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Perfect Catch Seafood Sticks Snack Pack

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Brand: Perfect Catch / Type: Fish

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    1 Review
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      29.07.2009 19:40
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      I think I should be born in Japan or at least I should move there as soon as possible; I just love eating fish, be it steamed, grilled or raw. Sushi and sashimi is my big passion and you can find me several times a week buying little sushi kits for lunch.

      Unfortunately readymade sushi is incredibly expensive and flights to Japan even more. So the only alternative for me is preparing my own sushi, which might sound hard but is incredibly easy and can be lots of fun. What you need is glutinous rice, nori algae, fish of your liking and lots of fantasy.

      My favourite sushi is with seafood-sticks on top and wrapped in dried nori algae. The Tesco Perfect Catch pack contains 9 seafood sticks which should be enough for 18 pieces of sushi but I can never resist and eat half of them while preparing the sushi.

      The seafood sticks come in a 150g pack; the sticks are individually wrapped and packed in closed packs of three. They are made from surimi which is a mix of white fish and sugar. I'm not so happy that they don't tell you exactly (or at least roughly) which types of fish were used. Apart from the surimi the sticks also contain wheat starch, egg, oil, soya protein and rice wine.

      The seafood sticks look very nice with the perfectly white fish and the brightly pink colouring on top. They do look and feel a bit rubbery but are very soft and pleasant to eat. The taste is a bit difficult to describe, not very fishy and more like cooked crab meat, definitely not a strong flavour. It's the same with the smell, it's not *fishy* at all.
      Surimi is actually a cheap substitute of crab meat which explains the colouring of the seafood sticks. Don't expect it to taste of real fish, it's a lot softer taste and even fish-haters normally like the seafood sticks.

      You can eat the sticks straight from the pack, no cooking or heating is required. I love these as a little snack or in seafood dishes such as curries or as a topping on pizza.

      For such a tasty snack they are very healthy, 50g (that's 3 sticks) contain only 65 calories, 2.3g sugar and 1.4g fat. They do, however, have quite high salt levels with 0.9g which is 15% of your GDA.

      The Perfect Catch pack will cost you 1pound at Tesco's and it's well worth the price for such a healthy snack and a great topping for sushi. However, I have to say that there's not much difference between these crabsticks and the Value ones for 69p.


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