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Tesco Roasted Salmon Fillets

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Fish

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    1 Review
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      02.03.2010 10:27
      Very helpful



      Nice product, but there's not a lot of it

      Two Roasted Salmon Fillets with Cracked Black Peppercorns from Tesco weigh 185g, which is in practice a little bit less than you'd think: about an inch-wide wedge carved off the side of a medium-sized fish. Scaling up, in effect this means that the roast salmon costs just under £19 per kg and given that a small portion of the product sells for £3.50 per packet (or on special offer, two packs for £6) though it's nice enough to eat, I'd say it's a bit over-priced, considering what you get.

      What you get when you open the packet is certainly a lovely bit of fish - but unfortunately when you take it out of the packet you find it's been sitting on a slimy grey little puddle of oil-slick, because they've left the salmon skin still on, which personally I found slightly off-putting. Somehow during preparation of the roast salmon, the skin they've left on it cooks down to a grey semi-mush (so it's not something you can easily remove like, say, the tough skin on a smoked mackerel) and though it was at least fish-scale-free I found it was difficult to remove from the piece of fish fillet, without breaking it up.

      The salmon was well-seasoned - it had been prepared in a sweet marinade, but was still very salty-tasting - though I quite liked that. (It's got just over 2.5g of salt per fillet, which officially counts as 'a lot'.) There was enough cracked black peppercorn added for it to be tasty, but not so much that the peppercorns became overpowering or an unpleasant texture. The fish flaked into nice, big chunks easily and looked, and tasted very good. While the saturated fat content of the product is quite high (5g per 92g fillet) I'm not clear whether this came from 'good' Omega-3-type fish oils, or what they'd put in the marinade, or what. (Given that the fish is made from farmed (in this case) Norwegian salmon I'm not sure how Omega-3-tastic it could be in the first place; with Omega-3 oils, much depends on what they're feeding the farmed fish, doesn't it?)

      One great advantage of this product is that it was possible to open the plastic over the top of it by peeling the shrink-wrapped cover back, which I find is very unusual for products packaged in this way (usually you have to resort to hacking at them with a sharp kitchen knife).

      I couldn't quite finish onewhole fillet, given how highly-seasoned / rich the salmon was, and I must say after eating just the 3/4 of one piece that I did, I felt I'd already overdone things on the smoked-fish stakes somewhat. This was a nice product by way of a treat but not on its own quite adequate for a lunch, but it might be OK incorporated into a cold lunch / 'speacial' picnic for two.


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