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Tesco Mackerel Fillets Sunflower Oil 125g

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Fish

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    3 Reviews
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      23.06.2013 17:10
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      Cheap & tasty

      I have been buying tesco's own brand of tinned mackerel for quite a while now and I really like it. I used to buy a more expensive brand but this is honestly just as good. At 85 pence for a 125 gram tin it is very good value for money.

      There are several different versions of this tinned mackerel and it comes in either sunflower oil, brine or tomato sauce. I buy it in sunflower oil but all of the different versions are exactly the same price. The mackerel comes in a purple tin which has a ring pull. The tin has everything you need to know on it such as calories etc and opening the tin is really easy. I tend to just open it a tiny bit at at first and drain the oil out as there is quite a lot.

      Once I have opened it properly I am able to see the chunks of mackerel fillet which are a good size and not mushy or discoloured, they have the usual mackerel colour and look and smell very fresh. They are skinless and boneless which I really like as it saves time not having to pull the skin off and I never worry that I will bite onto a bone and hurt my gums or teeth. I have been buying these mackerel fillers for about a year on and off and in that time I've never gotten any with a bone in.

      The mackerel tastes really nice and meaty and it goes nicely with a range of different meals such as salad, pasta bake, wraps/sandwiches and so on. A tin tends to last me for at least two meals as I can't eat a lot of mackerel at once as it tastes quite rich in my opinion and each tin has enough in it to serve two adults - my fiancé will often have half and I will have the other half.

      It is a cheap and tasty way to get protein and good fats and the amount of mackerel in each tin contains almost 9 grams of protein and also a little omega 3. I can't really fault this mackerel as it is cheap, tasty and good quality.

      Five out of five stars.


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        14.05.2010 17:49
        Very helpful



        Makes a tasty snack

        I am always stuck for a healthy lunch that won't pile on the calories or break the bank so I usually have a few tins of these in the cupboard as they fit into both categories.

        Tesco mackerel fillets in sunflower oil are cheap, cheerful and filling as well has being high in omega 3 to keep the heart healthy.

        The mackerel fillets are skinless and boneless sold in a tin (slightly different than the picture at the top, same green colour but with a picture of a boat on the front. The tin has a pull ring opener on the front and is remarkably easy to open and also has the nutrition info clearly on the front of the tin. Each serving (half of the tin drained - net weight 125g,drained weight 88g) has 120 calories, 9.4g of fat and 2.2g of saturates.

        For anybody that is not familiar with tinned mackerel it does have a rather strong fishy taste, stronger than tinned salmon, or tuna.

        The mackerel is very chunky and once mashed with a little vinegar and black pepper with will easily spread on two slices of toast per half tin. I also enjoy them on Ryvitas or mashed with a little salad cream and eaten with salad.

        For the really calorie conscious you may want to opt for their mackerel fillets in brine which has 106 calories, 7.8g of fat and 1.8g of saturates (drained) per half can serving and comes in a similar tin only blue in colour.

        Once opened any leftover contents must be stored in a covered non metallic container and eaten within 2 days. There is a best before date on the side of the tin which is usually more than two years after you have purchased it.

        Both are currently £0.79p at Tesco


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          28.05.2009 10:27
          Very helpful



          Give it a go - you might be pleasantly surprised!


          I'm entering one of those phases again where I review my lunch - lucky lucky you! Having completely gone off tinned soups due to their saltiness and general vileness, and being in between blenders so unable to make our own, and what with summer allegedly being on it's way (although I'm wearing the same clothes I was wearing in January) it's time to eat some salads.

          Salads are often not the most filling of meals, and to make them exciting often seems to require some forethought about what to buy to go in the salad. Therefore to make life easier we always have a selection of tinned fish in our cupboard. If I'm making salads for the two of us I'll often do something with a tin of tuna and tin of sweetcorn, but when making salad for one, it's easiest just to put a tin in my salad box along with the salad. This also eliminates the risk of mess should my box decide to leak.

          ---Tinned Fish---

          I've always been quite partial to tinned fish, even as one of the world's fussiest children I would eat sardines (although only on holiday, and as part of a picnic lunch). However, sardines to tend to be a bit smelly, which is why mackerel seems to have become my tinned fish of choice (well, aside from tuna) - I try not to upset my colleagues too much, after all it's hard enough for them having to work with me in the first place!

          There's such a variety of how to get your tinned mackerel - personally I'm not a fan of tinned fish in tomato based sauce, and prefer to opt for sunflower oil, olive oil, or brine. I don't pay much attention to which I pick up, but usually seem to go for Tesco's own mackerel as it's usually cheaper, and I have never had a problem with it!

          So, today I'm having tinned mackerel in sunflower oil.

          ---The Packaging---

          The packaging doesn't look like dooyoo's picture - this is not dooyoo's fault as this is the picture I gave them as I couldn't find one of what it actually looks like - I seem to recall that this is what it used to look like - same fish though!

          The tin is predominantly green, with a picture of a fishing boat on it. It boasts that the fish is High in Omega 3.

          A ring pull top, but be careful for splashback when you lift it off!

          ---What's in it---

          Half a tin (drained) contains 120 calories, trace of sugar, 9.4g fat (13% of recommended), 2.2g saturates, and 0.5g salt (8% of recommended).

          The only ingredients are mackerel, sunflower oil, and salt.

          The tin can't guarantee to be nut free. Obviously not suitable for vegetarians, unless they are the sort of vegetarians who don't believe that fish have feelings too!

          ---The Taste---

          On opening the tin I'm greeted by 4 mackerel fillets, and the smell of mackerel - definitely fishy, but it's not going to stink out the office. I drain some of the sunflower oil into the bin (the cleaners will love it!), but not all as I like to keep it fairly moist, especially since today I have no other dressing for my salad (rocket and watercress and cucumber).

          Unsurprisingly the mackerel tastes of mackerel - not nearly as strong or overpowering as sardines. The best bit about the mackerel is that there's no bones in it (although Tesco can't guarantee you won't find one). It's difficult to describe the taste of sunflower oil....it does give the mackerel a different taste from olive oil obviously. I wouldn't say one is nicer than the other, just different.

          Although I can't do a taste comparison test as I don't have any other tins on me at the moment, but I would say that it's up to the same standard of more well-known brands of tinned fish. Although it is fish, and there is obviously salt in it, it's not too salty.

          I have to admit I've eaten the whole tin, so I've doubled the nutritional information above. But it was my lunch, and it has certainly hit the spot and I'm not hungry anymore.


          A tin of this currently costs 71p or 2 for £1.25 on the Tesco website. Nothing's cheap these days, but I think that these tins are good value for money.


          As well as being part of a salad, mackerel goes really well on toast.

          I can't say that I've ever tried using it to make something more exciting....but since tuna pasta bake works so well, perhaps something similar could be done with mackerel.

          ---Concluding Remarks---

          If you like tinned fish, then give this a go - it's as good as any other brand in my opinion. If you've not had mackerel but don't like sardines, I'd definitely give them a try, this is how hubby got into eating tinned fish.


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