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Type: Meat

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    1 Review
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      12.10.2007 11:06
      Very helpful



      Yummy food

      When I was a kid my mum used to make Spam fritters but not had them for years but I spotted these in Tesco and thought I'd give them a whirl.

      What Is Spam?
      Basically Spam is just chopped pork and ham which has been seasoned. It use to be known as Spiced Ham but the owner's of the company who produce it (Homel Foods) thought it needed a catchier name and one of their bright sparks came up with Spam. It was invented by Jay Homel in 1936. It can be eaten straight from the can or heated up. And it has a long shelf life.
      It wasn't sold in the UK until 1941 and during rationing Spam was a favourite for the British (despite being invented by a German family who had moved to the U.S).

      What Are Spam Fritters?
      Rectangles of Spam covered in a crispy batter.

      Spam fritters come in a film covered blue plastic tray. Picture of product on the card label with all nutritional info and ingredients clearly printed.

      Nutritional Info
      Each Spam Fritter Contains:
      2.0g Salt 33% RDA
      14.4g Fat 21% RDA
      3.8g Saturates 19% RDA
      1.8G sugar 2% RDA
      221 kcal Calories 11% RDA

      So they aren't really very healthy at all.

      They need to be kept in the fridge and keep for about 2 weeks. Or you can freeze them.

      They can be cooked n oven from fresh or frozen. Just realised i've been grilling mine oops! So thats why i keep burning them.

      Each pack is320g, that gives you 4 Spam Fritters. I paid £1.99 for a pack from Tesco, my local Ada doesn't stock them.

      My experience
      Well they definatlly not good for you but they taste great (isn't that always they way). The batter is well nice, lovely and crispy I don't know how they make it so well. As I said I've been grilling mine and kept burning them (I really should read the packet) but hopefully that drained a bit of fat off them. I've never been a lover of cold Spam but for some reason I love t when it's been heated up so taste wise these ticked all the right boxes for me. You can eat them with anything so they're great if you really don't have time to prepare a meal from scratch but i'd avoid if your on a health kick.

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      Sit down for a delicious, comforting meal, that can be served with your favourite side dish.

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