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Tesco Cod Fishcakes

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Type: Fish

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    3 Reviews
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      05.04.2010 15:16
      Very helpful



      Delicious fishcakes from Tesco.

      I recently found these Tesco Cod Fishcakes on sale in the refridgerated aisles of my local Tesco supermarket. Due to having a use-by date of that day, they had been knocked down from £1.15 to 59p for a packet of 2 (Bargain!). It was nearing lunchtime so I thought they would do for lunch (with some chips & beans). After all, for 59p you can't go wrong!

      The packet looks slightly different to the one pictured, instead it is navy blue with an image showing 2 plates fishcakes along with the product details. The packaging states that the cod for these fishcakes is responsibly sourced and that the cod was caught in the Pacific Ocean by trawling methods. These Tesco Cod Fishcakes can be frozen on the day of purchase, which is what I could have done if I'd have already got something else planned for lunch that day.

      The fishcakes themselves are nice & chunky (unlike some frozen ones you can get). They contain cod & potato and are coated in light but crispy breadcrumbs.

      I put both fishcakes in the oven (along with some chips) for 20 minutes (at 220c) and turned them once as instructed by the packaging. I then plated them up (on the same plate) with chips and beans. (I would say these fishcakes are big enough to have just one on a plate, but I was hungry so had them both!).

      Cutting into the fishcakes, I found the breadcrumb coating nice & crispy. Most importantly, I found that there was a lot of cod in these fishcakes and not so much potato (which is a good thing). You could actually see the flakes of cod, unlike some fishcakes I've come across. I could see a few bits of parsley, but not much (just how I like my fishcakes). These fishcakes tasted delicious! They weren't oily and didn't taste too salty (despite each fishcake containing 1.1g or 18% of your daily guideline amount of salt).

      I'll certainly be buying these Tesco Cod Fishcakes again. I'd have never have guessed they were Tesco's own brand if I hadn't have bought them myself. As I mentioned early on in my review, I paid 59p for my packet of 2 (which was a real bargain!), but they are normally priced £1.15 for a packet of 2 or you can buy two packets for £2.


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        14.01.2010 10:54
        Very helpful



        A great cheap, nutritious meal

        When mom was alive and I was her carer I used to keep my eyes open for nutritious meals that were easy to cook. One of the things that we used to both really enjoy was the chilled fishcakes available from Tesco's. I had one for my lunch the other day and realised that I had never written a review about them.

        The fishcakes are available in three different varieties - cod, smoked haddock and salmon. I have tried all three and they are all equally good but it is the cod ones that I am writing about in this review.

        The Price

        A pack of two fishcakes cost £1.15 and they are permanently on offer at 2 packs for £2. They can be found in the chiller cabinet and are suitable for freezing so they are a great standby. Incidentally I have just had to look on the Tesco website to find out the price for an individual pack as I always buy mine in twos!

        The Packaging

        The fishcakes come in a black plastic tray with two round indentations and this is then secured inside a blue outer wrapper. Each of the three varieties comes in a different coloured outer wrapper - the smoked haddock one is yellow and the salmon one is pink.

        On the front of the wrapper there is a picture of the fishcakes together with the words 'Tesco responsibly sourced 2 cod fishcakes'. We are also given the information that the cod is caught in the Pacific Ocean by trawler and that they are low in saturates and suitable for home freezing. There is also the now familiar basic nutritional information expressed as a percentage of recommende3d daily allowance.

        The fishcakes are described as 'Delicious cod and potato fishcakes coated in a light and crispy breadcrumb'.

        On the back of the packaging there is a list of ingredients, a full nutritional breakdown, cooking instructions and allergy advice. There is also a word of warning that, being a fish product, there may be small bones in it although I have yet to find a bone in one of these fishcakes.

        The Fishcakes

        When you open the outer packaging the fishcakes look very appetising neatly set in the inner tray. They are a decent size - about three and half inches in diameter and about three quarters of an inch deep - and are a lovely golden colour.

        There isn't much smell at this stage; just a light, fresh slightly fishy aroma.

        Cooking Instructions

        The instructions on the back of the packet tell you to cook these fishcakes in the oven by placing them on a baking tray and cooking for 20 minutes at 220 degrees. Although it doesn't say so on the packet these could just as easily be grilled or shallow fried although they would not be suitable for cooking in a microwave oven.

        Interestingly on the packet it says that if these have been frozen they must be defrosted thoroughly before cooking. It then goes on to give cooking instructions from frozen! I have always cooked mine directly from the freezer and found them to be fine.

        As the fishcakes are cooking in the oven the smell is very appetising and it soon gets the tummy rumbling!

        The Meal

        These fishcakes are very versatile and I have eaten them with boiled potatoes and vegetables, oven chips (which can be cooked in the oven with the fishcakes) and just with bread and butter.

        The fishcakes are 42% cod and 14% potato and they taste lovely. The cod is nice white fish and the addition of the potato makes the fishcakes light and fluffy, The breadcrumb coating is nice and crispy and for me is much better that a batter coating as it isn't as greasy.

        I find that one of the fishcakes together with some vegetables is enough to make a satisfying and enjoyable meal.

        Nutritional Value

        The nutritional value per 90g fishcake is as follows:

        Calories 205
        Protein 9.4g
        Carbohydrate 19g
        Of which sugars 2.2g
        Fat 10g
        Of which saturates 0.8g
        Fibre 1g
        Salt 1g

        So you can see that one of these fishcakes plus some vegetables would make a good, nutritious meal which wouldn't be too high in calories.


        As I said at the start I have been eating these fishcakes on and off for some time now and have always enjoyed them - and mom used to love them as well!

        They make a nutritious meal which is quick and easy to cook and they taste great. Add to this the fact they only cost 50p per fishcake and you can't go wrong!


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          05.11.2008 15:20
          Very helpful



          I think I will stick to the smoked haddock fishcakes from now on.

          I was so impressed with the Tesco Smoked Haddock Fishcakes that I decided to try other in the range. One I picked up was the Cod Fishcakes, I was looking forward to trying this variety because cod is one of my favourite types of fish and I find it makes for a very good fishcake generally.

          The packaging says to cook for 22 - 25 minutes but I lengthened this slightly to 30 minutes as the breadcrumb coating didn't seem quite browned enough for me. After cooking there was very little fat deposited on the baking tray and when I sat it on some kitchen roll there was not much grease soaked up, each fishcake contains 209 calories and 0.8g of saturated fat (3 Weight Watchers points) so not a bad accompaniment to a salad or home made fat free potato wedges.

          The fishcakes are a nice size, quite deep and a nicely knobbly rounded texture. This does not exactly make them look home made but stops them looking as boring as some perfectly formed fishcakes you can buy.

          I was not terribly impressed with the flavour of the fishcakes at all, compared to the Smoked Haddock ones I tried recently these are bland and tasteless. There are quite large pieces of cod in the fishcake but they seem overcooked to me and the fish retains very little of its original flavour. The inside of the fishcake is quite sloppy and the potato/fish mixture is not seasoned well, if at all. The fishcake could have done with a sprinkling of pepper before cooking at least.

          The coating has a strange flavour too, it's a greasy taste which overpowers the more gentle flavours inside the fishcake. It's too crispy as well, a good fishcake you can cut with your fork but I needed a serrated knife to get through this breadcrumb crust!

          Altogether I was very disappointed in this fishcake, it wasn't very nice at all and even when I dabbed some mayonnaise on it there wasn't very much improvement in the flavour. I gave my granddaughter one to try, she'll eat more or less anything in breadcrumbs but even she said how weird the coating tasted and how dull the filling.

          These fishcakes cost £1.15 for two but are always on special offer at two packs for £2, where you can mix and match from all the Tesco branded fishcakes. I'd thoroughly recommend the Smoked Haddock ones, but Tesco can keep these boring Cod Fishcakes.


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