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Sainsbury's Taste the Difference Ultimate Pork Sausages

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Brand: Sainsbury's / Type: Meat

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    1 Review
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      09.01.2010 15:00
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      Perfectly-textured tasty sausages

      They are building a new Sainsburys supermarket slap-band in the middle of the previously, quirkily attractive if a bit down-at-heel centre of the nearest market town to where I live, and the gigantic new construction is such an awe-inspiringly awful blot on the landscape that I had been planning never to go there on principle.

      As to supermarket shopping, there is a large Tesco not two minutes walk from my house, after all, plus another two supermarkets - one of them a 'Lidl' ( in many ways, my favourite) about two minutes drive away, and if I really wanted to go to 'Sainsburys' there's an additional one of THEM less than 10 miles away in Stroud, the next market town up the Cotswold Edge.

      After buying some of these 'Taste the Difference' sausages from the Stroud branch just before Christmas, I have changed my mind about frequenting their new supermarket however, because the sausgaes were so good they're definitely worth a designated trip to Sainsburys just to get them. I thought these sausages were downright brilliant.

      They're coarse-cut pork sausages, with a 95% meat content, which means they're a bit like the excellent 'charcuterie' style sausages preferred by the French. They're delicately flavoured with herbs and spices including sage and nutmeg - the taste of nutmeg comes across when the sausages are cooked very nicely - and to ramp up the 'authentic product' rating even further, these sausages are even contained in a natural pork casing (ie pig intestines). Though they aren't by any means 'doughy' type sausages, ie ones like ghastly dyed-pink paste-filled Walls banger-type jobs that contain an overwhelming proportion of breadcrumbs to pad them out, they do contain some bread and thus wheat gluten, as a warning for people sensitive in their diets.

      Best of all though, they're made from British pork that's come from outdoor reared pigs, which in animal welfare terms is definitely a step in the right direction. (I have noticed a nasty trend for marketing of so-called 'outdoor bred' pork in some supermarkets eg. Tesco, which means next to nothing in terms of the pigs having had an acceptable standard of life. 'Outdoor bred' simply means that the sows were not confined indoors while pregnant / giving birth; while there are undoubtedly a lot of animal welfare problems related specifically to indoor pig breeding, 'outdoor bred' still doesn't mean much in terms of the welfare during their post-birth life of the pigs from whom the sausage meat was dervied.)

      Six sausages weighing 400g cost £2.59, although at the moment they're discounted to £2.00 per pack. At other times there are quite often 'buy two packs for a discount' running on this kind of product.

      The sausages can of course be fried or grilled, but I cooked mine in the oven as per the cooking instructions given on the back of the packet and - wonder of wonders - I got an excellent result. (Other brands of sausages I've cooked in the oven tend to either blacken, or just dry up.) I covered the Sainsburys sausages in the roasting pan with a bit of foil to prevent excess browning for the first half of the cooking period, then removed it for the final stage, and they browned up a treat. They also produced a fair bit of sticky, salty cooking exudate that was delicious on its own, but could've also been used as a base for proper gravy.

      I'm completely sold on this product. These sausages were utterly brilliant.


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