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Tesco Italian Salami

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Meat

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    1 Review
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      13.03.2010 12:15
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      Delish Salami!

      Sometimes I get a craving on for salami and this is the one I usually buy because it's not got a madly strong garlic flavour and is proper tasty. Most times I buy it I'll put some on top of a pizza because I make them with my sisters quite a lot.

      100g costs £1.49 and that's about 10 slices, it's sometimes on special offer with the other continental meat so it's worth looking out for offers.

      It smells nice when you open the packet and you can smell the meat and spices dead strong. When you touch it it's got that greasy feel that all salami has got but it doesn't leave your fingers feeling mega oily.

      It's not fatty tasting except in that way that salami always is and has got a lovely flavour I think. It's meaty tasting and you get a wicked herb and garlic flavour, like I said the garlic isn't majorly strong but it's deffo THERE and brings the flavour of the pork out better. It's got a salty flavour and that comes out more when it's on top of a pizza and hot, I can also taste pepper in the salami but it doesn't make the meat taste too strong.

      The salami is a bit big to go on pizza whole so I cut mine rough into strips, it makes the pizza look proper home made and also means that the salami isn't big time overpowering with each bite.

      It gets a bit sickly sometimes but that doesn't come on until you've eaten too much in the first place! lol That's annoying because I can't stop at just 1 or 2 slices and have eaten a whole pack before in the space of about 30 mins!!! It's nice on a sandwich as well, I sometimes put it in a breville with a bit of cheese for a nice greasy snack.... not all that often though because I wouldn't fit into my jeans if I ate that too much! lol

      Recommended..... not too dear but proper nice quality!!!


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