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Princes Yellow Fin Tuna Steaks In Olive Oil

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Brand: Princes / Type: Fish

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    1 Review
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      08.06.2009 10:27
      Very helpful



      Give it a go!

      ---Intro and Tuna---

      In the past if I was going to make a salad and include tuna in it, generally I'd be making a salad for hubby too. Therefore I'd open a normal sized tin of tuna, a tin of sweetcorn, and mix them together with some mayonnaise - also excellent as a sandwich filler.

      However, sometimes I need a salad just for myself (hubby seems to get a lot of free lunches at work whereas I don't unfortunately), and that's where these little 80g tins of tuna come in handy!

      There's a wide range of different types of tuna coming in small tins - some are pre flavoured with interesting flavours (perhaps expect more reviews), some are mushed together into some sort of vile cat food-like substance (I seem to recall those being the Weightwatchers ones) - some good, some bad.

      But some are just plain old tuna. Of course that in itself involves choice - Princes do tuna in Sunflower Oil, Brine, Springwater and Olive Oil. I like all although don't think I've tried Springwater (doesn't sound too appetizing) but today I will specifically be reviewing the Princes Yellowfin Tuna Steak in Olive Oil.


      These tins aren't the cheapest, currently available in packs of 3 for £1.88 or 2 for £1.29 in Tesco. Since I bought a three pack this works out at 62.6p - cheaper than a lot of tinned fish, but it certainly is only a portion for one. I should perhaps note that olive oil tuna seems to be the most expensive of the three.

      ---The Tin---

      The three tins come with card packagaing around them. The individual tins are ring pulls (some small tins seem to have a foil-like lid). The tin is mainly yellow in colour, and has a painting of olives on it.

      ---What's in it---

      The ingredients are simple - Yellowfin tuna, olive oil and salt.

      The net weight is 80g, drained weight is 56g.

      In terms of nutrition, the values given are for 100g drained product (not sure why they don't just give values for a tin) - 207 calories, 24.5g Protein, 12.1g fat (4g saturates), 0.4g sodium.

      Sounds pretty non-offensive - since I won't be completely training the tuna I can expect a few more calories. But tuna and olive oil are both good for us in moderation!

      ---The eating experience---

      The tin opens with no splashback, and I'm greeted with a fairly tightly packed tin of tuna. I won't be draining my tin, I'll see how it goes since I have no other dressing on my accompanying salad at the moment.

      The tuna is lovely and moist, and a nice pink colour. First taste and it's got a lovely flavour - I almost don't want to bother eating my salad. But I persevere, and find it goes so well with my yellow peppers, and even with the spring onion which I really wasn't sure about putting in (I know I'll taste it all afternoon now!)

      I can taste the salt, but for me it's perfect, not too salty at all.

      Next taste test and I add a squeeze of lemon to the tin. That is lovely, the bitterness lemon really compliments the sweetness of the tuna - Yum! I could actually continue eating a lot more of this, so it's probably just as well to just have a small tin!

      ---Concluding Remarks--

      I really enjoyed my tin of Princes Yellowfin tuna in olive oil. The flavour is perfect, and if you love tuna you are bound to love this! It might be a little bit more expensive than some tunas, but it's worth it for the taste, and the 80g tin is certainly very convenient for my salad for lunch at work! However, I'll stick with cheaper brands and brine for when I'm cooking with tuna (like in a tuna pasta bake)!


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