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Tesco Mini Chicken Roasts With Gravy

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Meat

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    1 Review
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      06.04.2010 21:41
      Very helpful



      Chicken Wrapped In Bacon With Sausage And Stuffing..... Yummy!!!

      On Saturday it was just me and my mum for dinner so she got us one of these Mini Chicken Roasts from Tesco, they're a proper bargain and you get 2 chicken breasts wrapped in bacon with sausage, stuffing and gravy for £3.00. My mum did ours with roast potatoes, roast parsnips and peas and it was a delish meal.

      They take about 45 mins to cook and it looked straight forward, you just put it in the oven and pour the gravy over after a bit and put it back in again! lol Easy!

      The chicken breasts are a decent size and with the extras it was a big meal, I reckon it's well worth £3.00 because the chicken is dead nice and the stuffing is yummy. There isn't a lot of gravy because it boils away when it's in the oven but my mum was on the ball with that and brought a nice pot of ready made gravy to go with our dinner.

      The chicken stays lovely and tender, it's got a proper nice fresh flavour and melts in your mouth. The bacon cooks just right, it doesn't go stupidly crunchy but the fat goes nice and brown. It's smoked bacon and the flavour goes nice with the chicken, some of the smokey taste gets into the chicken and I think the fat in the bacon helps stop the chicken going dry.

      The stuffing is delish, it's a proper pork sausagemeat stuffing and it made it taste a bit like Xmas dinner! lol It's got a wicked herby taste and that goes nice with the chicken, they went a bit too crunchy on the bottom but went a bit softer in the gravy. The only problem was the stuffing balls was too small and you only got 1 each! The chipolata sausage was just a normal little sausage, I didn't eat mine but my mum liked hers so much I saw her grab mine before she scraped the plates! lol

      The gravy is gorgeous, it's so thick it's more like a sauce and is wickedly rich. It's like a red wine gravy to me and goes perfect with the chicken and bacon, like I said there's not enough in it so make sure you just use this between the 2 chicken breasts instead of trying to spread it out over your vegetables as well.

      Recommended.... a delish chicken ready meal that costs less than it's worth in my opinion because it's dead tasty and I'll deffo buy it again.


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