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Tesco Cocktail Sausages

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4 Reviews

Brand: Tesco / Type: Meat

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    4 Reviews
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      19.02.2014 11:25
      Very helpful



      Nice enough!

      Quite often around 7pm my local Tesco Metro store reduced items for quick sale. I wouldn't usually buy a pack of cocktail sausages unless it was for nibbles for a party or a get together and these retail usually at £2.00 for a tub of 40 of them however I bought these reduced for just 40p!

      The Packaging:

      These come in a see through and blue coloured plastic tub and on the top of it we are clearly told what they are and who they by and there is an at a glance nutritional chart shown then on the base of the tub the ingredients are listed as well as a full nutritional chart stated, the weight is given which is 372g and contact details for Tesco are clearly displayed. The pack isn't resealable however they are suitable for home freezing or popping in the freezer so if you want to do that just pop them in a freezer bag or plastic tub or something....personally I ate mine on the day of purchase with a friend!

      The Sausages:

      Small and dainty these are already cooked so look cooked with a brown colour to each one. They feel moist and ungreasy and you can eat these alone or pop them with other things...the possibilities are endless!

      They contain 61% pork and are gently spiced with ginger, cayenne, sage and nutmeg (along with a few other ingredients!) however they did not taste spicy really and the spices I felt just brought the flavour of the pork out really. They are well seasoned and not too salty or peppery and as the outside doesn't feel greasy neither is the inside when you bite into them. I did find a little bit of white gristle in a couple of the sausages which wasn't pleasant but to be honest I just spat it out and disposed of it as did my friend lol.

      I think overall these are good quality though a little on the bland side for me however I would buy them for a party or a little get together and tart them up a bit and make them more interesting!

      If you consume five of these small sausages you will be eating 120 Calories and 2.8g of Saturated fat and believe me they are a snack that once you start eating you can't put down for some reason so its really easy to eat loads of them.

      These can only be found in the chilled section of Tesco and like I mentioned earlier they usually retail at £2.00 a tub for a tub of 40 of them or you can buy a tub of 70 of them for £3.00 which does of course work out slightly better value!

      This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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      18.05.2010 09:00
      Very helpful



      Excellent value for money and very tasty.

      I was browsing the shelves at Tesco for some items for my coming party, which I had last Sunday and I came across these cocktail sausages for only £1 for 40 small sausages, as they were reduced and I thought I would buy them for my party and freeze them, I think the original price was around £1.70, they are pre cooked and are around an inch in size, and they are the lower priced ones from Tesco and although the packaging is very basic, the sausages are very tasty.

      They come in a transparent plastic carton with a plastic pull off top, and inside to reveal the sausages.

      The texture of them is very soft and they are very easy to chew and swallow and are a nice little bite size and I place them onto cocktail sticks with cheese and use them for parties quite often and my guests love them and have never complained.

      They are ideal for picnics in the summer months and because they are so small they are ideal and the children can easily eat them.

      I have used these kind of sausages before to use as a topping for pizza bases and I have used them also for curries and sandwiches, and they have been very filling and with a little mayonnaise in the sandwich they taste delicious.

      I like the cooked ones as it can save a lot of time cooking them and for the price, it makes sense and I think for the amount of sausages in the pack they are excellent value for money and ideal for people with families on a budget.

      They are small enough for my grandson to hold and eat and chew and have a nice savoury snack until his meal times.

      I do recommend these for anyone to give them a try and I think they are extremely good value for money and I sometimes freeze these kind of sausages if I do not want to eat them straightaway and they are there for when I need them.

      I give them 5 stars.

      Thank you for reading my review.


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        27.04.2010 19:29
        Very helpful



        A good sausagey tasting cocktail sausage. A product that does what it says on the tin (as it were).

        Now I know cocktail sausages are normally thought of as something from a good 70's party - they come with pieces of pineapple and chunks of cheese on cocktail sticks don't they ;) Well I've liked them since I was a kid in the 70's, and still indulge in buying them occasionally, though I don't put them on sticks or make hedgehogs out of oranges any more to stick them in (promise!).

        These Tesco cocktail sausages come in packs of 40, and are pre-cooked. They come in a plastic tub with a peel off thin plastic lid, and well to be honest, they're really very easy to grab, and they're comfort food aren't they. Kids like them, they're good for snacking on, great with other cold bits and bobs at lunchtime, and like I said already, they're just very easy to eat.

        Now when I cook sausages for us as part of a main meal, I like to choose good quality sausages - something with a bit of decent flavour like the Tesco finest range of pork and apple, or venison sausages. For a quick addition to lunches however, I'm not quite as fussy, and so these little cocktail sausages do me very well even though they're just 'sausage' flavour rather than being anything in particular.

        When I say they're just sausage flavour, I mean obviously that they're not flavoured with anything specific, they're not Lincolnshire or Cumberland, they're just plain old sausage. I have to say though that I think they're really rather good plain old sausage, and I rather like the flavour of them. They're nice and moist without being greasy, they have a decent meaty taste, rather than being bland and obviously full of filler, and there's not a hint of gristle in sight either which is good. I don't think they'd be as nice if they were full sized, but in this size with a lot of outside to match the inside as it were, they work really well. The colour is good, they're nicely browned all over as sausages should be, not over cooked, or pasty looking.

        Now when I buy these, they normally just go in our fridge, we nibble at them through the day, and add them to cold cuts and salad at lunchtime, but I have served them up along with other bits for my nephews when they've visited, and both enjoy them, and I've put them out with other nibbles when we've had people over at Christmas time. I've never tried re-heating them, so I can't tell you if they taste good hot or not, and I've never tried freezing them, although the packaging says it's fine to do so.

        Overall, I think these are very tasty. They're not incredibly great value wise, as they cost around £2 a pack, which is a lot more than you pay if you buy the same sort of thing uncooked and do them yourself, but the convenience is nice sometimes. I've tried other brands of precooked cocktail sausages, and I think overall these are probably my favourites to be honest. It's not that they're anything particularly special as I say, it's just that they're very good for what they are.


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          27.04.2010 17:41
          Very helpful



          A handy convienient cooked cocktail sausage

          I do like to give a good mix of food for my boys with their school lunches as the same all the time does get quite boring for them. They are fans of cocktail sausages and I do confess to usually cooking my own but as time was short last weekend I decided I would buy a packet already cooked despite this costing me twice as much as normal. The pack I chose were from Tesco and there are 40 in the pack.


          The sausages come in a plastic tub which is clear so you can see the sausages inside. The lid is a thin plastic which is very easy to peal off and get and the contents. On the lid we have a blue border and a blue rectangle in the middle with the product name and Tesco logo on. At the bottom of the packet we have a quick guide to the nutritional values and the best before date. On the back of the packet on a small white label you can find the ingredients, full nutritional values and the contact details if you have any problems with this food.


          I did notice how pleasant the sausages looked, they were a good light brown colour and this is the best thing for me as I don't like burnt sausages. They are a good size for children and measure approximately 5cm by 2cm. The sausages are not greasy to touch which I have found with other brands in the past and are easy to pick up.

          When I bit into the sausage I got an instant taste from them. They tasted very good and did not leave any strong aftertaste. The sausages were not hard or dry and I found them very easy to eat. My boys also said they tasted good and asked for more for the follow day for their lunch. The real taste test came when my 2 year old had one as he only really eats sausages, chips, beans and bread and I have to say he loved them and did go through nearly 10 of these when we were at a party on the weekend.

          They are only small so I find placing 3 in my boys lunches is more than enough, they usually last me two bites but hubby manages them in one!


          The sausages come in a pack of 40 and this lasts nearly a week in my house but we don't use them everyday.

          The nutritional values for a serving of 5 of the sausages are:-

          Calories - 140kcal
          Protein - 6.4g
          Carbohydrate - 6.0g
          Of which sugars - 0.6g
          Fat - 9.8g
          Of which saturates - 3.6g
          Mono-Unsaturated - 4.1g
          Polyunsaturated - 1.6g
          Fibre - 0.2g
          Sodium - 0.3g
          Salt Equivalent - 0.7g

          These values might seem quite high but putting it against a chocolate biscuit being added to a lunch box these are the healthier option.

          The sausages do contain gluten and although the recipe does not contain nuts Tesco cannot guarantee they have been made in a nut free factory. They are obviously not suitable for vegetarians.

          To keep the sausages they must be kept refrigerated but they can be frozen as long as they are used within 1 month of being frozen and fully defrosted before eating. The shelf life for the packet I bough was for just over 1 week which I though was very good.

          The ingredients for the sausages for those wishing to know are:-

          Pork (61%), Water, Rusk (contains Wheat Flour), Pork Fat, Potato Starch, Salt, Dextrose, Stabiliser (Disodium Diphosate), Black Pepper, Mace, Nutmeg, Yeast Extract, Filled into beef collagen casings

          The packaging can be 100% recycled.


          As these cocktail sausages are made by Tesco then they are only available in their stores, they are priced at around £1.96 which compared to a bag of uncooked ones containing 50 sausages at 99p I did find this a bit high.


          These sausages really did taste good and were very convenient as I did not have time to cook my own. I would have given them a full 5 stars but taking the price compared to uncooked ones into account I have dropped a star for this. Recommended by all my family.


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