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Tesco Value Chunky Chicken

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Meat

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    3 Reviews
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      14.01.2010 17:04
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      A value cooked chicken which tastes great

      On a recent shopping trip when I was in the cooked meat section of the store I happened to notice these packs of cooked sliced chunky chicken and I thought they looked quite appetising. Despite being a value product I had no hesitation in popping a pack in the trolley as one though was that it would save me cooking chicken for tea!

      ~~THE PACKET~~

      The chunky chicken comes in a black plastic tray which has a clear film lid. On this lid there is a white label which has the usual red and blue value logo and the product name. There is also all the information about the chicken on this label.


      The chicken is a nice white colour and it looks quite moist. It comes in nice thick pieces which are a good size and ideal for making sandwiches out of. There are some smaller bits which can usually be found at the bottom of the packet but these are what I usually end up nibbling when I am making a meal with the chicken. Once I opened up the film lid I noticed a very nice aroma which actually did smell like cold chicken.

      I took out a slice of the chicken and instantly felt that it was not at all dry and I was able to feel the moisture which was in the meat. This is a good thing for me as I am not a fan of dry chicken.

      The chicken does really taste very good and for me tasted like a normal roast chicken which I cook at home, the only difference is that this was cold and I did not have to spend a few hours cooking it! It was very easy to eat and not at all chewy or dry. I was not left with any nasty aftertaste from eating this.

      I found that I was able top make 5 sandwiches from just one packet of this chicken and the way the slices and chunks are cut makes for nice thick sandwiches. Another way I have used this is to cut the slices slightly smaller and mix it into pasta and salad and there is always plenty to feed my family of 5. I would say that if this was warmed through correctly and used with vegetables it would make a lovely chicken dinner.


      The chicken comes in a pack size of 240g and I always find there is plenty to feed 2 adults and 3 small children. It must be kept refrigerated and treated in the same way as other cooked meats.

      The ingredients of the chicken are as follows:-

      Chicken Breast, Salt, Glucose, Stabiliser (Sodium Triphosphate). Prepared with 109g of raw chicken per 100g of finished product.

      The nutritional vales for a quarter of this packet of chicken are :-

      Calories - 75
      Sugar - 0.1g
      Fat - 1g
      Saturates - 0.3g
      Salt - 0.5g

      Now after reading the nutrition for the first time I am surprised by how healthy this is compared to other cooked meat.

      You can freeze this packet but this must be done on the day of purchase and to defrost it must be left for a minimum of 12 hours. Once the packet has been opened then it must be eaten within 2 days.


      As this is a Tesco's Value product then it is only available from their stores. It cost £1.38 for the packet and I have to say this is excellent value as there really is a good amount in each packet.


      After now using this chicken for several different meals I am highly recommend it. It makes lovely sandwiches and an addition to salads and if you want a nice quick hot meal then it tastes lovely when warmed through in the oven in a dish of chicken gravy and added to a plate of vegetables. Another bonus from this chicken is it saves me so many hours of cooking and having to wash up a dirty oven dish! A Value product for all to try.


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        20.12.2009 16:03
        Very helpful
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        Fine for the odd occasion.

        If we don't try we will never know. Usually I buy a whole cooked chicken from Tesco and I find that they are always cooked well and offer good value. But generally there are only two of us at mealtimes so the whole cooked chicken has to be eaten for a couple of days so that nothing is wasted .
        I love chicken the Other half puts up with it, I like the white breast meat and the Other Half prefers the legs, no one ever fancies gnawing away at the wings so next doors cat comes in for a treat.

        On the whole I rub along very well with the Tesco Value range and there is nothing that I am not prepared to try.
        A 240g packet of the Tesco Value chunky chicken costs around £1.38 and when you look at the contents of the packet you can see that it is all meat.
        Sometimes the Tesco value packaging can make me think twice about my purchase, brand name packaging definitely has far more appeal but that is often something that you pay dearly for.

        The chunks of cold chicken are in a black plastic container and the container has a clear plastic lid that peels back. Because the Tesco Value packaging range of colours are quite cold ( red, white and blue ) this doesn't seem to work wonders for the appearance of the chunks of chicken so you can understand why the more expensive sliced cooked chicken is packaged using softer and warmer colours to enhance the overall appearance of the meat..

        If two of us are going to enjoy a sandwich or a salad then the pack is just about the right size.
        Tesco have used the white chicken breast meat and it has been seasoned. One thing is quite noticeable and that is that when you peel the lid back for the first time the meat doesn't smell of chicken. That may well sound a silly thing to say but the meat has quite a bland odour that is not really very tempting.
        I loathe plastic chicken and when I take a few of the chunky pieces out of the plastic tray I do feel fairly pleased because they look and feel meaty, some cooked chicken can be a bit `spongy`.

        The chunks of Tesco Value chicken look `whiter` when they are removed from the packaging and they are decent sized chunks but they are not at all uniform.
        You can feel that the chicken is tender and it is free from gristle and skin too.
        Even though the chunks aren't uniform they look fine on the plate and there is plenty in the pack to make two good helpings.
        This Tesco Value chicken cuts well and it is not in the least bit stringy.

        Chicken can be pretty bland at the beat of times and it often benefits from extra seasoning or some type of dressing and we both had a little garlic mayonnaise to help things along.
        The texture is good and you don't have to work overtime chewing it.

        I have to say that the Tesco Value chicken is fine, it suffices.
        I personally missed the `roasted` taste that you get when you buy a whole spit roast chicken plus I love the skin on roast chickens too. I feel that a whole cooked chicken has far more flavour even though I have to donate the wings to next doors cat.

        If you were weight watching then this Tesco value chunky chicken would be a great idea, 100g gives you120 calories.
        It is fine for a salad or a sandwich, I personally would never reheat the cold cooked chicken , once the pack is opened then it all needs to be eaten more or less straight away, you can never be too careful with cooked chicken. ( or raw chicken if it comes to that )

        My experience was fine but I feel think that I am a whole roast chicken woman and the next time I am looking for a quick and easy way out then I will be heading towards the Tesco spit roast.


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          19.10.2009 15:53
          Very helpful
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          Bargain Chicken That Goes Wicked In Pitta Breads, Salads And Wraps

          I buy this chicken from Tesco quite a bit because it only costs £1.38 for 244g and is wicked in a pitta bread or on a salad with some sauce.

          It's dead plain but has got a nice texture that tastes higher quality than you'd think from the price of it.

          The chicken is breast meat and it tastes very nice but I always have to add a sprinkle of salt to bring the flavour out a bit. There's never any fat or gristle on this chicken and I can add it to my sandwich without worrying that I'm accidentally putting an extra chewy or tough bit on.

          I think this is a good way of eating chicken without going to the bother of cooking it and slicing it yourself, it's also loads cheaper than buying chicken breasts. I know it doesn't look very appealing in the packet but it tastes wicked and has got a yummy plain flavour that goes wicked in wraps and pitta bread.

          My mate reckons it would go ok in a stir fry as well and it probably would but you'd only have to warm it through because I think if you heated it for a long time then it would dry out. When you have it straight out of the fridge it's got a wicked moist texture that is just yummy with a drip of bbq sauce or even a honey dressing I think would go nice with it.


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