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Tesco Light Choices Chicken Breasts, Tomato And Basil Sauce

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Manufacturer: Tesco / Type: Meat

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    1 Review
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      15.06.2013 00:59
      Very helpful



      expensive but nice

      ~Chicken With Tomato and Basil Sauce~

      This meal is designed to be eaten by one or two people and is a fresh meal. Tesco describe this meal as '2 chicken breasts in a tomato and basil sauce with cherry tomatoes'. It contains 30% less fat (when compared to other Tesco meals) and the tomatoes in this meal give you one of your '5 a day'.

      There are no artificial flavours, colours, preservatives or hydrogenated fat in this meal. If you follow the Weight Watchers diet, you will be pleased to know that this meal will take up 4 pro points from your allowance. This meal should be kept in the fridge or it can be frozen.

      The actual chicken breasts and sauce are presented in a black tray with a film over the top. The sleeve covering the tray has all the important product information and a tempting image of the finished meal.

      ~Ingredients, Nutrition and Cooking Advice~

      Please feel free to skip this section. Information taken from www.tesco.com and also from the box.

      Chicken Breast (46%), Tomato (30%) ,Onion ,Water , Cherry Tomato (4.5%) ,Tomato Purée ,Chicken Stock ,Cornflour ,Garlic Purée ,Sugar ,Basil ,White Wine Vinegar ,Vegetable Oil ,Salt ,Black Pepper. ,Tomato contains ,Tomato ,Tomato Juice. ,Chicken Stock contains ,Chicken ,Salt ,Cornflour ,Sugar ,Onion.

      Half a pack (200g) has 155 calories, 6.9g of sugar, 0.7g of saturated fat and 0.7g of salt.

      This meal can be cooked in the microwave for up to 7 minutes or popped in the oven at 190c for 20-25mins before being dished up and served.


      This meal can be bought from Tesco supermarkets or from their grocery website. The usual price is £3.75.

      ~My Thoughts~

      Whilst I cook from scratch most nights, I always have some ready meals in the fridge or freezer for those nights when I am short on time. At £3.75, this is an expensive option given that you don't get any sides with it. That being said, I wouldn't mind buying this meal again at a reduced price. The meal I purchased had a best before date of around 10 days ahead which I liked.

      This meal is very easy to prepare and I personally use the microwave for quickness. The amount in the tray could be split easily between two people though, unless you have a tiny appetite, I would recommend bulking out the meal a bit. I have a big appetite and as my fiancé doesn't like this type of meal, I had it to myself. I also cooked a few baby potatoes with herbs to have with my chicken. I had plenty on my plate!

      Once cooked, this meal smells lovely. There is plenty of sauce within the meal - it is thick, rich, red and smooth with lots of cherry tomatoes rather than small bits of tomato which I liked. Each chicken breast was a good size and covered with the sauce, looked very tasty indeed. There was plenty of sauce on my plate to dip my potatoes into as well.

      The chicken had a lovely texture. It cut easily and was of a decent quality. The sauce kept the chicken 'moist' which I appreciated as often there isn't enough sauce in some ready meals and the meat often dries out. The chicken tasted good and was very easy to eat - very substantial and not too chewy. The chicken was quite plump and was cooked right through in the recommended time.

      The sauce was absolutely delicious and full of flavour. The main flavour was tomato - this meal is very rich in tomato flavour which gives sweetness to the meal. The basil wasn't all that strong in my opinion but I could detect some garlic and mild spices which added depth to the sauce. The cherry tomatoes were delicious. They are quite small but tasted fresh and sweet.

      The overall dish was tasty and incredibly filling - so much so as I couldn't finish all my potatoes.


      I must say, I did enjoy this meal. It isn't as satisfying as making a similar dish from scratch but it does make for a tasty meal and excellent back up. The nutritional content isn't too bad either. I do find the full price of this meal a bit much but I suppose it would cost more to buy the chicken breasts and all the sauce ingredients separate so I cannot complain too much.

      I originally wrote this review last year but still buy this product. It fits in with my Slimming World plan as it is low in syns and I find the finished meal to be as good as it always has been. It has went up in price by 35p (previously £3.40 at the time of writing) but I prefer to buy it when on a half price offer (not currently available). I will continue to by this meal on an occasional basis.

      Thanks for reading :)


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