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Quorn Sausage Rolls

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15 Reviews

Brand: Quorn

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    15 Reviews
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      13.03.2013 19:22
      Very helpful



      Satisfying Sausage Rolls

      I have been a vegetarian for over half my life now; since I was 11 years old and it always amazes me how readily available vegetarian food is nowadays compared to 10 years ago. One product that is still fairly new to the market are Quorn Sausage Rolls.

      The Quorn sausage rolls come in the usual style of Quorn products, with the usual orange colour. The sausage rolls come in a box with a picture of the sausage rolls on the front, along with a description of the product.
      On the back of the box is all the usual information such as the nutritional information and cooking instructions.

      I buy this product at Tesco's where a box costs £1.65. The box contains 6 sausage rolls and the box weighs 300g.

      To Cook
      This product comes from the frozen section and you should cook the sausage rolls from frozen. You need to place the sausage rolls on a baking tray, brush the sausage rolls with milk or beaten egg and then pop into the oven on Gas Mark 6 for 20 minutes.

      The Sausage Roll
      When you first get the sausage roll out of the box it looks really pale and is almost white in colour. Each sausage roll measures about 4cm x 9cm.
      Once the sausage rolls have been cooked, the raise slightly from the un-cooked state and are a light golden brown colour. The top of the sausage rolls has grooves across it and these look more prominent once it has been cooked.

      Surprisingly, this product actually smells just like real meat sausage rolls with a nice mixture of the pastry and the Quorn meat inside! They certainly smell very appetising.

      These sausage rolls are delicious and are one of my favourite snack items. The pastry is light and crispy and the Quorn meat inside tastes just like a real meat product. Even my boyfriend (who is a meat eater) really enjoys this product and thinks it tastes like the real thing. The meat inside tastes slightly of herbs which is probably down to the chives and sage which are listed in the ingredients. The meat inside the sausage rolls holds together really well and doesn't crumble as you eat it.

      I would definitely recommend this product. I gave up eating meat because of my love of animals rather then a dislike for the taste of meat, so for me, having a product like this is lovely as it allows me to enjoy eating a sausage roll without feeling the guilt. Some people often assume that vegetarian products are a little expensive but that isn't the case with this product as I think that £1.65 is a reasonable price for 6 sausage rolls. I also like the fact that this product is frozen so you can keep them in the freezer to snack on whenever you like!


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        16.05.2010 16:42
        Very helpful



        Quorn Mini Sausage Rolls are a good sausage roll subsitute for vegetarians.

        Quorn mini sausage rolls come in a clear cellophane packet with the Quorn logo in the top left corner in bright orange to really grab your attention.
        On the right hand side of the packet the GDA percentages are shown, per sausage roll.
        Inside the packet comes 12 delicious sausage rolls held in a clear plastic tray.

        After you've separated these mini delights you can clearly see how light and fluffy the puff pastry is and that the Quorn resembles an actual meat sausage roll.
        The puff pastry is nice and flakey and buttery, but not greasy unlike the sausage rolls you'd get from a bakery.
        The Quorn sausage "meat" is fairly chewy and tastes as though it's slightly seasoned with pepper.
        These sausage rolls can be enjoyed hot or cold as stated on the front of the packet, and are delicious either way. They are also ideal for Snacks, lunchboxes and picnics.
        Naturally low in fat and high in protein so can be considered as healthy.

        The GDA's for this product are;
        Calories: 48 - 2%
        Sugars: 0.5 - <1%
        Fat: 2.2g - 3%
        Saturates: 0.8g - 4%
        Salt: 0.3g - 5%
        GDA's are shown Per Sausage Roll.

        Quorn Mini Sausage rolls usually retail at around £2 from bigger supermarkets.
        For 12 mini sausage rolls this may seem a tad pricey, but as all Quorn products are quite expensive, it's actually not that bad.

        My overall opinion on this product is it's a great little snack for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike, not very fattening, but are slightly too expensive for an everyday food.


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        10.04.2010 21:20
        Very helpful



        Not really for me!

        I'm not a vegetarian but i am the first to admit that as I have been spending a lot of time with my Vegetarian mate of late I have been influenced slightly by her and her eating habits. Staying in her home at the minute means when we prepare food we do it for eachother and it's always easier to prepare the same meal for two people so I've basically really cut down on meat on a huge scale of late and I have to admit I'm not missing it at all!

        The other day whilst in Asda I did a little shopping and picked her up a couple of packets of these to try to which she turned her nose up at them informing me she don't like them which meant I was stuck with them! I wasn't looking forward to them one bit......I mean a sausage roll isn't a sausage roll is it with no sausage in it after-all?!

        The Packaging:

        Clear plastic packet with a card to the bottom of it and behind the rolls. On the front of that card I'm told that they are Quorn '2' Sausage Rolls 'Wrapped in a light puff pastry, 'Quorn sausage rolls are a quick and tasty snack' and that they are a good source of fibre and Vegetarian Society approved and there is an at a glance nutritional chart shown. On the back of the card other information listed includes being told a bit about the product and how to heat them up (if desired), ingredients and allergy advice is given as is a full nutritional chart and contact details for Quorn are given. Nice enough packaging this is and it really is very informative as to what your about to eat.

        The Sausage Rolls:

        Well in my pack I got two of them. They were fattish and not too long with a latticed top to each and had a very slight golden colour as well. Made from mycoprotein which is a type of fungi the sausage filling is a dark and solidish pink with bits of herbs in it which I assume are sage and parsley (that's what they tasted like to me anyway lol). If you wish to heat this up you can do so in about 12 minutes in the oven but if preferred like me you can eat them cold.

        I found these to be simply ok. Cold, the pastry wasn't all that puffy or buttery or anything and was actually a bit limp. When I heated one up in the oven it did 'bake' a little and take on a little more colour and become slightly flaky however I found the pastry to lack flavouring and/or seasoning. The filling though wasn't bad at all and I liked the herbs added to give a sort of sausagy taste and aroma and I did find this seasoned enough.

        Overall I found these a bit flat tasting and I didn't appreciate the pastry at all sadly and felt that it was boring and simply lacked quality but the filling was nice though there could have been a bit more of it! Not bad but not my favourite Quorn product!

        Nutritional Information Per 75g Sausage Roll:

        Calories: 194
        Sugars: 1.9g
        Fat: 9.5g
        Saturates: 3.8g
        Salt: 1.3g

        Available in all good supermarkets etc and for a packet of 2 like mine expect to pay about £1.49.


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          24.03.2010 20:55
          Very helpful
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          Quorn Sausage Rolls - light, flaky pastry with a pork style filling.

          I love Quorn products and use many of them in meals which I cook from scratch. I do however, fancy making a quick and easy meal every so often, or enjoying something light and tasty for lunch, or as a snack. That is where Quorn Sausage Rolls come in really handy and I love to keep a pack in the freezer.

          ~ So what is Quorn? ~

          Quorn is a mycoprotein and is a member of the fungi family, but tastes nothing like mushrooms. It is high in protein and dietary fibre and has the essential amino acids your body needs. It is low in fat, has few calories and has no cholesterol or trans fat.

          Quorn Sausage Rolls taste surprisingly like the real thing and I do wonder how they manage to achieve this sometimes. I did use to buy the 6 pack of frozen ones, but they seem to have disappeared from my supermarket, so I now buy the mini chilled ones.

          The mini sausage rolls come in a clear tray, which is sealed with a clear film of plastic. They are pre-cooked and can be eaten cold or re-heated in the oven. They are also suitable for freezing, which is what I usually do. They come in a pack of 6 but have a line down the middle of them and can be cut into twelve bite size sausage rolls.

          I love mine both hot and cold, but more often than not, I'll have them heated. I enjoy them with mashed potatoes and beans, with a couple of slices of bread at lunchtime or just by themselves, to snack on.

          The pastry on a Quorn Sausage Roll is light, flaky and quite dry, which is great because I don't like a sloppy, wet pastry! The pastry is just the right thickness to hold the filling in neatly, but not so thick, that it becomes too heavy and filling.

          I have eaten meat in the past and I am surprised at just how meaty this filling is. It does say on the packet, that it is a pork style filling and it pulls this off very well. It also has a generous amount of herbs which make it smell and taste absolutely delicious and full of flavour!

          *Nutritional Value Per Sausage Roll When Cut Into 12*

          Energy - 48 kcal
          Protein - 2.8g
          Carbohydrate - 4.3g
          of which sugars - 0.5g
          Fat - 2.2g
          of which saturates - 0.8g
          Fibre - 0.5g
          Sodium - 0.1g
          Salt Equivalent - 0.3g

          This product is suitable for vegetarians and is Vegetarian Society Approved.

          Quorn Sausage Rolls are available from Tesco in a pack of 12 bite size for £1.97

          I really do love Quorn Sausage Rolls. I did prefer the frozen ones as part of a main meal, because they were a reasonable size, but for some reason I just can't find them. The chilled ones are lovely though and it is handy being able to eat them straight from the pack. I do however never cut them into 12, as this is ridiculously small and they would be gone in one bite!

          Quorn Sausage Rolls - a handy snack to keep in the freezer!


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            12.02.2010 16:10
            Very helpful



            Not Just For Vegetarians.

            Ive been trying loads of these Quorn products lately because one of the supermarkets by me has had a big sale on all the products from this range so my moms been buying me loads to try out and these sausage rolls were one of those products. I usually get my sausage rolls from good old Greggs but I was actually intregued to see whether these tasted anything like proper meaty sausage rolls because Ive always been impressed by all the Quorn products Ive tried and I still cant understand how they make mushrooms taste like meat! Anyway the other day I was in a bit of a rush before I went out so I decided to whack a couple of these in the oven for a quick meal for me and my mom. You can eat these rolls cold but having tried them both ways Id say they taste sooo much better when theyve been warmed up but others may totally disagree, in fact my mom prefers hers cold!

            These actually look exactly like a normal sausage roll and they contain fewer calories and fat than an ordinary roll so I was pretty happy already. Each sausage roll contains around 194 calories and 9g of fat which sounded like a lot to me but when you compare those values to that of normal sausage rolls they are actually much better for you. So not only are they great for vegetarians at this stage I was thinking they are great for weight watchers and dieters as well. Im happy to say that opinion did not change at all.

            Now as this contains no meat at all this is never going to taste exactly like a proper sausage roll but it does taste pretty damn close. The textures of the "sausage" and the pastry are exactly like a sausage roll and what surprised me is that the fake sausage actually tasted like real meat and not artificial in the slightest. How Quorn manage to make mushrooms and other vegetables taste exactly like meat is mind boggline I reckon but this one really does. It doesnt taste exactly the same but I think if you just gave this to someone and didnt tell them it was a Quorn product I dont think they would even know.

            The only difference between this and a normal sausage rool is that the "meat" in this is a lot chewier than normal but I didnt find that to be much of a problem really although some people really wont like that difference in texture. Also the pastry for this roll is great, very buttery and flaky exactly like normal and I reckon it works really well with the filling and actually adds to the illusion that this is a proper sausage roll.

            These rolls are actually surprisingly filling, I could only manage to eat one and usually Im a right gutsy pig when it comes to pastry dishes so they are great to take to work or eat on the go (if you want them cold that is)!

            Useful Information:
            Per Packet: 6
            Price: Around £3.50
            May Contain Eggs, Wheat & Gluten
            Suitable For Vegetarians (Obviously)

            I did like these and I will definately be using them as a substitute for my ordinary sausage rolls when my diet starts again soon and I highly recommend these of your watching your weight or want to reduce your fat intake. Now even though these arent the real thing they do taste very close to the original so you dont feel like your missing out taste wise or anything. I highly recommend that people give these a try although they are pretty expensive if you cant get them on sale!
            Not just for veggy's!

            Thanks For Reading

            x0 Salz 0x


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            07.02.2010 00:56
            Very helpful



            You Don't Have To Be A Veggie To Like These Sausage Rolls!

            I popped into my mates today while I was shopping just as she was putting her dinner in, she's playing at being a vegetarian at the minute and asked me if I wanted a Quorn Sausage Roll putting in. I've never tried them before so had one and was quite surprised by how tasty it was.... but it still didn't taste like a proper sausage roll! lol

            We had ours hot but on the packet it said you could have them cold, I don't fancy ANY cold sausage roll so I'm glad my mate put ours in the oven!

            The sausage rolls taste nice but the Quorn is a bit too chewy for me and by the time I'd finished it the chewiness was getting on my nerves bit time. It also goes a bit too smooth as I was chewing it and didn't have a bit of a rough texture like proper meat sausage.

            It tastes like sausage though and not even just a little bit like sausage, it actually tastes like meat. I can't see why vegetarians want their food to taste and look like meat but this is brill news for non veggies who just want to cut the fat of meat out of our diets.

            The pastry is normal puff pastry and has gone nice and light while it's cooking, it puffs up a bit and tastes wicked. It's got a lovely light buttery flavour that goes proper nice with the Quorn sausage and I think the pastry has got a lot to do with it tasting like a real sausage roll.

            Each Quorn sausage roll is 175g and has got 194 calories and 9g fat, that sounds loads but it's hardly anything compared to a meat sausage roll that's the same size! A lot of that comes from the pastry anyway and there's not a lot you can do about that but if you're on a diet you could fit one of these in a lot easier than trying to get a Greggs sausage roll into your daily calories! lol

            Recommended.... if you can get over the chewy sausage!!


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            02.01.2010 12:01
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            Scrummy vegetarian pork-style sausage rolls from Quorn.

            Quorn has become one of the main competitors in the vegetarian food market. Originated in Buckinghamshire, UK, Quorn produce a range of meat-free minces, pieces, sausages, ready meals and snacks and - according to the company - over 500,000 Quorn meals are consumed in the UK every week! One of the company's new 'snack' products are its Quorn Sausage Rolls.

            ~*~*What is Quorn?*~*~

            For the uninitiated, Quorn is made from a vegetable or rather fungus-based protein called mycoprotein. This protein is low in fat (less than 3%), particularly unhealthy saturated fat (so is ideal for anyone looking for a lower fat alternative for meat products or on a diet such as myself), has nil cholesterol content and is high in fibre.

            As all Quorn products do contain small amounts of egg white and milk-based ingredients, these are not suitable for vegans. In addition, the products are not confirmed as being kosher and (although some products are approved by the Halal Food Authority), the sausage rolls are not designated as such.

            ~*~* The Product *~*~

            Quorn Sausage Rolls can be found in the chilled/vegetarian section of many supermarkets (including Sainsbury's, Tesco, Asda, Morrisons and Waitrose). The product is described as being a sausage roll made of mycoprotein and onion with a pork style flavour, wrapped in puff pastry.

            The sausage rolls can be bought in two pack sizes - in the first, two 'standard' size sausage rolls can be bought in a 150g plastic film packet (£1.49) and in the second - ready for party season - a pack of 24 mini rolls in a similar 210g film packet (£1.99).

            Both packets have the distinctive orange and yellow Quorn brand label and the product can be clearly seen in plastic packaging. I bought the two standard sausage rolls for a quick lunch on the run, so this review will be about these predominantly.

            ~*~* How to Eat and Ingredients/Nutritional Information *~*~

            The sausage rolls are ready to eat straight from the pack. Once the pack is opened e.g. to eat only one roll, the other must be consumed within 24 hours. One useful feature about the sausage rolls is that they can be frozen on the day of purchase and kept for up to 3 months - very useful for a last minute packed lunch!
            The ingredients are as follows:

            Wheat Flour, Mycoprotein (20%), Water, Vegetable Margarine (Vegetable Oils & Fats, Water, Salt, Emulsifier: E471; Citric Acid), Seasoning (Textured Wheat Protein, Milk Proteins, Dried Free Range Egg White, Rusk, Salt, Gelling Agent: Pectin; Dextrose, Onion, Barley Malt Extract, Herbs, Flavourings), Onion, Vegetable Oil, Pastry Glaze (Sodium Caseinate, Acidity Regulator: Trisodium Citrate; Emulsifier: Polyglycerol Esters of Fatty Acids (from Soya), Dextrose, Colour: Carotene), Flour Treatment Agent: L-Cysteine Hydrochloride.

            The sausage rolls are suitable for vegetarians and - for allergy sufferers - contain gluten, wheat, eggs, milk, soy and barley.

            Each sausage roll weighs 75g and contains the following:

            Sausage roll - 75g
            Calories - 194 (10% of an adult woman's guideline daily amount)
            Sugars - 1.9g (2%)
            Fat - 9.5g (14%) - of which saturates - 3.8g (19%)
            Salt - 1.3g (22%)

            For those of us watching our weight, the calorie content and saturated fat may be a little bit of a concern, as I believe these are quite high, however any pastry product (whether meat or meat-free) is likely to only be a treat while you're watching your weight anyway.

            ~*~* The Verdict *~*~

            As mentioned, the sausage rolls look practically identical to what you expect from a meat version (I am not a vegetarian so I am familiar with both!). The pastry has a lovely golden-yellow, 'baked' look with a substantial amount of pastry puffed and wrapped around each sausage. When you bite into the pastry, it is firm and flakey with no sogginess. The sausage inside can be clearly seen, and looks exactly like a standard sausagemeat, meaty but with no sign of green herbs.

            The rolls also smell exactly like a standard pork sausage, with a lovely savoury scent. The taste of the sausage roll is also lovely - satisfying, meaty and filling with a herby taste. There is a good balance between pastry (which is not too heavy and cloying) and Quorn sausage. The sausage roll also tastes delish when dipped in ketchup! As a meat-eater, I could honestly not tell this Quorn sausage roll apart from a bog-standard meat version and - on trying it out on my vegetarian sister - she also enjoyed them and had no complaints.

            Overall, I think the Quorn sausage roll is scrummy. I will definitely be buying it again, although - given the fat/calorie content and the price, this will only be a rare treat. As these contain milk/egg, the sausage rolls are not suitable for vegans, nor are they halal/kosher products.

            The sausage roll is very 'meat-like' (i.e. has been made to be very similar to pork sausage rolls in taste, appearance and texture) which could be fantastically useful for lunches for both vegetarians/non-vegetarians (as you cannot tell them apart from a standard pork roll!) and perhaps also for vegetarians who do not mind meat-substitute products or new vegetarians making the transition to a meat-free diet, as these provide some familiarity.


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              23.10.2009 10:17



              The worst quorn food I have tasted :-(

              I have been a vegetarian for over 15 years now and in that time I have made my way through almost every vegetarian product / meat free alternative that Tescos, Sainsburys or Asda sell. I have worked my way through Linda McCartney and Quorn, picked up my favorites as regular items, and ditched the rest in the process. I have to say Quorn sausage rolls are my least favorite Quorn product.

              Quorn sausage rolls come in a cardboard box which is great as it is recyclable. Inside the box are six sausage rolls. They are a couple of inches long and round. They are covered in frozen pastry, with a meat equivalent centre. The benefit of cooking them from frozen is they taste really fresh, and its much nearer to home baking than usual frozen meals.

              The sausage rolls should be cooked in the oven for the best taste. They take about thirty minutes (but don't take my word for it-check the instructions on the box). They rise so much less than I expected, in fact they hardly rise at all. They look quite disappointing when you take them out of the oven.

              The taste, I am afraid to say matches the appearance. Rather than being fluffy and light they are thick and stodgy, chewy and hard on the edges. The inside taste is nice it is just far too thick and heavy. They are edible, not nice and not great in comparison with the amazing Linda McCartney version. I am normally such a big fan of Quorn, but they just really don't match up this time round, I am afraid to say.


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              28.08.2009 08:43
              Very helpful



              A three star offering from the Quorn range...

              It was whilst I was in my local Asda supermarket recently that I was perusing the fridges of chilled goods to see what offerings were available - I needed to stock up on a few snack items for evening meals and lunchtime snacks, over the coming weeks. I noticed that some of the 'Quorn' products had been reduced slightly, and this caught my eye as I scanned the fridges, looking for inspiration!

              Having been vegetarian in the past, a lifestyle choice of mine that had a span of a decade, I have tried several Quorn products over the years, some of which I still buy regularly and some of which I detest.

              For those of you who are unaware, Quorn is a meat-free soya-based product which offers a tasty alternative to meat and is suitable for a vegetarian diet.

              I did notice on my recent shopping trip though that there seemed to be some new additions to the Quorn range of products - such as scotch eggs, cocktail sausages and these little mini sausage rolls.

              As it had been quite some time since I had given the Quorn sausage rolls a trial - several years in fact - I decided to try out these 'mini' versions of the snack and see how they fared.

              After returning home and putting all the shopping away, I opted to try out two of the sausage rolls soon after... Lol what can I say?... Food shopping always makes me hungry! :-o

              Tearing open the clear packet and removing two of the little mini sausage rolls, I was aware straight away that they did look fairly appetising. I was also surprised at the look of the pastry, which seemed to be of a fairly high quality and had a pleasant colour.

              I did think that the mini sausage rolls looked to be quite flat and rectangular in shape, and the 'sausage meat' filling is certainly evident from looking at them.

              Anyway, I chose to heat the sausage rolls on this occasion, and I was pleased to note from the instructions on the reverse of the (see-through) packaging that this was only going to take ten minutes or so. I think it is worth noting that they can also be eaten straight from the pack though!

              I popped two of the little rolls into the oven and set the timer. After ten minutes or so I checked on them and was happy to note that they were heated all the way through. On this occasion I chose to eat these alongside a small serving of tinned spaghetti, but I think they would be just as nice with some baked beans or something similar.

              Biting into the first of my two little mini sausage rolls, the first thing that struck me was that the pastry was of a fairly high quality as I had expected. I do find that some shop-bought sausage rolls can have quite a dense pastry and I find that this makes the taste of the sausage roll overall to be quite a disappointing experience! Not so with these little Quorn offerings; the pastry was nice and light, and quite flaky really. I did find that the taste and texture of the pastry complimented the sausage filling perfectly.

              The Quorn 'sausage meat' within the pastry was ok, although I personally didn't think it had a particularly spectacular taste. Because I was so hungry, I quite happily polished off the two little sausage rolls on this occasion, but I certainly wasn't left with an overly-satisfied feeling after sampling these. I did find that the Quorn 'sausage meat' filling was a bit on the bland side, and was definitely lacking something in terms of taste or seasoning.

              The ratio of sausage to pastry was almost perfect to my mind. I find there is nothing worse than a measly portion of sausage meat (or in this occasion, Quorn) that is somewhat engulfed by too much bland and uninspiring pastry. No need to worry about this with this product however.

              On the reverse of the packaging there are some cooking instructions and also information given about freezing the sausage rolls which I did find to be quite useful, given I would be hard pushed to eat a packet of 6 mini sausage rolls in one sitting!

              There is some information given about this product having approval from 'The Vegetarian Society' which is usually the case with Quorn products on the whole. There is sufficient allergy advice given with ingredients such as 'Wheat Gluten and Egg' listed, so an informed choice can be made about the suitability of this product for any consumers with allergies.

              The nutritional information on the reverse of the packaging informs me that 100g of these mini sausage rolls will provide 266 calories and 12g of fat.

              The package of six mini sausage rolls costs around the £2 mark, which I did feel was a bit excessive given their dinky little size. I got them reduced to the price of £1.37 which is a bit more reasonable. In my local Asda supermarket, they were running a 'Buy 2 for £3' promotion which may prove to be a bit more competitive if this is the sort of thing you buy on a regular basis.

              More information about Quorn and the products in its range can be found at www.quorn.co.uk.

              Overall, I did enjoy these sausage rolls as a one-off snack. I cannot honestly say that I would go out of my way to purchase them, but I could possibly be tempted again in the future if I saw that they were on offer. I certainly wouldn't RAVE about them or anything. They were ok, and offered a nice change but I wouldn't say they were the bee's knees or anything! I'd probably only award them three stars!


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                24.08.2009 12:24
                Very helpful



                A Nice Sausage Roll That's A Little Dry & Expensive.

                On yet another browse of the reduced aisle at Sainsbury's I came across a 210g packet of mini Quorn sausage rolls for just 50p. These are normally just under £2.00 so I thought I would snap these up as a nice snack and something new to try.

                The sausage rolls are stuck together in twos and they are all quite small (mini as the packet says!). They come packaged in a clear plastic tray with indentations and they whole thing is packaged with a partially see through wrapper so that you can check the quality of the sausage rolls before purchasing.

                There are 48 calories & 2.2g of fat per two stuck together mini sausage rolls and I think this is very reasonable for the size of them. I found that four mini ones were more than enough for me as a lunchtime snack (I actually had these instead of my usual sandwich). These are low in fat because Quorn is a mycoprotein which is naturally low in fat and high in fibre.

                Quorn Sausage Rolls are made with mycoprotein & onion and have a pork style flavour to them and they are quite like sausage rolls. The puff pastry coating is quite light and flaky and can make a right old mess. The sausage style meat was tasty on it's own or with the puff pastry and they were quite similar in texture to sausage rolls. I did find that these were quite dry and by the time I was on the 2nd mini sausage roll I was in desperate need of a drink.

                Overall these aren't bad and if you are a vegetarian or like to cut your meat eating then these would be ideal to take on a picnic. Besides them being dry I don't think you would tell that these weren't sausage rolls and for the price that I paid for them I was very happy.

                Allergy Advice: May contain any of the following barley, eggs, gluten, milk, soya, soybeans, wheat. Suitable for vegetarians (obviously!).

                These can also be eaten hot or old and can be heated up in the oven from chilled or frozen in just 10 minutes (add five minutes for heating from frozen).

                I would rate these 3/5 as they taste quite nice. They are too dry for my liking and the price is dear compared to some normal sausage rolls in similar quantities. I would by them again if they were on offer or reduced as they are also suitable for home freezing providing they are eaten within 3 months.


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                  09.08.2009 11:12
                  Very helpful



                  Quorn - you did good!

                  Just felt inspired to write a review of this product because I believe its a little bit of a find!

                  Quorn have been a longstanding brand producing meat replacement products such as sausages and cottage pie. I have reviewed both and whilst I raved about the cottage pie, I was less than enthusiastic about the sausages - its really hard to find veggie sausages that do a decent meat impression.

                  Quorn have recently launched a mini snacks range, which consist of mini savoury eggs, mini sausage rolls, mini Cornish style pasties and mini fillets.

                  Don't fancy the mini savoury eggs (YUK) but saw the sausage rolls in the chilled aisle of Tescos and thought I would give them a whirl.

                  The first thing that impressed me was the nutritional content. I always check these out before I buy any new food product - the last thing I want is to get "hooked" on another food that's bad for me!

                  Each Quorn mini sausage roll contains:

                  48 cals
                  2.2g fat
                  0.3g salt

                  Now that's not bad - you could eat 2 as a snack for under 100 cals - less than a bag of crisps!

                  So that's what impressed me enough to try them - now for the taste:

                  You can eat them hot or straight out of the packet cold, which is what I did in the car on the way home from Tesco! And they are surprisingly nice! The pastry was not greasy and the "sausage" filling was actually quite a good impression of a sausage roll, only slightly less salty. As with Quorn sausages, there is a hint of dried herbs which I personally do not particularly like, but understand that they need to be included in veggie food.

                  They cost £1.98 for six and I will definitely be buying them again. I will try them hot next time.


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                    14.07.2009 21:13
                    Very helpful




                    I'm not a vegetarian but lately I've been trying various Quorn products! Quorn is a brand of non meat foods such as mince and chicken. One of the products I've recently tried is the sausage rolls.

                    Quorn products are available in all supermarkets such as Asda, Tesco and Sainsbury's. depending on what product it is you are buying, they can be found in the freezers, or in the refrigerators. They are easy to spot though and stand out nicely on the shelf.

                    These products are found in the fridges alongside the other quorn fresh products. However some quorn products are frozen and therefore can be found in the freezer section. None of the brand products are difficult to find though.

                    They come sold in a 150g box. The box contains 2 sausage rolls which means each one is 75g. The usual cost for these sausage rolls is £1.49 however there is an offer on at the moment where you get them for £1. This is a saving of 49p which in the long run can be decent. With the offer on this means that each roll works out at just 50p which I feel is pretty good.

                    The bag is a bit of a let down to be honest and isn't as attractive as the other quorn products in their packaging. It is a plastic bag with only a small, very plain label on it. The rolls can be clearly seen through the cellophane lid. The sausage snacks look a decent size. There is no picture of the product on the box but this is ok as you can see the real things. The nutrition information is given on the underside of the box. On the front on the little orange information bit is info on the product and a nice little product description. There is also a use by date on the front too!

                    Opening the bag you come across the sausage rolls. There were 2 the packet so obviously will only serve one or two depending on the meal and the appetite of the person. They were pretty pale looking and didn't look to appealing really. There was the clear "sausage" sticking out of the end of them! This gave them a really rustic feel. There was a lovely pastry smell coming from the sausage rolls delicious.

                    We served them at lunchtime alongside some steaming hot chips and some beans! They can be eaten hot or cold but I preferred mine cold. If you want to eat them hot you can bake them in the oven and they don't take too long.

                    The sausage rolls were great. Id recommend leaving out the fridge a while before eating though as they can be very cold and almost sore on the teeth. The pastry was lovely and really flaky and had a lovely buttery taste to it. The sausage inside was gorgeous. It tasted exactly like real sausage which shocked me quite a bit. The texture was really chewy but also quite soft and it melted in my mouth. Overall I was greatly impressed.

                    You can get mini sausage rolls too where you get 6 in a pack instead of two larger ones.


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                    11.02.2009 19:30
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                    Give them a go if you have never had Quorn before!

                    Quorn have finally cracked it!

                    I bought some of the Quorn Sausage rolls to sample for the first time not too long ago. They come from the freezer department and were a welcome addition to the existing Quorn range. So far I have only discovered these in the bigger supermarkets though, so it may involve a trip to a larger store!

                    The sausage rolls look small, bigger than mini sausage rolls...but not as big as the 'fresh' sausage rolls you can pick up from the delicatessan counter. I put them into the oven and brushed them lightly with semi skimmed milk. The box suggested beaten egg too, but I prefer a brush of milk!

                    After about 15 minutes I opened the oven and was greated with a really nice fresh baked smell. The sausage rolls were browned to perfection.

                    I was inquisitive about the taste as this was a new snack for me and so I cut into one. I was greeted with a very meaty smell...just like ...you guessed it a sausage roll! They had just the right balance of seasoning, and quorn protein, which looked and smelled delicious.

                    I ate the sausage roll when it was hot and I must say it was the best quorn food I have ever tried. I did actually wonder if I was eating meat...that was just how good it was.

                    If you are looking to reduce your consumption of meat but are worried about vegetarian options, I would suggest that you give these a go...I think they are tasty!


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                    20.01.2009 22:16
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                    a great food for veggies

                    Being a vegetarian can especially be tough when you are after something simple to snack on like a scotch egg or a sausage roll, that your omnivorous friends would be able to buy.

                    At 99p for two (in waitrose at the moment) they are quite good value for money, and in the same supermarket it would be tough to find a meat version for cheaper. The nutritional values of these lovelies aren't excellent and they aren't as healthy as other quorn products.

                    The packaging has the usual quorn logos and branding, which makes it easy recognisable but at the same time it looks much like the packaging one would find on sausage rolls.

                    The product itself is quite yummy if you are used to the quorn flavour, but wouldn't appeal to a meat eater quite so much. The pastry is a little too moist and almost soggy but it still has substance and isn't unpleasant.

                    These are great to go into a lunchbox as a replacement for a sandwich, and contain fewer calories than a full blown sandwich with butter, cheese and quorn ham for instance. Not only this but the quorn sausage roll is very good for things like picnics where your peers will be enjoying meaty things. Now you can have your own veggie version of it!


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                    03.03.2008 09:41
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                    Perhaps these miss the point of a veggie diet!


                    Here's another instalment in my series of vegetarian convenience foods. This time I thought I'd try something purporting to be meat in a meat style snack, and I must admit that I probably wouldn't have bothered had I saw the "pork style flavour filling" description on the box, but I only noticed that once I'd scoffed them. Oh well.

                    PACKAGING AND RECYCLING

                    The product comes frozen. The sausage rolls come in an orange cardboard box, characteristic of other Quorn products, with pictures of the product on the front. The rolls are loose inside the box, so no more wasteful packaging is used, which I am quite impressed by, as the box itself is fully recyclable.


                    The rolls cost £1.65 for 6 rolls in my local Sainsburys in Guildford.


                    The box is clearly marked with the vegetarian society approved logo, which is very good information to have.

                    The list of ingredients sounds somewhat less edifying. And there are lots of them - here there are in their entirety (not something I would usually do, but there are so many you really have to see this):

                    Wheat, flour, margarine, water, mycoprotein, onion, textured wheat protein, flavouring (with colour: iron oxide), rapeseed oil, dried free range egg white, milk proteins, sage & onion stuffing, gelling agent, pectin, salt, roasted barley, malt extract, parsley, sage, thyme.

                    The totally volume of the 6 rolls inside is 300g.

                    ALLERGY INFORMATION

                    The rolls contain egg, gluten, milk & wheat.


                    Per sausage roll:
                    Energy - 645kJ
                    Protein - 4.5g
                    Carbohydrate - 9.5g
                    Of which gugars - 0.8g
                    Fat - 11g
                    Of which saturates - 5g
                    Fibre - 1.5g
                    Sodium - 0.4g

                    5g of saturated fat per roll! Flippin' 'eck, that's a bit much.


                    From frozen, lightly grease a baking tray, brush the rolls with a little beaten egg or milk and heat at gas mark 6 / 200 degrees centigrade / 400 degrees farenheit, for 20 minutes (18 minutes for fan assisted ovens).


                    Before cooking, the rolls are very pale rectangular packages, 4cm x 9cm and 1 cm thick. After cooking, the rolls rise slightly, and have a lightly golden colour and look, well like sausage rolls! The pastry is pleasantly flaky, dry and yet firm enough to keep the "meaty" bits in. Cut in half, the "meat" looks quite pale and in fact quite like tuna - dark and flaky.


                    The rolls have a very pleasant smell, but quite mild; I don't think it smells like pork but it does smell what I'd expect sausages to taste like, so it's a little confusing to me anyway!


                    The first thing that hits you is a mild herby taste that is lovely. This definitely has the texture you'd expect from a meat product and I think you'd be hard pressed to identify this as a Quorn product. When tasted, the pastry is quite heavy; not unpleasantly so, but not light and fluffy as you might expect from this kind of thing.

                    I added some brown sauce and this works really well, as the fruity tang combines excellently with the dry pastry and substitute meat flavour.. I also tried tomato sauce and that was equally good. The packaging suggests serving with a salad or coleslaw and these seem like equally laudable ideas.


                    These are pretty nice, despite the off putting list of ingredients; I am used to a list of vegetables as well as proteins and extracts but I suppose that's due to the Quorn as much as anything. I must say though that the fat content is huge. As an example from my previous reviews, a veggie burger has 1g of saturated fat. So I would say these would be OK as an occasional indulgence, finger food for parties or what have you.


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