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Tesco Chilli & Mango Chicken Mini Fillets

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Meat

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    1 Review
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      05.04.2010 12:05
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      Delish Chicken For A Nice Change On Your Sandwiches!

      I brought these Chilli And Mango Chicken Mini Fillets the other week when I had a few packed lunches to make up, I knew I was going to be using pitta breads and thought they would go well with a bit of salad.

      They're not actually FILLETS I don't think, just flat strips of chicken that have been cooked and had a delish smelling chilli and mango coating on them. They smell quite strong of chilli and when I first opened them I was hoping they wasn't going to have a mega strong taste because there was some kids who was going to be eating them.

      The chicken is cooked lovely, you can eat them cold straight out of the fridge or warm them up in the oven or nuke for 2 mins. We had most of ours cold but I did warm a couple of the leftover strips up so I could have them in a bagel.

      The chicken looks wicked, you can see the sticky mango dressing that's on each one and also flakes of chilli. I was glad there wasn't too many chilli flakes on them because by this time I was getting a bit scared that they was going to be too spicey! lol

      They're not though, the chicken has got a yummy chilli kick but the main flavour I reckon is the mango. It's kind of like mango chutney and that makes the chicken taste gorgeous, it gives it a wickedly fruity flavour but isn't madly strong so that you can't taste the chicken through it. The chicken has deffo got a bit of an oriental taste because the chilli and mango together make it taste like a cross between Chinese and Indian food.

      When you have your first mouth full you might not be able to make your mind up about whether you like the chicken or not because the flavours taste a bit weird together. I bet you end up liking it in the end though because after a couple of bites the flavours start going a lot better together and it makes you wonder why you didn't like it that much in the first place.

      If you don't like spicey food you might not be all that mad keen on these fillets, they're not majorly spicey I don't think but the chilli gives them a warm flavour that takes a bit of getting used to if you usually eat very bland food.

      Recommended.... delish ready cooked chicken with a lovely unusual dressing!!!


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