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Tesco Light Choices Roast Turkey

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Meat

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    1 Review
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      29.04.2010 11:15
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      I Won't Buy This Again!

      I brought this roast turkey to try last week because my sister needed sandwiches for a school trip and she asked specially for turkey. You get 4 slices for £1.79 but the slices look quite big in the pack and before I opened the packet up they looked thick.

      They're a bit disappointing though!!! There is no added water in these slices of turkey but they don't taste very fresh and there isn't a lot of flavour in the meat either. The slices ARE a bit thicker than usual but not much and it only looked like that because of the way the tray is made that the turkey sits in.

      I thought the turkey was mega bland tasting, even more than usual because turkey is always quite dry and it doesn't have a lot of flavour of its own. This one is the worst though, it doesn't taste OR feel anything like fresh turkey and when I had a slice on a sandwich with a tiny bit of cranberry sauce yesterday I couldn't hardly taste the turkey over the sauce!

      It's not that it tastes bad or anything like that, it's just that it doesn't taste fresh and has also got a weird dry texture that feels stickey at the same time. Another thing is that some parts of the turkey are deffo saltier than other parts, it's like Tesco haven't mixed the salt in properly so some mouth fulls are majorly salty and other mouth fulls don't feel like there is any salt in it!

      I eat quite a bit of turkey because I love it but this is deffo one of the worst I've tried, I can't get over it being so expensive for just 4 slices either because it didn't satisfy my appetite and made me want something to eat again straight after because the meat was mega bland and I felt like I hadn't had anything on my 2 slices of bread and butter! lol

      I won't bother buying this again because it seems a bit stupid anyway buying low fat turkey when this is one of the lowest fat meats you can buy ANYWAY!

      Not recommended...... boring turkey with a weird uneven salty taste!!!


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