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Tesco Finest Homestyle Rump Steak Quarter Pounders

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Meat

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    1 Review
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      18.01.2010 11:08
      Very helpful



      Delish Burgers That Deserve To Be In The Finest Range

      I know the BBQ season is ages away yet but I've got to tell you about these burgers that I found in Tesco on Saturday. My sister is learning about the American culture at school so as a bit of a serious joke I said I'd cook her an authentic American meal...... burgers, fries and coke! lol It turned out not to be as stupid as it sounded because on Friday they started learning about the fast food culture in the US so our yummy meal was actually quite educational! lol

      These are the best burgers I've EVER eaten from a supermarket. They are frozen burgers and come 2 in a box, you cook them from frozen and they take about 25 mins under the grill or on the BBQ.

      The burgers are made from 80% Irish beef and the rest of the burger is made up of rusk, onion, salt and other things that you need for the burger to stick together and have a nice flavour. Looking at the ingredients I can't see and nasties at all and it all looks very natural.

      When they're cooked they smell proper meaty and also look it, they are quite solid looking and haven't shrunk down at all. I was glad I'd brought good quality buns because if you put these in cheap ones I reckon it would completely spoil them!

      The taste of them is wicked, they're proper fresh tasting and so majorly meaty that you can actually taste the beef in the burgers instead of just a MEATY, fatty onion taste. There is a faint onion flavour in them but it's put in like the salt and pepper I think to bring the flavour of the meat out. The burgers are deffo the best quality burgers I've had at home, the high meat content is obvious in the flavour of them and they've got a yummy meaty texture too.

      We had ours in buns, I usually have a cheese slice but thought that would take away from the flavour of the burger..... I was right too, it would have because these burgers are so yummy and juicy that you don't even need sauce or mayo on them! I've eaten 2 now and they're definately better plain because adding anything spoils the delish flavour of the burger.

      Everyone said how good the burgers were and that's mega unusual because we all like our burgers different in this house. My dad LOVES the cheapest of the cheap Value burgers but won't eat Birds Eye because they haven't got the fatty (aka disgusting!!!) taste that he likes. He deffo changed his tune when he had one of these, there's hardly any fat in them that you can taste but they're still proper yummy burgers.

      They're quite dear, a box of 2 burgers is £2.00 but at the minute you can buy 2 boxes for £3.00. The price is ok if you're just buying for 2 but if you've got to buy enough to feed a family then you're talking a lot of cash just on burgers!

      They're worth it though..... Recommended!!!


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