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Morrissons Whole Lump Crabmeat In Brine

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Brand: Morrissons / Type: Fish

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    1 Review
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      06.07.2009 14:39
      Very helpful



      There are far better brands available

      PRICE: £2.09 for 170g (drained weight is 120g)

      NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION (per 100g, drained):

      Calories: 77
      Kj: 326
      Protein: 18.1g
      Carbohydrates (including of which sugars): Trace
      Fat: 0.5g
      (of which saturates): 0.1g
      Fibre: Trace
      Sodium: 0.6g
      Salt equivalent: 1.5g


      Crabmeat, water, salt, sugar, sodium hexametaphosphate, sodium acid pyrophosphate, citric acid, sodium metabisulphite


      Contains shellfish and sulphite


      Morrisons Whole Lump Crabmeat In Brine comes in a blue and salmon pink coloured tin, which shows an image on the front of a serving of the crabmeat, mixed with seasoning and various vegetables. Also shown on the can are storage instructions, together with Morrisons' contact details.

      Not everybody likes crab, but under certain circumstances, I love it. I remember the very first time I ate it (aged about 9) that I screwed my face up in horror, but after a couple of mouthfuls, decided I liked it - then about half an hour later, duly threw up all over everywhere, but I guess it was because I'd also drunk large quantities of ginger beer. Nobody in those days seemed to question that it could have been a seafood allergy - but, luckily it wasn't, being nothing more than sheer over-indulgence.

      On the rare occasions I buy tinned crabmeat as a treat, or when I remember it's something I like (it's something I only think of once in a blue moon), I always shop and choose carefully, as I only like the white meat, and can't stand the stuff in tins which is ready-dressed.

      I'd already recently eaten a tin of crabmeat from Sainsbury's (which I shall review in due course) and thoroughly enjoyed it. Fancying some more, yet visiting Morrisons this time, I thought I'd see what their own brand was like.

      One evening whilst I was doing my pre-bedtime, post-working day wind-down, I found myself feeling rather peckish, and remembered I had the tin of Morrisons crabmeat in the cupboard. I spread a little Flora on a couple of slices of bread in preparation for a crab sandwich, and opened the tin.

      Underneath the lid of the tin is a rather soggy greaseproof paper circular protective cover, which has to be removed to get to the crab - but, before removing that piece of paper, I always press the tin lid down onto the contents firmly, draining off as much of the brine as I can, then swilling away down the sink. Once satisfied that I couldn't offload any more of the salty water, I lifted the greaseproof paper cover, and examined the contents of the tin.

      The crabmeat was mashed, in tiny little shreds, very white, with little pink dots here and there - which is usually very typical of how canned undressed crabmeat looks. When eating anything of this nature, I never mix in any other flavourings (such as mayonnaise, vinegar etc.), as firstly I hate mayonnaise and all salad dressings, and secondly, I like to taste the product in its unadulterated state. A very strong crabmeat smell emanated from the can, which indicated to me that (in line with Morrisons' product description), it was the real thing and not a crab essence flavoured mish-mash of various types of white fish.

      I tipped the contents of the tin into a bowl, and noticed that on the bottom, there was another circle of greaseproof paper, no doubt put there to help prevent the flavour of the tin permeating into the crab meat. This paper was a little difficult to remove from the crab, and I had to scrape it quite a few times to get all of the flesh into the bowl. Task completed, I then gave it a quick turnover with a fork, hunting for little bits of crab shell, but I found none.

      I spread the crab quite thickly across one slice of bread, pressed down lightly with the fork to help prevent it falling out, then completed the making of my sandwich.

      Taking a bite and chewing, I found that though the product (despite being preserved in brine) wasn't salty at all, the overall flavour was lackluster and bland. The tiny shreds of crab were tender and easy to chew, but due to the lack of flavour, I felt as though I could have been eating something which was merely a tasteless imitation. It wasn't horrible....just totally bland.

      I did finish the sandwich though, which took up the whole tin (as I like my fillings to be substantial), but have resolved in future to hunt around for a more tasty brand of crabmeat, the next time it occurs to me to fancy it.

      Aside from the lack of flavour, there's nothing actually wrong with this product, but I feel it's not worth £2.09 to eat something which doesn't taste of anything much. I may just as well have not bothered putting anything in the sandwich and just had plain bread and butter, for all that I noticed the crab - aside from the consistency, and I shan't be buying this particular brand of crabmeat again, despite it being high in protein, and low in calories and fat.

      A definite "no-no" from Morrisons, and thanks for reading everyone!


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