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Tesco Value Breaded Scampi

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Fish

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    4 Reviews
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      30.08.2010 19:50
      Very helpful



      A great bargain for fishy lovers

      ~~Tesco's Breaded Scampi~~~

      While waiting for Dooyoo to add my latest suggestion I thought I would quickly pop a review on about the tea I've just whipped up for my son and his mate.

      I'm not a great lover of Scampi but my son adores it. I've always been a bit reluctant to pay over the top prices for food I don't but have often picked up scampi for him from the local Co-op, usually priced at £2.50 - £3.00. However when I was shopping in Tesco'c the other day I saw their own value brand of breaded scampi at £1.89 for a 300g bag and thought this was a bargain.

      ~~~The packaging~~~

      The thin plastic packet was light weight and small in size so didn't take up too much room in the trolley. The bag did however, feel pretty full to the brim so I knew I wasn't getting half a bag. I judged would be able to get 2 meals for him from this bag.

      The design carries their basic blue stripes telling you quickly it was from their own value range.

      On the back there are the cooking instructions and freezing guidlines.

      I was pleased to see you could choose from 3 cooking methods for this scampi they are:

      Oven - 16-18 mins - gas mark 8 / 230 degrees c / 450 degrees f

      Grill - 12 -14 mins - under pre-heated grill

      Deep fry - 4 mins - I'm not a lover of deep fry but it is a very quick method if your in a hurry.

      ~~~ Nutritional Info ~~~

      Since joining Weight watchers I do tend to check the cals and fat content of packets.

      per 100g

      kcal - 200
      protein - 9.3g
      catbohydrate 20.8g
      fat 8.8g
      saturated fat 0.7g
      polyunsaturates 2.5g
      fibre 0.3g
      sodium 0.3g
      salt equivalent 0.8g

      ~~~ Appearance & smell ~~~

      I was glad to see there was a generous portion of 18 pieces when I emptied the bag onto a baking tray. 2 pieces looked as if they were actually 2 smaller ones stuck together. There was also 1 tiny piece that I thought I might have a go at tasting. Each piece had a golden colour to it that looked very appetitizing.

      The smell was - obviously - quite fishy but not an over-powering one that makes your nostrils disappear inside themselves. ( you know - they smell you get from a the fish market at lunch-time!)

      ~~~ Taste ~~~

      After a short time of 18 mins I pulled out the tray and served onto the boys plates along with chips and sweetcorn - bit of a yellow theme to tonight meal I thought - but thats what they wanted !!!

      Well did I have a go and try the tiny piece?! Yes I was a brave 'soul' and went for it - hmm not bad - I'm not completely converted to the life of scampi but was repelled by the taste.

      My son and his friends however, absolutley loved it. The plates were cleaned (unfortunately not washed and dried) within minutes.

      Both boys said it tasted exactly the same as the CO-OP version I usually buy for twice as much. Result - 2 happy boys with happy tummies and 1 happy mum who's saved herself some pennies.


      Absolutely - I am certainly putting these on the shopping list from now on. A bargain price and quality not compromised - well done tesco's

      Thanks for reading

      also on ciao

      x hev


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        24.09.2009 11:05
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Half The Price But With The Same Flavour As Other Scampi

        My mum always buys this scampi because it's just as good as Youngs or other makes and is about half the price because it's only £1.99 for a bag that's a bit bigger than brands that costs £4.00.

        You cook it for about 15 minutes and while it's cooking it smells like normal scampi because you can smell the breadcrumbs and a very faint fishy smell.

        When it's cooked to me it tastes exactly the same as the scampi I brought last week from Sainsburys that was one of the top makes and cost a lot more than this. The breadcrumbs break apart more when its cooking but things like that don't bother me because it's not like I'm going to sit looking at them for ages, I'm going to eat them!

        My fave sauce to go with scampi is Sainsburys blue cheese sauce because I think it brings out the taste real well. Sometimes it can overpower the scampi itself a bit but you're ok if you only put a tiny bit on the breadcrumbs. I usually have about 7 pieces of scampi on my dinner and that means the bag will do for about 3 meals and that's a bargain for £1.99.

        The scampi inside the breadcrumbs is dead nice, it's not slimy feeling like a lot of cheap bags of scampi and has a nice flavour that is even better with a bit of salt and vinegar over it. The breadcrumbs are a bit strong tasting but I never eat all the breadcrumbs on scampi anyway so that doesn't bother me that much because I scrape quite a lot of them off.

        Last week my great auntie came for tea and she's a proper snob, I thought her eyes were going to pop out of her head when she said how good the scampi tasted and my mum showed her the Value bag because I bet she's never eaten anything Value in her life.


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          09.08.2009 18:29
          Very helpful




          I never used to be a fish person however I have developed a new love for it especially if it is in breadcrumbs or batter. I remember trying scampi as a child and loving it but for some reason up until a fortnight ago I hadn't tried it in over 5 years! My mum brought back Tesco Value Breaded Scampi from the supermarket and I was more than willing to try.

          The scampi can be found in the freezer section and is in amongst the other breaded fish products. It was in the fridge with the other Tesco products however this was in the freezer next to the one with the branded fish in it such as Birds Eye. These must be kept in the freezer at home too even when they have been opened already and are being put back.

          They come in a decent 300g packet. This packet costs £1.99. Personally I find this really good. A 250g packet of the branded Kintyre scampi will cost a whopping £3.99. This is £2 more than the Tesco scampi and is also a smaller bag! Therefore this is worth choosing especially if you aren't too fussed on quality or are trying to save a bit of dosh!

          They come in a plain, pretty boring Tesco value bag. There is the usual information on it including ingredients and nutrition as well as given the basic product information. There is no succulent looking pictures on the wrapper which I tend to be swayed by. The bag is see through though so you can clearly see the pieces of scampi through It!

          All of the cooking information is on the back of the packet and is easy enough to follow. It depends on your cooker or fryer as to how long to cook them for. I opted for oven cooking as it seems a bit healthier and totally contradicting myself I decided to serve them up for lunch with chips and vegetables! For one person, me, I had 7 pieces of the scampi however depending on your appetite or how hungry you are you may want to change this! They didn't look overly appealing when out of the packet. They were a decent size but they did look a bit pale.

          After they had finished cooking, a delicious smell filled the air. It was gorgeous and really fishy however not over poweringly so. The smell of breadcrumbs were pretty strong too and this gave it a bit more of a "fun" feeling to it. They were easy to serve up and hadn't stuck to the tray at all however they were very hot so be careful when you are serving up.

          Biting in the first thing I noticed was the breadcrumb batter coating. It was fairly crispy but this is when I began to understand why they were so cheap. The coating was fairly thin and although with a nice enough taste didn't have an awful lot of flavour. I ended up slapping on the salt and pepper and brown sauce to my meal. the fish inside was nice and flaky but again didn't have to much flavour. Overall the taste was decent but it really reflected the price!

          150g so half a packet contains 295 calories and 14.3 g of fat. Personally I find that this isn't too bad!


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          16.07.2009 17:13
          Very helpful



          Delicious scampi for half the price of it's nearest counterpart.

          I adore scampi so was pleased to see that Tesco have recently started producing bags of breaded scampi as part of their Value range. A 300g bag of scampi costing just £1.99 will slash many people's shopping bills as this is generally a very high priced item in relation to what you actually get for your money.

          As with most brands of scampi you can either cook this in the oven or deep fry it, personally I use the oven method as I don't fry many things and it's also easier to put something in the oven rather than having to stand over a fryer.

          The scampi when still frozen looks rather unappetising if I'm honest. The breadcrumb coating looks very dusty and the appearance of the different sized pieces is almost as though it has suffered from freezer burn. Not to be put off by this I proceeded to cook them for the advised time and was impressed when they came out of the oven that the breadcrumbs had turned a lovely golden brown and most of the pieces looked absolutely indistinguishable from the more expensive brands I usually buy.

          The scampi is of varying sizes, but I was happy to find that the different sized pieces related to the size of the scampi itself rather than the amount of breadcrumbs on them. By this I mean that the largest piece on my plate was the largest piece of scampi, not the one with the thickest coating - something which often irritates me when buying this frozen fish.

          My only complaint about this Value Scampi is the fact that on some of the pieces the breadcrumbs split slightly (and not so slightly in some cases) which did ruin the appearance of them somewhat, although this didn't spoil my enjoyment of the taste in any way so this is a minor concern really.

          The taste of scampi itself is hard to describe. Scampi has a delicate texture and flavour which is livened up by the addition of the breadcrumbs, the fish has an almost slimy consistency much like solidified oyster meat which is actually much more pleasant than it sounds. There is very little to differentiate this cheaper scampi from it's more expensive counterparts; the fish is meaty with that wet 'spongy' texture you would expect, I'm impressed with the fresh sea food flavour of the scampi and also the crunchy golden breadcrumbs.

          I usually add a little lemon juice or a dollop of tartare sauce to this scampi and serve with home made potato wedges and a salad for a tasty meal that is very reminiscent of that you would pay £6 or £7 for in any pub restaurant.

          The main thing you may want to know is how this cheap scampi compares to other brands, of which you can expect to pay up to £5 for a similar sized bag. Well, their nearest rival (Tesco standard own brand) is only 20p more expensive for the same sized bag but personally I do prefer this Value product as the overall eating experience is far less greasy than the standard Tesco scampi. Kintyre Scampi is around £4 for a 250g bag and it's this one that I'd say the taste of the Value Scampi is most like, admittedly it doesn't look as pretty but it's surely the flavour you are after when buying any food and considering it's exactly half the price I can say that this is certainly a resounding bargain from the Tesco Value range.


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