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Sainsbury's Basic Stewed Steak

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Brand: Sainsbury's / Type: Meat

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    1 Review
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      11.04.2010 23:01
      Very helpful




      I've longm been a fan of a dinner of half a tin of Princes stewed steak on toast. However, prices mhave shot up so much that I've hadto seek out cheaper substitutes, which is how I came to try Sainsburys Basics Stewed Steak .

      Looking at the can, it has the typical 'Basic' brasnd colouring of orange and white - unattractive certainly, but at least recognisable . The can has all the important ingredient and nutritional info present, and although it had no ring pull and requires a tin opener to get into, I can let it off , since surely a ring pull can costs more to manufacture.

      Upon opening the tin though, I am greeted by greasy red lard . It looks utterly revolting, and no less so when I dig in the fork and stir it up a little . There is no getting around the fact that this is visually the most repulsive food I have seen in a long long time .

      However, warming it up resultsin a much more pleasing appearance - generous lumps of meat i n a rich, very thick, gravy . Despite still feeling faintly repulsed by the sight of this in the can, I chucked some over my toast and dug in .

      And, actually, it's pretty nice . There is a generous amount of meat, and the gravy is certainly rich and satisfying .There is nothing lackng in the taste of ths, and it certainly does not taste as horribly fatty as it looks . In fact, I rather like it, and with a bit of mashed potato or some peas and carrots, this could easily make a proper meal .

      At £1.60 for a 425g can, it's not going to break the bank, and with half a can weighing in at 234 calories and 8.5 g of fat, it's prefectly doable as part of a balanced diet too .

      Overall, it tastes yum- but it still looks like a dogs dinner when the tin is first opened, and thats no so easy to get past . 3 stars !


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