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Sainsburys Taste The Difference Jumbo King Prawns

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Brand: Sainsburys / Type: Fish

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    5 Reviews
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      16.03.2014 08:15
      Very helpful



      Ready to use prawns that look and taste great!

      When it comes to King Prawns they are something that I adore. I love them in the completely retro way of having them as a prawn cocktail, I love them in a stir fry, a curry or simply eaten alone. However I do not buy myself a bag of king prawns very often due to the price of them and the fact that I will munch my way through the whole lot in one sitting and so for things like curries and stir-fries and generally using them in recipes that I create I tend to use the tiddly little prawns that are a lot cheaper!

      However recently I was browsing in my local Sainsbury's store with my Mum when she pointed these out as she was buying some for her and my Stepdad. They were on offer from £4.50 a bag to £3.50 and Mum was pleased cos she usually buys them anyway, so me, well I treated myself!

      The Packaging:

      These come in a slightly white frosted bag though you can see the prawns through it still and on the front of the bag we are very clearly told what they are and who they are produced by and then on the back of the bag the ingredients are listed, a nutritional chart is given, we are told that they are suitable for home freezing, the weight is stated which is 225g (and the only size I spotted these available to purchase in by the way) and contact details for Sainsbury's are very clearly given. This is a nice looking and informative and robust bag however there is no reseal option to it however you could simply tear the bag and tie it (as my Mother does and has done for years!) or do as I do and use a freezer clip!

      The Prawns:

      These are simply pre-cooked, large and light pink king prawns with a little added salt and an ice glaze. To stop them going chewy if I cook with them (which I did with some of them) I allow them to really defrost out in room temperature first and actually I do the same if I'm going to eat them cold (which you can do as they are pre-cooked of course!).

      I really, really liked these. Fat and plump, juicy and with a hint of salt to them which helps to being the fishy flavour out, ok you don't get many per bag but what you do get is very, very good quality prawns. There are no chewy bits, no off colour bits or bits of shell and they are simply large prawns that look pleasing to the eye.

      I used a handful in a stir-fry I made and they didn't fall apart or go chewy because I didn't need to heat them for long and they were great with a bit of salad and some rose marie sauce on the top too.

      These are simply really tasty and depending on what you do with them can be healthy too. I do think for the amount you get in a bag they are slightly pricey but that's king prawns for you eh and I would certainly buy these for an occasion as they look so nice and taste it too!

      With only 60 calories per 1/3 of a pack of these and just 0.3g of saturated fat I think these are filling, tasty and well.....fine! If you want to try these I'd advise you to grab a bag whilst they are currently on offer however you may find yourself happy to pay the extra pound when they go back up in price....which I certainly will from time to time as a nice treat for myself!

      Only available from a freezer aisle in Sainsbury's.


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        14.02.2010 23:17
        Very helpful



        Jumbo By Name And Jumbo By Nature

        I've eaten a full pack of these prawns today, my sister took them out of the freezer by accident this morning and they'd started defrosting by the time we noticed.

        Our meals are always planned on a Sunday because we're usually all off doing our own thing and just come home at dinner time, I knew nobody would be wanting a stir fry or anything with them so I just left them to thaw out and have been picking at them ever since! lol

        They're massive and you don't get all that many in a bag. We've had them loads of times before and know that one bag will do a main meal for 2 people, they cost about £3.99 but are on special offer a lot where you can either get 2 bags for a fiver to even BOGOF and that's a total bargain!

        They are ready to eat so as soon as they've defrosted you can start tucking into them. Cold they're wickedly juicy, they deffo don't feel like they've been pumped full of water and have got a yummy faint salty taste. They're mega sweet and so meaty tasting, you can taste pure prawn in these and that's not as mad as it sounds because some prawns from the supermarket and proper bland tasting.

        I've used these in stir fries before and also just had them plain fried in butter, they're ALWAYS good and I've never had one that even looks less then perfect! They don't shrink while they're cooking and stay juicy, I put some in a seafood stew a couple of weeks ago and even though they were cooking for quite a long time they didn't dry up or lose any of their moisture.

        I know they're expensive but they're a wicked luxury and I try and make sure we've always got a bag of some jumbo prawns in the freezer, it's not always these Taste The Difference ones from Sainsburys but I'm ALWAYS happy when it is!

        Recommended... massive juicy prawns that taste brill whether you have them hot or cold! Yummy!!!


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        04.11.2009 09:52
        Very helpful
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        Try them today!

        Without a doubt, the best prawns available from the main supermarkets! I don't eat read meat and my house mate is addicted to it, however, I will eat sea food so prawns tend to form the main part of our evening meal at least twice a week.

        These little beauties cost £3.99 for an average sized bag that would feed two people for a main meal, so they don't come cheap - however, Sainsburys very often have them on special offer for two for the price of one, so what I tend to do is 'bulk buy' about 8 packs when I see that they are on special.

        As the prawns come frozen, it is recommended that you defrost before use, it will take a few hours in the fridge or you can bang them into a bowl of hot water for about 15 mins. I normally put them straight from the freezer into Curry or Pasta but im not sure that should be followed incase I food poison you all!

        The prawns themselves are a really nice size, not too big to be flavourless but they are the type that dont shrivell up when you cook them either. Overall they are tasty and suculent and very versatile!

        I have had no complaints with these prawns, especially when on special offer - although, I do resent paying £3.99 when theyre not.


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          22.08.2009 15:13
          Very helpful



          Delicious king prawns, when on promotion I advise you stock up as I did.

          When my granddaughter mentioned that she wanted a 'posh' buffet for her 13th birthday I instantly knew which prawns to buy. Taste the Difference Jumbo King Prawns are absolutely THE best supermarket prawns and I just knew they would be ideal for the type of buffet me and my daughter were planning.

          I was in luck. Sainsbury's had them on BOGOF so two 180g bags of the prawns cost me just £3.99, although I actually ended up with six bags so the overall price was significantly higher than this!

          180g doesn't sound a lot, but you do get plenty of prawns to make up this weight although not as many as in the Sainsbury's standard frozen king prawns as obviously these jumbo ones are much bigger.

          To defrost them you simply take them out of the freezer for a couple of hours and stand at room temperature, alternatively I always defrost mine in a bowl of cold water as this makes the job much quicker and I can defrost a full bag within around 20 minutes. Once defrosted they look absolutely wonderful; large and plump, delicately coloured but a beautiful fresh pink colour that is more striking for it's subtly.

          The taste of these prawns is delicious, absolutely delicious. Eating cold king prawns has such a decadence, don't you think? These are juicy and so succulent, the juice released is so much more than plain water - it's prawn infused water! Honestly these Jumbo King Prawns are absolutely bursting with flavour and it was as much as I could do not to keep them all for myself rather than putting them on the buffet!

          These prawns are so sweet and tasty that if you're eating them cold they need only the barest of dressings. For the buffet I tossed a couple of packets in lime juice to which I had added some very fine shavings of fresh ginger, I allowed this to soak for a couple of hours before draining the juice off and putting them into the serving dish. This turned out to be an excellent dressing for them as the tang of the lime brought out the subtle taste of the prawns beautifully and also added a glorious citrus dimension to them.

          I sneakily kept a packet of the Jumbo King Prawns for myself and have now had cooked prawns two days running, how posh! Last night I had a prawn stir fry and teamed with mange tout, baby corn, bean sprouts, water chestnuts and noodles these prawns were a delight. They only needed warming through in the wok so I added the prawns right at the very end and was surprised at how full of flavour they are when hot. I didn't use a sauce in the stir fry yet the prawns are so juicy that I really didn't need one as the shellfish combined with the juicy vegetables made for a moist and delicious dinner made all the more so with a dash of soy sauce, the saltiness of which served to bring out the flavour of the prawns to an even greater degree.

          Today for my lunch I prepared a king prawn curry using a mild home made curry sauce. What can I say, at the risk of blowing my own trumpet the curry was one of the best I've eaten in a long time. This I'm sure was down to the high quality of the prawns rather than my skill at cooking Indian food, but I shall continue to take the credit thankyouverymuch! Despite being cooked for 15 minutes the prawns barely shrunk at all which in itself is testament to their quality, I butterflied a few of them down the central vein and these swelled up beautifully and collected the rich curry sauce which made for an extremely flavoursome lunch.

          I know £3.99 for a smallish bag of king prawns is expensive, I'd say this bag would comfortably serve two people as part of a main meal - or one person if, like me, you are content to sit and munch the prawns out of the bag!


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            16.07.2009 14:48
            Very helpful



            You may never want to eat anything else after sampling these

            PRICE: £1.99 for 180g

            NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION (per 100g):

            Calories: 64
            Kj: 273
            Protein: 14.7g
            Carbohydrate: 0.1g
            - of which sugars: 0.1g
            - of which starch: 0.1g
            Fat: 0.6g
            - of which saturates: 0.6g
            - of which mono-unsaturates: 0.1g
            - of which polyunsaturates: 0.1g
            Fibre: 0.8g
            Salt: 1.4g
            - of which sodium: 0.6g

            INGREDIENTS: Prawns, water, salt

            ALLERGY ADVICE: Contains shellfish (!!!!!!)

            SAFETY: Although extra care has been taken to remove all shell, some may remain


            NB: These are currently priced at £3.99 with a BOGOF offer, but when I bought my pack they were on half price (single pack) offer, and I paid what I have mentioned above.

            I love big, juicy prawns and to me they are an incredibly versatile food, plus being low in calories, low in fat, high in protein, and satisfying to eat. They are something which (due to being on a low income) I these days have to reserve for a very special, once in a blue moon treat, so you can no doubt imagine how delighted I was to be able to buy a decent-sized bag priced at just £1.99 - which was a limited period offer a month or so ago.

            These prawns are in Sainsbury's "Taste The Difference" range, and are to be found in the deep freeze section. They come in a plastic bag which is largely a maroon sort of colour, bearing an image of a serving of prawns on the front. The rear of the bag shows nutritional information, ingredients, allergy & safety advice, storage/defrosting instructions and Sainsbury's quality claim together with their contact details.

            The bag needs to be opened with scissors, and inside, the ice-glazed prawns look very pink, plump and tempting. Left in a covered plastic dish to stand at room temperature, I found they had defrosted nicely after a couple of hours, yet were still cold - unable to resist the temptation, I sampled one and was immediately transported to shellfish heaven.

            The remainder of the prawns I used to make a huge salad with, and they looked very attractive resting on the plate, contrasting beautifully against the different shades of green in the salad vegetables, the red of the tomatoes, the yellow of the sweetcorn which I love in salad and the dark red of the beetroot. I never use salad dressings as I hate them all, but prior to serving, I did sprinkle just a tiny little bit of freshly ground black pepper onto the prawns.

            Settling to eat the meal, I was delighted with the whole prawn experience - they were rich, juicy, tender and had a delicious yet delicate true prawn flavour. They also blended perfectly when eaten with forkfuls of salad, and I enjoyed every single mouthful. The only problem I had with them was, despite eating the whole packet (which is probably intended for 2 people), I was left wanting more.

            The next day I just had to dash as fast as my poor old joints would let me, back to Sainsbury's to take proper advantage of the limited special offer - and I bought another 3 packs.

            Over a period of days, I sampled the prawns in various ways:

            KING PRAWN CURRY
            Superb! The curry spices truly brought out the flavour of the prawns even more, and their size ensures a very substantial meal which I wouldn't be ashamed to serve to someone else.

            Heaven on earth! OK to some of you that combination of ingredients may sound weird for a sandwich, but it's a filling mixture that I truly enjoy - and the experience was zillions of times better using Sainsbury's Jumbo Prawns.

            Words cannot describe how utterly delicious this particular meal was - just melt some butter in a non-stick pan, lightly fry a small clove of finely chopped garlic, twizzle the prawns around in the mixture for about five minutes over a medium-high heat, sprinkle liberally with fresh chopped parsley, then serve on a bed of plain boiled basmati rice, a large green salad and a couple of slices of garlic bread.

            Sadly the prawns got eaten by me far too quickly, and it'll be a while before I get back to Sainsbury's again - no doubt by the time I do, their current BOGOF offer will have ended. Even so, I'd say they are still well worth the full price of £3.99, without any offers in place.

            Quite often when I buy any brand of frozen prawns, I can find them a little too salty and have to stand them in clean cold water for a while before eating - but Sainsbury's "Taste The Difference Jumbo King Prawns" don't taste salty at all, despite the addition of salt in the preparation and freezing process - and I say that as somebody who really doesn't like salty food at all.

            These prawns could be made up into all sorts of different recipes (e.g. Chinese dishes, prawn cocktail etc.) and I strongly recommend that this brand be tried in preference to others which are on the market. At full price they are still good value for money, but if you can catch them when Sainsbury's are running some kind of special offer, then even better!

            True luxury - huge prawns, firm yet tender, non-salty, versatile, yummy, moreish and utterly utterly scrumptious!

            Well done Sainsbury's - to me, these are the best of the bunch!

            Thanks for reading!


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