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Sainsbury's Thin Cut Beef Steaks

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Brand: Sainsbury's / Type: Meat

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    1 Review
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      01.05.2009 14:00
      Very helpful



      The perfect steak for me.

      While I don't eat a huge amount of red meat, I do like to fit a couple of portions in each week to make sure my diet is balanced. The trouble is that living alone means I have to be selective with what I buy to avoid waste, these thin cut beef steaks from Sainsbury's are ideal for me as they can be frozen in single bags and are versatile so that I don't get bored of them.

      I always rummage about in the chiller for these to make sure I get the ones with the longest date and never order them online as Sainsbury's tend to send short date meats when they deliver.

      These steaks are excellent, they are thinner than normal pieces of steak but not so thin that you can see through them like some of the steaks Asda sell. They always have a good red colour and there is very little visible fat on the meat, I am also impressed with how nice and fresh they smell when I open the wrapper.

      I have cooked these steaks numerous ways, on the bbq is my particular favourite as they seem so easy to get the required finish right. I love a rare steak but always make sure the meat is well done for my granddaughters', every way I've cooked it I've been able to make sure it's cooked perfectly which is down to the thinness of them I think as it's so much easier to get the timings right compared with cooking a thick rump steak.

      Once cooked the steak is delicious, because they are so thin it's important not to overcook them as they will go a little tough but this has only happened to me once and that was when I forgot the meat was on the bbq. Even so it was edible but I thought it was very noticeable because these steaks are usually so moist and tender to eat.

      I bought a couple of packs of these steaks for my Easter party and they were excellent for slicing into thin strips and threading them onto a cocktail stick before cooking quickly marinaded in Reggae Reggae Sauce, everyone loved them and my sister has since started buying the steaks herself for convenience.

      A pack of five or six steaks (depending on the size and weight of them) costs around £3.79 which is certainly good value in my opinion. Going to the butchers you would probably pay the same price for the equivalent weight of thicker steak so if you prefer your steak thinner and without the fat then you might as well nip to Sainsbury's and buy a pack of these.


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