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Sainsbury's Taste the Difference Venison Burgers

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Brand: Sainsbury's

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    3 Reviews
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      13.09.2013 12:30



      The best venison burgers available without spending a fortune.

      I won't attempt to cover the same ground as the other reviews, so let's concentrate on the health aspects.

      My wife is on a virtually sat fat free diet due to essential health reasons, and that works very well for her. The drawback is that there are quite a few things she can no longer eat, beef being one of them, so burgers are ruled out. You might not miss that for a few months, but after 2 years, she fancied one with a barbeque we were having.

      We already knew that venison was low in sat fat so I looked around and every other venison product I could find had pork added to it in various quantities. Pork is not allowed on her diet either and is much higher in saturated fat than venison. Why do they do this? Highland Farms have a venison burger which they add just 13% of pork to. And in that one single action, they rule out anyone as a customer who can't eat pork for religious, ethical or health reasons.

      Anyway, we bought these, we tried them, we liked them. Very tasty, a nice texture, and, obviously, very lean. At £6 for 3 packs of 2 they are £1 each. That's not very dear (no pun intended) when there are no alternatives and you fancy a burger. Thoroughly recommended.


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      29.01.2009 17:54



      not recommended for cheapsters like me

      If you read my reviews you would know that I usually review cheap food, however Some times even I wanna have something top quality.Well I say the venison burgers once and well, I jsut wanted them, maybe cause of the packaging.........look at eh picture, don't u just want one?

      Any ways, needless to say, I was very excited on my way back home after buying these. I was expecting the best burgers I have ever had, well what reason did I have not ahve high expectations, I had spent 2.30 on two peties,

      Any ways, the burgers can be grilled fried, or over cooked, frying takes the least time but I suggest grilling, Over cooking is just a waste of time. Well any ways I fried one and grilled other, put some salad cheese, and made some nice burgers.

      Now the most important part, the taste. It was a very good burger, different than anything I had tried before, but do i think its worth it? well no. As I think with all teh other taste the difference products not worth the money!


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      27.02.2008 09:19
      Very helpful



      Mmmm ... Bambi!


      The desire to have something different that led me to these venison burgers at Sainsburys. I'm always prepared to take a chance on something new - as long as didn't oink.


      The burgers come in a brown plastic tray, sealed in with film and labelled with a paper sleeve glued to it. There is no indication on the box what is and isn't recyclable, which I think is a bit of a wasted opportunity.

      £2.29 for 2 burgers of 300g total weight


      Venison is an encouraging 90% of the product. To this is added water, seasoning (onion, garlic and tomato), wholemeal breadcrumbs, salt, spices (black and white pepper and nutmeg), and preservative (sodium metabisulphate, yeast and sage).

      To me this sounds like a nicely seasoned burger, meaty enough with a touch of added flavour.


      The burgers contain wheat and sulphite.


      A summary of the most important statistics per burger:Energy cal - 195
      Fat - 5.6g
      Of which saturates - 2.7g
      Total sugars - 4g
      Salt - 1.8g

      This seems pretty lean to me.


      From chilled you can:Oven cook - 180 degrees centigrade / gas mark 4 for 18-20 minutes

      Grill - 16-18 minutes on a moderate grill
      Fry - 10 minutes, turning frequently on a moderate heat.

      From frozen, the same instructions apply but defrost thoroughly first.

      I have a George Foreman grill and so cooked them on this, although it's pretty lean and relatively low in fat as it is, so this might not have been as necessary as it would be for beef burgers for example. In fact hardly any fat dripped out of them, which I've never seen before on that grill; no more than 4 of 5 blobs, and a few burnt patches on the grill.


      Before cooking, the burgers are a slightly shiny dark brown meat flecked with what looks like fat and breadcrumbs., about 10cm x 7cm and 2cm thick.

      They don't actually shrink that much during cooking, I'd say about 10% if that. The hue becomes darkened when cooked, not dissimilar to a beef burger. When cut, you can see how thick they still are, and they hold together very firmly. Cut in 2, each half fits nicely in a burger bun, which shows how big they are.


      The burgers have quite a strong, gamey smell before cooking, which is very pleasant.


      We served the burgers on a white bun. I found they were really well complimented with a splash of HP sauce to sweeten and spice it up a bit.

      They tasted like a cross between game and beef mince, which sounds a bit odd, but that's the way I found it.; they were lean, succulent and full of flavour, definitely superior to even a good quality beef burger. There was a solitary lump of gristle and thus nothing to get too upset about.


      These were an interesting change from the usual burger and I really enjoyed them. Whilst not being exactly cheap, they are certainly good value, with the relatively low fat content and high quality. I would recommend these if you want a twist on the burger theme. They certainly do not taste too gamey for anyone who is not that keen on venison.


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