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Tesco Garlic & Herb Breaded Mini Fillets

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Meat

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    1 Review
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      08.04.2010 00:04
      Very helpful



      The Worst Chicken Fillets In Tesco!

      I had some of these Garlic And Herb Breaded Mini Fillets with my lunch today and wasn't all that impressed with them even though I LOVE most of the chicken Tesco sell like this.

      You get about 8 small fillets of chicken, I wish Tesco wouldn't keep calling them fillets though because they're just chicken strips and these are actually more like breaded goujons than anything else. They are raw chicken so you need to cook them for about 20 mins, the breadcrumb coating is a bit patchy and even when they're raw I think these look a bit cheap.

      When they're cooked the fillets don't look much better either. The breadcrumbs don't go brown exactly but the edges start looking like they're about to burn and some parts of it gets a weird tinge to it that nearly looks a bit like a dull green. The smell of them is rank as well, it's like garlic bread in a way but the most rancid garlic bread I've EVER smelt! lol You can smell grease in the fillets as well but the main smell is deffo garlic! lol

      They taste how they smell. The garlic is quite strong, it doesn't taste madly strong as you're eating the chicken but it comes through big time after you've had a couple of bites and even though it won't blow your head off you'll end up with nasty garlic breath for HOURS after. The chicken is cooked ok but the ends had dried up a bit even though I only cooked them for as long as it said on the pack, I reckon if I'd taken them out of the oven before the ends went hard the middles would have still been raw though so I couldn't have helped that.

      There is a bit of a herby taste in the breadcrumbs but you can't taste that much over the garlic and honest I reckon the herbs just make the flavour a bit more harsh and nasty.

      Not recommended.... these are disgusting!!!


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