onto my plate. I wouldn't say they taste particularly greasy but it would be hard to tell under the mint anyway, they've deffo got a bit of a greasy texture though and that was one of the things that put me off.... that and the fatty gristly texture of them!

      Not recommended..... horrible!!!


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        23.04.2009 19:47
        Very helpful



        Apart from the good lamb flavour, these are utterly revoting!

        COST: £1.99 (about 4 months ago) for 300g, which is four riblets

        NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION (per riblet):-

        Calories: 222
        Kj: 743
        Protein: 11.2g
        Carbohydrates: 4.3g
        - of which sugars: 1.6g
        Fat: 15g
        - of which saturates: 7.2g
        Fibre: 0.2g
        Sodium: 0.3g
        Salt equivalent: 0.8g


        Lamb and mutton (84%), water, bread rusk, sugar, salt, herbs, spice, natural flavourings, onion powder, yeast extract, sodium metabisulphite, garlic powder, ascorbic acid


        Contains gluten and sulphite


        (NOTE: The price of this product may have changed since I bought it)

        Morrisons Minted Lamb Riblets are to be found in the frozen food section. The pack is mostly green with white lettering, and there's an image (with basic nutritional values underneath) of a lamb riblet in a burger bun with a bit of lettuce on the front. The back contains nutritional/allergy information, ingredients, Morrisons' quality claim and contact details, storage and cooking instructions, and advice that the packaging is partially recyclable. The recyclable bit is the outer, cardboard box, and I'd imagine the inner plastic part not to be.

        Forgetting I had these nestling at the back of the freezer, I came across them this afternoon whilst on the forage for something vaguely edible for my evening meal. I noted that they were still well within their "use before" date, and decided to opt for the grilling method of cooking - my chosen accompaniment for the riblets was mashed potato, peas and carrots.

        On opening the cardboard pack, the riblets were wedged inside of a clear, thick plastic bag. The bag needs to be cut with scissors, as the plastic is rather tough. The riblets were welded together and needed separating with a knife.

        Much smaller than I expect them to be (approximately 2" x 3" and around 2cms thick), I felt that two wouldn't be enough for me, so decided to cook all four. I placed them on the grill pan, and proceeded to cook over a fairly high heat setting - turning several times during the cooking process.

        After a couple of minutes, the kitchen was infused with a strong smell of what wasn't quite like roast lamb, but getting there - no minty smell though. I did notice that during cooking, though there was a little, the seepage of fat was quite low, and at the time I saw this as a good sign. The shape of the ribs (the tops have raised bits on to give the effect of being ribbed) made it so that I had to cook that side a little longer than recommended, as the heat didn't seem to quickly penetrate through the gaps between the raised bits.

        Once ready to eat, the riblets had browned nicely, retained their original shape well, and didn't shrink significantly during the cooking process. The smell they gave off was rich and meaty, but still no sign or hint of mint.

        On cutting inside the first riblet, I noticed that the meat was minced and shaped, but I expected it to be anyway. My knife slid easily through the tender meat, and I took the first mouthful. On chewing, the whole experience felt very greasy - cloyingly so - and I guess that the riblets had retained a lot of fat, whereas I'd hoped that the lack of fat seepage into the grill pan meant that the fat content was low......not so! The lamb flavour was very good and almost as authentic as roast lamb (though of course a different consistency), but I couldn't taste anything even vaguely approaching mint. There were no little gobbets of fat inside though, and none of those little hard bits of bone which can be present in some types of burger, and other products of this nature.

        I did manage to finish the meal, but aside from the lamb flavour of the riblets being good, I wasn't impressed. They were far, far too greasy for my liking, and the absence of any kind of minty flavour was very apparent. After I'd eaten everything on my plate, I needed a long drink of orange juice to try and neutralise the horribly greasy feel in my mouth.

        As I sit here typing this, approximately 45 minutes after eating the lamb riblets, my stomach feels heavy and uncomfortable. It's as if the riblets have sunk to the bottom and are wedged there.....my digestive system is having to work overtime to process all the fat. It wasn't a big meal either, as the riblets are quite small - I'd say two would be a child's portion - and I only had a very small portion of mashed potato and vegetables.

        My final verdict is that Morrisons Minted Lamb Riblets are somewhat of a washout in the whole scheme of culinary achievment. Though they are reasonably priced and a good source of protein, the fat content is very high, and it's not the sort of fat that drips out of the product and can be tipped away during the cooking process. There is no minty flavour at all, and I notice that in the ingredients list, mint is not mentioned (unless it's supposed to be what they call "natural flavouring"). Morrisons.....why do you call these "minted"?

        I shan't be buying these again, as though they tasted OK, I am still bloated, uncomfortable and anticipating a bout of indigestion as the evening wears on.

        Thumbs down to Morrisons for this horribly greasy product, which I shall rate with two stars to award the good lamb flavour....nothing else.

        Thanks for reading everyone!


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