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Brand: Quorn / Bangers seasoned with cracked black pepper, thyme and parsley.

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    10 Reviews
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      23.01.2011 19:15
      Very helpful



      Another great Quorn product :o)

      I have always been a fan of the Quorn range even before I committed to a vegetarian diet. It's healthier than meat, easy to prepare. The only problem being that it is more expensive to buy than most meats. Which for me I find quorn to be more flavourful and it keeps me fuller for longer, being that it is low in fat and high in protein.

      Quorn Sausages:

      I guess some people will be thinking if you're a vegetarian why would you want to eat something that resembles a meat product? Well for me there is a simple answer to that, it tastes great! And the fact you're getting something that taste nice without any meat/animal fats in is a bonus.

      My Findings:

      Over the years Quorn have updated these sausages a couple of times and now I think they have got them just right! I just hope they don't change the recipe in anyway again now. They are trouble-free to cook via hob, grill or oven or even in your chosen recipe.

      Quorn have for me got the right texture and consistency as when they are cooked the texture is firm but soft to chew making this a perfect sausage. The smell when cooking is very aroma full within the kitchen, as you can smell all the herbs and spices within the mix; they are even great for that cheeky sausage and egg sandwich on a morning.

      The taste is just wonderful either on there own or within a recipe, in a casserole they seem to take on the flavour from the meal but at the same time it doesn't lose that sausage taste and texture. Eating them on there own you can taste the certain herbs which really add great flavour, making them not bland in anyway at all.

      I do love the flavour of these sausages and other sausages within the quorn range I must admit, I have served these to my partner and I don't have any complaints being that he is the meat eater in my household. You can make them as fancy as you like or as basic as you like and still get great results either way. Great tasting comfort food at its best!

      They look just like meat sausages and cook in more or less the same way and if you are a meat eater who is trying to watch the fat/calories this would be a great alternative. These come in a plastic container with a cardboard sleeve, in the normal Quorn green and orange packaging.

      How to cook:

      To fry your sausages add one tablespoon of oil in a frying pan over medium heat for eight minutes turning frequently. If you are cooking from frozen you will need to add and extra four minutes.

      To grill your sausages put your grill at medium setting, brush the sausage with a little oil and cook for around eight minutes again turning frequently. Cooking from frozen will need to add another four minutes to the cooking time.

      Nutritional Information:
      (Per Sausage)

      Calories - 57
      Protein - 6.7g
      Carbohydrate - 2.5g
      Sugars - 0.4g
      Fat - 2.0g
      Saturates - 0.6g
      Fibre - 1.3g
      Sodium - 0.2g

      A note from the Quorn web site - Did You Know? Swap 2 pork sausages for delicious Quorn Sausages and save yourself 236 calories. That's the equivalent of a 35 minute jog.

      Allergy Advice:

      Contains - Egg, milk, wheat and gluten

      Price and Availability:

      Right now these are on special offer at Asda for only £1.00 per a box of six sausages; they are in the refrigerated section however they are suitable for home freezing.

      They can be purchased from most supermarkets but so far I have found Asda to be cheaper and have a good stock every time I go.

      Normally price is around £1.98 which for six sausages I think is still good value for money.


      I love these Quorn sausages; they taste great, healthier and easy to cook. What is also nice about these sausages is that they are versatile within preparing a meal. I have done sausage casserole, toad in the hole, plan and simple sausage and mash but also tried different mash to go with the sausages.
      Here is a nice recipe - www.quorn.co.uk/recipes/Quorn_Sausage__Colcannon_Mash.aspx

      As I think it's always nice to try new things with foods, this stops the meal from coming repetitive and boring.

      Five out of five stars from me.

      Thanks for reading :o)

      Additional Information:

      These used to be Quorn bangers if you can remember them by that name; they have been up-dated for a long time now to sausages. They now have different packaging and a different quorn logo too.




      Mycoprotein (32%), rehydrated free range egg white, textured wheat protein (wheat protein, wheat starch, stabiliser: sodium alginate), water, vegetable oil & fat, seasoning (yeast extract, salt, sugar, onion, potassium chloride, herbs (sage, pepper, nutmeg, marjoram, rosemary, bay), barley malt extract, herb & spice extracts, vegetable oil), milk, protein, tapioca, pea fibre.

      Marlow Foods Ltd
      Freepost M1927
      Station Road
      TS9 7BR.


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        27.12.2010 16:06
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        My favourite food/Quorn product!

        To say that I am a massive fan of these sausages would be a bit of an understatement - I love them! They are very versatile, "meaty" and have even been known to fool my meat loving boyfriend into not being able to taste the difference between them and a pork sausage! Quorn products are made from Mycoprotein which is a member of the fungi family making them a brilliant low-fat alternative to pork sausages too - something that some dieters may not be aware of.


        Quorn bangers are available from Waitrose and Tesco in the frozen section although smaller branches of Tesco don't always have them which can be annoying. Whilst I'm at university, my nearest supermarket is Sainsburys and I have never seen them in there (It is a very large store but different places stock different products I guess...) so I have to make a special trip for them but they are so lovely I really don't mind! You can get other varieties and flavours of sausage in the Quorn range too but I'll talk more about them later. There are 6 bangers in a pack and they usually cost about £2 from Waitrose (Where I usually get mine from). In comparison to some sausages, vegetarian and pork, these are not the cheapest product on the market but in my opinion, are of the highest quality and I have never been disappointed with them in 12 years of not eating meat. They are however, frequently on offer in Waitrose and I tend to try to take advantage of this wherever possible and stock up!


        Quorn bangers come in a green box with the distinctive orange Quorn logo on the front as well as a picture of the product itself. My only gripe with this is that I find that there is a lot of extra box where there are no sausages! I therefore think that Quorn should maybe consider scaling the box down a little bit to more of a compact size. It is fully recyclable however and I would rather have excess cardboard as opposed to excess plastic which isn't widely recyclable in all places. Overall, Quorn bangers are well packaged and tempt the consumer from the box.


        Quorn bangers are slightly smaller and less plump than the more premium varieties of pork sausages but still look tempting and sizeable, especially in comparison to some supermarket branded pork varieties! They are around 4 inches in length which I find to be a more than suitable size. Once cooked, they are a dark, earthy, meaty brown colour which look delicious. There is some evidence of what I assume is the mycoprotein through the sausage skin but this does not put me off! Quorn bangers have an authentic, slightly meaty smell but it is not nearly as strong when put into comparison with any pork counterparts which I personally find a little overwhelming.


        There is obviously no meat in the Quorn banger and the primary ingredient is mycoprotein which as I mentioned previously is a member of the fungi family. However, I feel that it is important to note that these sausages do not have a mushroom like taste to them as I know many people who enjoy these sausages but can't stand mushrooms! They have also apparently been seasoned with cracked black pepper, thyme and parsley. The actual ingredients list is as follows:

        Mycoprotein (35%), Water, Rehydrated Free Range Egg White, Onion, Rapeseed Oil, Flavourings (With Colours (Iron Oxides)), Milk Proteins, Textured Wheat Protein (Wheat Protein, Wheat Starch), Sage & Onion Stuffing (Breadcrumb, Rusk, Dehydrated Onion, Salt, Herbs, Onion Powder, Chives, Wheat Flour, Pepper and Sage Extracts), Tapioca Starch, Gelling Agent (Pectin), Spice Blend (Black Pepper, Thyme, Parsley), Roasted Barley Malt Extract.

        As apparent through this list, Quorn bangers would not be suitable for those who are intolerant to gluten or eggs which is shame.

        The nutritional content also makes for quite pleasing reading all-round too with a mere 58kcal and 2.4 grams of fat (0.3g saturated) per banger! You can definitely afford to have more than one of these delicious sausages even if you are dieting!


        As you sink your knife through a Quorn banger, you cannot fail but to be impressed with its genuine meaty appearance; it looks hearty and very appetising and I know many meat eaters who have been fooled into thinking that these were pork sausages at first. Your taste buds will be greeted by an authentic, herby, hearty taste and a soft, spongy texture. Those who are meat eaters will have difficulty in distinguishing these and pork sausages apart I've been told! There is obviously no gristle and minimal fat and grease (This is also evident when cooking them as there is next to no noise or fat running off of them), making them the perfect choice for dieters or possibly parents introducing young children to new textures but are concious about avoiding excess fat and nasties in their diets. Quorn bangers are very versatile and can be cooked in a variety of different ways due to not having a very specific flavour or having additional products such as leeks or apples added. They taste just as good cold as they do hot and don't develop that horrible slimy coating when refrigerated that some pork sausages do.


        There are 6 other varieties of Quorn sausage available (To my knowledge) and these are;
        - Quorn sausages.
        - Frankfurters.
        - Cumberland sausages.
        - Red Leicester and onion sausages.
        - Brambley apple bangers.
        - Sizzling banger.

        Quorn bangers can be cooked in around 10 minutes on the grill as I do with mine or can be fried.


        A delicious, nutritious banger for all - veggie or non veggie, to enjoy!


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          16.11.2009 17:39
          Very helpful



          Nice to see some variety!

          Over 15 years ago now, when I was a pre teen I gave up meat and have been a vegetarian since. In this time I have scoured high and low for decent vegetarian products. I have tried all the Tesco, Sainsbury and Asda own brands, and many different Linda McCartney and Quorn products, more so than I can even remember. I have tried these Quorn bangers several times now.

          Quorn bangers are a chunkier, more flavoured version of the normal, standard sausages Quorn sell. They come in a cardboard box, with no other packaging. This is enough to keep them fresh in the freezer, and also means 100% of the packaging can be recycled.

          Inside the box are 6 long cylindrical shapes, just like meat sausages. They are light brown in appearance and when cooked retain that pale colour. Most people, when cooking them for the first time, expects them to go a darker colour, but they don't!

          The sauages can be cooked in the oven, under the grill, BBQ'd or fried. Frying is obviously the least healthy option and I cannot comment on the taste of fried bangers as I have never tried it. From personal experience I always find they actually take longer to cook than it states on the instructions.

          The sausages taste good, they are thick and each one is quite substantial. They do not emit a strong smell when cooking like the meat ones do. The sausages do not have a strong taste, but they are quite peppery, as they have this added, whereas the normal sausages do not have as much added. I do not like the extra peppery flavour, so I stick to the normal Quorn sausages rather than the bangers. Other than the peppery bit these sausages are nice!


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          14.07.2009 15:37
          Very helpful




          I'm not a vegetarian but lately I've been trying various Quorn products! Quorn is a brand of non meat foods such as mince and chicken. One of the products I've recently tried is the Quorn style quorn bangers.

          Quorn products are available in all supermarkets such as Asda, Tesco and Sainsbury's. depending on what product it is you are buying, they can be found in the freezers, or in the refrigerators. They are easy to spot though and stand out nicely on the shelf.

          Quorn do various types of sausages including Cumberland sausages however the first ones I tried in the range were the typical bangers. They are found in the frozen section, I.e the freezers and are very easy too spot!

          They come sold in a 300g box. It isn't a massive box so I was a bit annoyed at the price we were getting charged. We were going to have to pay £1.99 for the little box. I thought this was pretty shocking! Often there are offers on with the quorn products but there are currently none on with the sausages!

          The box Is really quite attractive and jumps out at you on the shelf. The picture on the front Is extremely appealing and makes the product seem all the more tempting! The box is made of cardboard and on the front is the big QUORN logo! The back of the box obviously gives all nutritional information and ingredients as most products do. The thing I noticed about the front of the packet was the huge picture of the actual product itself. It really did look actually gorgeous! The sausages were piled high on top of creamy white mash and this was drizzled in bright green peas and a delicious looking brown gravy! This was so tempting and made me want too dig in!!

          Opening the box you come across the sausages. There were 6 in the packet which I didn't find a very nice amount. It didn't seem much for the price and worked out at a whopping 34p per sausage! They don't look very appealing at the moment and look pretty pale in colour!

          Just like the packet suggested I had these sausages with mashed potato, gravy and peas! To cook the sausages we fried them. This took around 15 minutes and by this time they had gone lovely and crispy on the top. The sausages can also be barbequed and we did them like this one time. However they didn't turn out as nice.

          Taste wise the bangers were actually quite tasty. They did resemble regular meat bangers to an extent but in my opinion they also resembled the taste of bean burgers. The texture was great and just like normal sausages only a little softer and easier to chew. With the gravy they were excellent and the mashed potato added a delicious texture to the meal too!

          A typical sausage contains 58 calories and 2.4g of fat! Personally I find this pretty good! I had three sausages with my meal which meant to sausages only contributed to 174 calories of it.

          These can also be eaten in a casserole, or on a roll for breakfast!


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          12.06.2009 11:27
          Very helpful



          Reasonably tasty veggie sausage

          I stopped eating meat about 20 years ago and during this time I have tried practically every veggie product on offer. I tried the Quorn sausages a few years ago and wasn't all that impressed, they just didn't do it for me tastewise as I thought they were quite bland and I had found the texture a little strange.

          A couple of weeks ago we were in a camping holiday in Dorset and experienced an unexpected blast of amazing sunny and hot weather.....perfect! Anyway, camping and BBQ's go hand in hand so I was faced with finding some good veggie grub to go on the BBQ. I popped into a small shop and the only option for me were the Quorn bangers, so I decided to give them another try.

          I simply popped them on the disposable BBQ and within no time at all, they turned a lovely golden brown, although there was the odd patch of black, as with all good BBQ food. We were going back to basics with our camping trip, so I simply had the bangers with a crusty roll and a bit of salad.

          I eagerly wolfed them down and they certainly did fill the hole but tastewise they just fell short for me. Don't get me wrong, they were very nearly there and the flavour is seasoned and quite tasty but they just weren't as succulent or moist as I would have liked. The texture is also quite dense and I think that this makes them feel rather bland in my mouth. I feel like these bangers really need something else, either lashings of ketchup or maybe some mayo, I simply wouldn't enjoy them on their own.

          Since our holiday, I have used these bangers in a spicy sausage casserole, and I have to say that they worked much better for me this way. They really soaked up all the sauce and flavours really well, and I would definately use them again to make this dish.

          The Quorn bangers can be found in all the larger supermarkets, and normally cost about £1.89 for 6, however they are often on special offer and are currently at Tesco's for £1 a pack.


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            07.06.2009 18:41
            Very helpful



            One of my more successful food adventures!

            Since joining dooyoo recently, I have been into the 'let's try new foods' idea every time my partner and I go shopping.
            I think he despairs somewhat at this, especially when I picked up a pack of Quorn sausages (neither of us is veggie).

            Either way I thought I'd give them a try because;
            1. Tesco are currently offering packs of Quorn sausages (6 per pack) for £1 (as opposed to the usual £1.89).
            2. Quorn have recently been trying to re-market themselves & have pointed out how low in calories and fat their product is.

            Being on an eternal diet, I practically crawled into the freezers in a fit of excitement when I saw the nutritional content...

            Each sausage contains:
            58 calories
            0.4g sugar
            2.4g fat
            0.3g saturated fat
            0.5g salt

            Now, I am a meat eater, not a big one, but I do like my chicken, bacon, etc. I like regular sausages, but hate how much fat and rubbish is in them. Yet at the same time I always do a little sad face when the O.H is cooking them and I have to decline on *yawn* "diet" grounds.

            * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

            So, onto the more important issues; what are the sausages actually like?

            The sausages are meant to be kept frozen (which is great as I'm planning to stock up). You get 6 in a box (not 5 as the dooyoo picture shows), and I think they look pretty much the same as your bog-standard sausage. They're nice and thick, & a similar colour to an uncooked meat sausage.
            No cocktail weenies here!

            The pack informs you of the various ways to cook these, but recommends shallow frying as the preferred method. I however decided to grill them, (as I think submersing them in oil is counterproductive to my low-fat dinner intention).

            So I pop 2 sausages on my George, and wait for something to happen. As I have only ever cooked meat-filled sausages in the past, this is the part that threw me slightly...

            The sausages make no noise when cooking (as there is so little grease/fat in them I suppose). This meant that I did have to relent and follow the pack instructions to put a tiny bit of oil on the sausages; (I literally brushed the tiniest amount on and found that this was plenty).

            They also do not change colour, which (for a Quorn virgin like me) makes it harder to distinguish when they're cooked.
            The pack makes it clear that its best not to overcook the sausages, so my executive decision on the matter was to split each down the length of the sausage; then after a bit of prodding and finger burning, I decided that if they were hot throughout, they must be sufficiently cooked.

            [I have cooked these a few times now and find they take very little time at all to cook - around 5-8 mins depending on the method used].

            * * * *

            Obviously for a non-veggie, I'm likely to be more picky about how they taste compared to meat sausages.
            I have to confess that on first taste, I was pleasantly surprised!

            O.k, they're never going to taste quite the same as a meat product; but i found the texture was very good (spongy, without being too soft, and the bonus of being gristle free!).
            I actually think Quorn have done a great job of replicating the taste and texture of sausages (the inclusion of pepper, thyme & parsley in the bangers helps this).

            The closest thing that I can compare the taste/texture to is when you get the tins of things like 'Beans & Sausages' or 'All Day Breakfast', and the shaped meat that you get in there.
            The plus side however, being that you know that although Quorn is a kind of Fungi, (sounds ick, but just try to imagine inoffensive mushrooms instead), it isn't reconstituted and scraped from offal like most cheaper meat products are.

            * * * *

            I'm sure that hardcore meat eaters are unlikely to be swayed by these, but for those counting calories, or just not keen on 'cheap' meat, these are a (surprisingly!) great alternative.

            Now I can have a sausage sandwich, bung on some BBQ sauce, and I would hardly know the difference; plus at £1 a pack I'm stocking up!
            Good times!


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              22.05.2009 16:13
              Very helpful



              A very useful meat substitute

              Quorn has been making substitutes for meat products for a while now, they have extended their original product of quorn sausages to include a variety of different meat substitutes, including burgers and even fake mini scotch eggs. Before Quorn introduced its meat substitutes, vegetarians had to stick with very poor alternatives, but that has changed a lot now.

              Over the years, Quorn has been able to improve the taste of their food so that it gives a very similar taste to meat sausages. Many people who actually try these bangers find that they have a similar taste to real meat ones, giving a great alternative.

              Many people wonder how Quorn products can contain protein. The answer is that they contain 30 percent of a product called mycoprotein. Mycoprotein is a substance made from a fungus called fusarium, it allows quorn sausages to contain as much protein as normal ones. They are also much healthier than regular sausages, as they contain a much smaller percentage of fat and more minerals than regular sausages.

              The biggest bonus in using Quorn products though is that the supplies for them is practically limitless as it is made from bacteria quickly (don't frown at this, many food products are made from bacteria, a good example being cheese and yoghurt). While meat products may run out eventually when the world population increases and meat demand is increased, it will be much more difficult for the same to happen to quorn.

              In summary, these bangers contain as much protein as regular sausages, and are much healthier. They also taste very similar, as Quorn has been working on their products for many years to perfect the taste. And finally it will be much better for the world to use when the population increases, making it a great meat substitute.


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                20.01.2009 13:20
                Very helpful



                a great meal or sandwich filler!

                I have been a vegetarian for many years now, and one of the quorn products that has been on the market since then was the classic quorn banger.

                These only have 58 calories per sausage, which makes them not only suitable for veggies but also those who wish to lead a healthy lifestyle. They are a great substitute for regular sausages and you can use them in exactly the same way. You might think that because they have fewer calories that they wouldn't be so filling, but the truth is that with just two sausages you can find yourself as full as you would be with a meaty alternative.

                I often make a toad in the hole (although there is now a premade toad in the hole available) with these sausages and it comes out perfectly each time. I also put them in sandwiches but I don't always oven cook them. It's perfectly fine to microwave them if you don't have time to cook them otherwise.

                They are also a great thing to bring along to BBQs when you are worried about having yet another vegetable kebab...
                There are available in nearly every supermarket that stocks quorn, and to my knowledge are one of the most popular.


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                23.08.2008 12:31
                Very helpful



                Well worth checking out, if you haven't already :)

                For the majority of my life I was adamant I would never buy food that was vegetarian but an imitation, in effect, of meat. I found it to be a very bizarre concept but in October 2007 I decided to change the way I ate and also, my opinions on food. As of yesterday, I have lost 4st 7lbs and this is partly, with thanks, to the Quorn Bangers.

                At 58 calories each I found these 'fake sausages' (as I initially knew them by) to be very filling and perfect for any meal.
                They go particularly well with rice and vegetables - which when eaten as an evening meal provide you with everything you could need.

                The main ingredient (making up 35% of the banger) is Mycoprotein, and in particular Fusarium Venenatum.
                Mycoprotein is part of the fungi family, along with the likes of truffles and mushrooms etc.

                There are a variety of benefits to eating Mycoprotein, some of which include:
                * It is packed full of high-quality protein so you're still able to gain the benefits you would from eating meat.
                * It is naturally low in fat.
                * It contains no cholesterol what so ever.
                * It also contains fibre, which is essential for a healthy digestive system.

                Another plus point is the low fat levels. Each banger contains less than 5% fat, of which less than 1% is saturated.

                I know eat these bangers at least twice a week in a variety of meals and they never fail to leave you feeling satisfied and full.

                In terms of preparation, there are a few different methods you can use:
                * You can grill the bangers, turning occasionally until nicely browned off.
                * You can fry them- I find the best way to do this is by using a very small amount of low fat/salt butter/alternative or, funnily enough, with a dribble of milk just to stop them from burning.
                * You can also do them in the normal part of you're oven - but I've found it quite hard to determin when cooked using this method.

                As ever, all cooking instructions are available on the packaging.

                They retail for around £1.40 in all large food stores (Asda, Tesco, Sainsburys and Morrisons etc) and can be found along side a large range of other Quorn products.

                Below, I have provided the nutritional break down along with a list of ingredients which I found on the Quorn website (http://www.quorn.co.uk/):

                Note: All information is provided per Banger.

                **Nutritional information (in grams)**

                Energy (kj/kcal) 245/58
                Protein 5.9
                Carbohydrate 3.3
                of which sugars 0.4
                Fat 2.4
                of which saturates 0.3
                Fibre 1.5
                Sodium 0.3

                Mycoprotein (35%), water, rehydrated free range egg white, onion, rapeseed oil, flavourings (with colours: iron oxides), milk proteins, textured wheat protein (wheat protein, wheat starch), sage & onion stuffing (breadcrumb, rusk, dehydrated onion, hydrogenated sunflower, rapeseed & palm oils, salt, herbs, onion powder, chives, wheat flour, pepper and sage extracts), tapioca starch, gelling agent: pectin; spice blend (black pepper, thyme, parsley), roasted barley malt extract.


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                  18.01.2008 15:21
                  Very helpful



                  Great to keep in the house for a quick snack or meal

                  My family don't eat meat, we do eat fish and occasionally chicken, although recent programmes on the television are helping to put us off chicken more and more. I do however think it is very important to make sure we are still receiving a good intake of protein. Quorn offers a good range of different products, which are fairly healthy, offer protein and are quick and easy to cook. One of their products, which I find great as a quick snack or as an ingredient in a meal is the Quorn Banger.

                  Quorn is made with Mycroprotein, which is a member of the fungi family and which is also very low in fat.

                  ==The Packaging==

                  These bangers can be bought either from the chilled counter of from the freezer. The ones from the chilled counter come in a plastic tray with a cardboard sleeve and are sold in a pack of 5 (250g) costing £1.79 from Tesco, whereas, the frozen ones come in a cardboard box and are sold in a pack of 6 (300g) costing £1.59 from Tesco. I prefer to buy the frozen ones as they are cheaper and last longer. Both packets give all nutritional values and cooking instructions on the outside and both have a photograph of tasty looking bangers and mash on the front.

                  ==Cooking Options==

                  These Bangers are very easy to cook. They can be shallow fried, grilled or barbecued. All cooking methods take 12 - 14 minutes and you should always make sure they are piping hot inside before serving. I personally prefer to grill mine but as they are quite dry due to the lack of fat I do find it helps to drizzle a little olive oil over them before cooking.

                  ==Nutritional Information Per Banger==

                  Calories - 58
                  Protein - 5.9g
                  Carbohydrates - 3.3g
                  Of which are sugars - 0.4g
                  Fat - 2.4g
                  Of which is saturated - 0.3g
                  Fibre - 1.5g

                  ==My Serving Suggestions==

                  For breakfast on a Sunday served with an egg and some beans.
                  Cut in half and served on a roll with fried onions.
                  For a meal option we often have them served with some honey and wholegrain mustard mixed together and then drizzled over the top and served with potatoes and veg.
                  If I'm having one of those day where I'm short of time I pre -cook them, cut them into slices, mix together with beans, onions and broccoli and place into a casserole dish and then top with mashed potatoes and grated cheese. This can then be heated in the microwave and put under the grill to crisp the top of the potatoes.
                  They can be sliced and fried together with some rice and veg and a little curry paste to spice it up.
                  Or why not try good old bangers and mash with fried onions and gravy.

                  ==Overall Opinion==

                  A great little fast food item that's handy to keep in the house for a quick fix snack or meal and they're quite nutritious too!


                  © lel1969 January 2008


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