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Tesco Battered Cod And Chips

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Fish

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    1 Review
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      07.05.2010 10:32
      Very helpful



      For Real Fish And Chips..... Go To The Chippy Instead!

      I got this fish and chips ready meal yesterday, it had been reduced to £1.49 from £2.50 and I only brought it because there was still 2 days on the date because I wouldn't have trusted fish if it was nearly out of date.

      It took about 40 mins to cook in the oven, it can't be microwaved so if you fancy this make sure you've got plenty of time for it to cook. Thinking about it that's a bit stupid because for a ready meal that takes an extra 15 mins to cook than if I'd used a fish fillet and oven chips..... that way would be cheaper than the full price of this meal as well! lol

      It's not bad but it's nothing special and deffo won't be tempting people away from the chippy. The fish is yummy, it's not a massive piece because even though it was long the fish wasn't very thick. The batter is nice and goes nice and crispy in the oven, it hasn't got much flavour of it's own but after I'd put salt and vinegar on it it was fine. I also had some tartare sauce with it to give it a bit more flavour.

      The chips are just oven chips that have been cut a bit thinner than usual! lol They've actually cooked through nice and wasn't as disappointing as I thought they'd be, I put loads of salt and vinegar on these as well and that made them a bit more interesting so that even though you wouldn't confuse them with chip shop chips at least they wasn't dry and boring.

      I thought this fish and chip meal from Tesco was ok, it's deffo better than I thought it was going to be and worth WHAT I PAID for it. I wouldn't spend £2.50 on it because like I said you could do this yourself with a top brand battered fish fillet from Youngs or someonelike that, it might work out more expensive at first to buy a box of fish fillets and a bag of decent oven chips but this is just ONE meal and you'd get at least 4 doing it the other way.

      Recommended..... ok for a quick meal when you can't be arsed to even open the freezer but you're better off to put this kind of meal together yourself.


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